Retail Industry Branch Managers Jobs in Kenya

Job Title: Branch Manager – Retail Industry

Department: Branch Management

Reports To

  • Administration Manager – Functionally
  • Operations Manager – Operationally

No. of positions: 5

Main Purpose of the Job: Responsible for the day to day running of the branch and ensuring that the activities of various sections are synchronized towards the growth and profitability of the branch.

Effectively and efficiently handling customer queries and complaints, ensuring profitability through maximizing sales and creating an excellent shopping experience for customers.

Main Responsibilities

1. Inventory Management

  • A branch manager shall ensure that the customer demands are met efficiently through sufficient product inventory.
  • If this function is not performed properly, the branch might lose customers because of product unavailability.
  • Every branch has a specific level of stock inventory that needs to be maintained and reviewed by the manager.

2. Handling Customer Complaints and Queries

  • The success of the branch depends upon how happy its customers are.
  • There are many instances when the customer is unhappy about the services provided by the store.
  • It could be due to an unpleasant staff, or because of bad quality.
  • The manager is expected to handle all the complaints and queries faced by the customers in a pleasant way.
  • The ultimate goal should be to gain customer loyalty through effective problem-solving skills.

3. Sales and Revenue Management

  • The ultimate motive behind keeping the customers happy and increasing customer loyalty is to gain maximum profits through sales and revenue.
  • Branch manager is expected to keep a tab on the daily sales and revenue generated by the branch, and to keep a systematic account for the same.

4. Ensuring Employee Satisfaction

  • While customer satisfaction is of supreme importance, branch manager should also ensure that the employees are also satisfied in terms of job expectations.
  • For this, it is important that the manager not only motivates the employees to meet their obligation, but to also ensure that they are being trained and equipped for bigger roles in the organization.

5. Advertising and Marketing

  • The market is full of competition, and the retail sector is no different.
  • With each day passing by, the numbers of retail organizations are increasing day by day.
  • Like the customers have a choice of products to choose from, they also have different choices of retail stores.
  • Hence, it becomes really difficult for the manager to ensure customer loyalty and steady profitability.
  • For this purpose, it becomes essential for the manager to work with all the departments and recommend appropriate advertising and marketing policies to attract customers and enhance sales and promotion.

6. Ensuring the security of Company assets and personnel

7. Ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory requirement as well as good corporate governance practices

  • Developing, training, motivating and evaluating staff to achieve highest levels of performance

8. Driving the organization’s culture change agenda by living & instilling our core values of teamwork, quality, passion for excellence, honesty, and good corporate governance practices

9. Promoting a culture that reflects the organization’s values, encourages high performance, and rewards productivity

10. Carrying out any other roles as may be assigned by Management from time to time

Key Deliverables

1. Development and implementation of Company strategy

2. Achieve company profitability and growth.

3. Customer satisfaction

4. Positive company image.

5. Compliance

Value of Financial Resources, Revenue, Budgets, Other resources

  • Company targets
  • Company budget
  • Company assets

Direct Reports (Jobs): All Head of Departments

Key Interfaces

Internal: All Departments


Within Naivas

  • Chairman
  • Managing Director
  • H.O.Ds

External Market

  • Customers
  • Suppliers
  • Contractors

Academic & Professional Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree or any other relevant qualification

Professional Qualifications

  • Diploma in Business Management

Job Skills & Personal Attributes

1. Formulation of Business Strategy

2. Project Management

3. Analytical skills

4. Good understanding of Finance and Business Development operations

5. Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.

6. Innovative approach to implementation.

7. Lead and create consensus and effect change.

8. Excellent customer Care

9. Good analytical skills

10. Leadership & management skills


  • Team player
  • Quality
  • Passion for excellence
  • Honesty


  • Set Direction
  • Create Edge
  • Drive Results
  • Liberate Potential
  • Recognize & Celebrate Success
  • Focus on must-wins.

Relevant Experience

  • At least Three (3) years

Applicants who meet the requirements stated above should send their applications and detailed CVs with a day – time telephone number to the email address: with Branch Manager on the Subject line.

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Updated: March 26, 2018 — 12:00 pm