Kiluwa Serviced Apartments Lease and Management of Restaurant and Laundry Requests for Proposals

Requests for Proposals for Lease and Management of Restaurant and Laundry at Kiluwa Serviced Apartments

About Kiluwa Serviced Apartments: Kiluwa Serviced Apartments is a new development, consisting of 84 serviced apartments and situated on Chaka Road, just off Argwings Kodhek Road.

It offers a choice of one and two bedroom apartments. With the completion of development, Kiluwa Serviced Apartments wishes to establish itself as the choice for extended stay accommodation in Kilimani.

The apartment development will be professionally managed and will offer guests a selection of fully furnished and serviced apartments.

Kiluwa Serviced Apartments requests for proposals from entities that are able to manage the restaurant, spa and laundry services located on the property.

The details of the services required are listed below. Please submit the proposals on or before Friday 27th April 2018 at the Reception of Homescope Properties Ltd. Or via email to

There will be no public bid opening.  All proposals must be signed by a duly authorized representative of the firm.

The sole point of contact regarding this RFP and for any clarification regarding the information requested is as follows:

Mr. Mohamed Ahmed

Homescope Properties Ltd.

P.O. Box 11429-00100

Nairobi, Kenya.

Office:  +254710478834

Email: /

Questions may be submitted by email.  Questions from RFP participants and the corresponding response will be shared with all bidders by email.

Details of the Services Requested

Details of the spaces available

Restaurant – the restaurant and kitchen consist of 265 sqm of built up space located on the rooftop 15th floor of the development and consisting of kitchen, store, staff washroom, restaurant and terrace.  The service provider will be required to provide breakfast to the serviced apartment guests (in conjunction with the Management Company to be appointed) and other meals on order.  The facility also has meeting rooms that will be managed by the Management Company and will require morning and afternoon tea as well as buffet meals for lunch.

The restaurant may only serve halaal meals and cannot serve alcohol.  The successful bidder will be required to fit out all furniture, fittings and equipment that are needed in the kitchen and restaurant.

Restaurant guests may have access to the on-site swimming pool and gym at a fee.

Spa – the the laundry consist of 80 sqm of located on the ground floor of the development.  The service provider will be required to provide spa services to the residents and may take business from non-residents. Spa guests may have access to the on-site restaurant, swimming pool and gym at a fee.

Laundry – the laundry consist of 25 sqm of located on the ground floor of the development.  The service provider will be required to provide laundry services to the Management Company (hotel linen), residents (guest laundry and dry cleaning services) and may take business from non-residents.

Individual service providers are also invited to apply.

Duration of Agreement

The term of the lease agreement for the facilities will be a commercial lease for a period of five (5) years with an option to renew for an additional term as agreed between the parties.

Owner Responsibilities

  1. The Property shall provide access to the premises during both regular business hours on all days including Sundays and Public Holidays.
  2. The guests to the facilities will be subject to security inspection as deemed fit by the Owner.
  3. The Property shall also provide access to water and electricity but the successful bidders will be required to pay for these services.

Information Requested

In the proposal, the bidders should include the following information:

  1. Company registration documents (certificate of registration, PIN certificate) and details of the company including directors, staff, permanent place of business and duration in existence.
  2. Portfolio of other completing past projects and testimonials from other clients.
  3. Confirmation that they possess or have access to all necessary equipment, organizational capacity and technical competence necessary to do the work properly and expeditiously.
  4. Confirmation of ability to obtain all necessary permits and approvals to carry out the works contained in this proposal.
  5. Bidders must confirm that they will operate a halaal facility with no alcohol.
  6. Successful bidders will be required to maintain effective insurance covering their activities at the premises for the duration of the agreement and shall furnish the owner with documentation of this insurance coverage.

In order to qualify for the work on this project, bidders must submit all the information requested. All proposals must remain in effect for at least 90 days from date of submission.

Kiluwa Serviced Apartments has the sole discretion to:

  1. reject any and all bid proposals
  2. negotiate the modification of any and all proposals with any bidder in whatever manner it deems in its best interests.
  3. there is no guarantee, either expressed or implied, that award of the contracts will be made to any firm.

Project Tours

Before submitting a bid, each bidder may take the opportunity to visit the site, examine the Project and fully understand the conditions that in any way may affect the work proposed. Failure to inspect the Sites will in no way relieve the successful contractor from the necessity of furnishing any materials or performing any labor necessary for the satisfactory completion of the work.

For site visits please report to the Site along Chaka road at the Jabavu Road and Chaka road junction or contact Samuel on 0735247981.

We appreciate your interest in providing these services for Kiluwa Serviced Apartments and look forward to your response.


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