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Employment Opportunity: Consultant – Social Mobilization Training

Background: International Medical Corps is a global, humanitarian, nonprofit organization dedicated to saving lives and relieving suffering through health care training, relief and development programs.

Established in 1984 by volunteer doctors and nurses, International Medical Corps is a private, voluntary, nonpolitical, nonsectarian organization. Its mission is to improve quality of life through interventions that build local capacity in underserved communities worldwide.

Since 1991, International Medical Corps has responded to the emergency needs of the Somali population through interventions in health, nutrition, WASH, and food security and livelihoods.

In south-central Somalia, International Medical Corps is operating multiple health facilities, providing primary healthcare services, nutrition services, WASH services; Protection, specific secondary healthcare services to vulnerable populations in Banadir, Middle Shebelle, Galgadud, Bay and Mudug Regions.

In this regard, International Medical Corps has identified the need to increase uptake of various services by providing training to staff and social groups in the community while focusing on existing health issues.

Social mobilization is the process of bringing together all feasible and practical inter-sectoral allies to raise awareness of and demand for a particular program, to assist in the delivery of services, and to strengthen community participation for sustainability and self-reliance.

Strategies of social mobilization need-community sensitization, collaboration, lobbying and networking to intensify community mobilization activities and increase engagement of communities to strengthen health outcome on key health issues.

The health issues affecting communities in IMC areas of operation include late initiation of antenatal care and high dropout between 1st ANC visit and subsequent visits; high rates of anemia among women of childbearing age; high prevalence of home deliveries; high dropout rate in immunization; low levels of high rates of use of bottle for feeding infants and young children; inadequate breastfeeding for children 0-24 months, late and early complementary feeding for children 6-24 months, poor maternal nutrition, high watery diarrhea cases, poor water treatment, poor waste disposal, poor handwashing behaviors, poor knowledge on importance of seeking timely health care after incident of rape and increase rates of early marriages.

In a bid to address the above issues, International Medical Corps intends to train its community outreach workers and representative from social groups including religious leaders, TBAs, women groups and local thespians to increase community awareness on the identified issues and in turn increase uptake of the available health services to reverse he current trend. Capacity building focusing on existing health problems and engagement of social groups in the community can be a supportive tool for advocacy and behavior change.

Task Description: Training On Social Mobilization For International Medical Corps Staff And Social Groups In The Community.

To analyze strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of community engagement approaches and train Community Outreach Workers and representatives from social groups on effective community engagement while focusing on existing health issues in order to improve service uptake.

Specific objectives

  • Analyze current strengths and weaknesses of International Medical Corps community engagement approaches and discuss the recommendation with the trainees during the training.
  • To train 35 participants (27 community health workers and 8 representatives from social groups – religious leaders, youth groups, women groups, TBAs and local thespians) on how to effectively engage different stakeholders in the community.
  • Explain the importance of engaging social groups and how to solicit their involvement in the implementation of Social and Behaviour Change activities addressing health issues in the community.
  • Discuss with participants recommendations on operational approaches in the areas of participatory communication, social mobilization and behaviour change and on appropriate channels to reach target audiences.
  • Equip participants with knowledge and skills to engage different community stakeholders considering age, gender and disabilities for maximum inclusivity.
  • Develop mechanisms for social mobilization in Health, WASH, Nutrition and Protection response.
  • Discuss creative, memorable and interactive ways of passing on key Health, WASH, Nutrition and Protection messages during community mobilization sessions at household and community gatherings.

Timeline: The assignment is to be conducted for five days from 8th to 12th in the month of April 2018 in Mogadishu.

One day for SWOT analysis, three days for actual Training and one day for compilation and submission of the training report.

Tasks and Dates to be done

  • SWOT analysis – 8th April 2018
  • Classroom training 9th – 11th April 2018
  • Report writing and submission of Report detailing – 12th April 2018

Key Deliverables

The following are key deliverables expected of this consultancy before and within the specified period:

  • Initial inception report detailing the methodology to be used to do SWOT analysis and train staff/social groups.
  • Training package and materials used including facilitation guides, handouts and evaluation formats. All messages, tools and materials. These to be shared as draft (including, visuals, training modules, tool kits, etc.)
  • A full report of the training containing findings from SWOT analysis and practical solutions, lessons learned in process and action plan describing the simple and effective monitoring and evaluation systems, processes instituted at household and community level.

Skills and Requirements

  • Degree in Social work and or communication. Additional qualifications including master’s in public health.
  • Firm or consultant with relevant technical knowledge, skills and extensive work experience in: designing Social and Behaviour Change messages, tools and materials, plans including media plans, as well as Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Communication skills: Able to speak the local language (Somali), experience and the ability to write professional documents, and the ability to deliver effective presentations.
  • A mix of expertise and experience of more than 5 year in communication, advocacy and gender equality and women’s economic empowerment.
  • The ability to lead trainees and promote productivity.
  • The ability to transfer technical knowledge and skills.
  • Experience in Adult Learning methodologies


Interested consultants are requested to submit their proposals, which should contain the following:

a) Technical proposal that should include:

  • Interpretation and understanding of the terms of reference
  • Capability statement (Profiles of the team members demonstrating their academic and professional qualifications and experiences in similar work profiles of the team members are to be included).
  • Methodology and approaches

b) Financial proposal – fixed budget

8. How to apply

Interested consultants to submit their technical and financial proposals demonstrating their ability to deliver on this assignment based on their qualifications and experience.

Detailed application should be emailed to citing ‘Social Mobilization Training’ on the subject line of the email.

Deadline for submission of proposals is on 11th April 2018.

INTERNATIONAL MEDICAL CORPS is an equal opportunity employer.

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