Consultant to Develop Kakamega County Community Health Policy

Terms of Reference (TOR) for Consultant to Develop Kakamega County Community Health Policy


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The County Government of Kakamega with support from Living Goods (LG) is seeking applications for a consultant(s) to support the development of the County Community Health Policy for Kakamega County in Kenya.

The aim of the Kakamega County Community Health policy is to provide overall guidelines for the operations of community health services in the County. The policy must take cognizance of county-specific community health interventions and governance structures under the current constitution which devolved health services to the Counties.

In carrying out the assignment, it will be important to note that some ground has been covered in developing part of the policy, however, there is need for technical review and finalization of the draft policy.

The County Government of Kakamega will be the custodian of the policy, which will provide guidelines for the county health teams working closely with the non-state partners including LG and other health stakeholders in the County.

Expressions of interest to conduct this consultancy are invited from suitably qualified and experienced consultants.  Please review the entire Expression of Interest and Terms of Reference, and submit an expression of interest by 25th June 2018. 

Applications should include:

  1. A cover letter that provides reasoning for why the applicant is best suited to deliver against the Terms of Reference,
  2. A brief work plan and financial proposal to deliver against the Terms of Reference, (1-2 pages.)
  3. CVs or Resumes of the lead consultant and (if a team of Consultants is applying) each individual on the technical team, and
  4. A recently completed Policy document/Strategic Plan in the health sector as an example of a similar project that has been previously conducted by the individual or team.
  5. Other requirements are under section number 7 of this document.

Please share the above requirements in  one compressed folder.


Living Goods

Living Goods saves and improves lives across the developing world by connecting families to quality, door-to-door health care. Living Goods (LG) works with Community Health Workers (CHWs) who support pregnant women and new-borns, assess and treat sick children, and educate families in their communities on healthy behaviours. LG is currently running community health programs in Kakamega with LG supported CHWs who are empowered entrepreneurs and earn income from small impact-linked incentives by selling health-focused products including fortified porridge and modern contraceptives.


Overall, the Kakamega County Community Health Policy is intended to guide and contribute to how the County can most effectively respond to Community health. The policy will provide overall guidelines to:

  • Support Community health interventions at sub-County and Community unit level, including leadership, how to effectively budget, measure impact and utilisation, and provide a rationale for comparison of community health related results.
  • Assist County appropriately influence County health systems strengthening interventions at community level, support design of community health care programmes and implementation.
  • Raise the profile of community health in the County.

The Consultant will be expected to work closely with the County Health Team, in particular the mandated county Community health personnel to develop and or finalize the policy.

The policy will pay particular attention and make reference to the relevant existing community health strategies at global level; and the Government of Kenya, Ministry of Health, and respective County policy and strategic planning documents.

The primary intended user of the County community health policy will be the community units and respective county health teams, however community health stakeholders in the respective Counties will also be key users, and non-state actors are in particular expected to align their programming to the County policy; therefore, policy should therefore take cognisance of community health players and structures currently in place in the Country and in the County.

In developing the policy, the consultant will be guided by the following key areas in community health in Kenya:

(i) Demand creation

  • Bottom-up demand for community health services.
  • Referral pathway for community health.
  • Awareness creation/community empowerment.
  • Using community structures – NGOs and CBOs to link communities to health service provision points.
  • Prioritizing the role of CHVs in the community referral system.

(ii) System strengthening

  • Infrastructure development.
  • Human resource capacity strengthening.
  • Medical supplies security.
  • Service delivery efficiency (accessibility, affordability, availability, acceptability).
  • Synergy between county and national level.

(iii) Financing

  • Public financing.
  • Private sector financing, including:
  • Corporate institutions.

(iv) Gender mainstreaming

  • Role of men and women in community health services.

Approach and Methodology

It is expected that the consultant will develop the final detailed methodology best suited to this assignment during the first phase of this work (Inception), it is suggested however that they will employ a triangulation of information styles as is appropriate.  Methods that may be used to conduct the assignment include:

  • Comprehensive desk analysis, including a review of relevant literature and data.
  • Interviews, focus groups and workshops with key informants and stakeholders.
  • Site visits to the County, select Sub-Counties and community units.

Specific tasks

Organize a two to three-day workshop in the County/sub-Counties to consult with County health staff, in particular those involved in community health. The workshop will rely on participatory methods, including brainstorming sessions;

Carry-out consultations with designated national and County community health leadership and other community health stakeholders in the County remotely via phone, Skype and/or email to ensure the policy is aligned to County and national community health expectations;

Suggested documents for the consultants’ reference include:

Vision 2030, The Constitution of Kenya, Kenya MoH Health Sector Strategic Plan, Kenya Health Act 2017, Kenya Community Strategic Plan 2014-2019, Kakamega County Integrated Development Plan and the County Health Plan.


The proposed steps under this service contract will be as follows:

  1. An Inception Report should be submitted within 3 (three) contractual working days following signing the agreement.  The consultant will engage with County Health Teams and LG Kenya team to review the inception report prior to commencement and as necessary during conduct of the assignment.

The report should include the following key elements:

Detailed implementation plan for the duration of the consultancy, including specific timelines.

Proposed methodology, including:

  • Data collection tools and research methods.
  • Proposed approach for the implementation of activities and deliverables.
  • Fieldwork plan.

Budget, including:

  • Break-down of costs per person/days.
  • Travel associated with visits to facilities for data collection.
  • Rental or hire of services or equipment – if required.

The inception report for development of the policy should also include in the annex ANY tool to be used for collecting relevant information/data-both qualitative and quantitative.

  1. Progress reports, verbal and email, should be made by the Consultant to LG on a weekly basis.

iii. Trip Reports (if applicable) should be submitted to LG following the field visits to the County/ sub-Counties and Community units.

  1. Prepare and present Kakamega County Community Health Policy. This will be reviewed by both LG and the County health team.
  2. Maximum 3-page report of the assignment submitted at the completion of the consultancy, including the following:
  • Methodology used, including any limitations faced.
  • Findings, presented as analysed facts evidenced by strong supportive qualitative or quantitative data, not anecdotes, hearsay or people’s opinions.
  • Recommendations, that are practical, specific and action-orientated and are supported with specific findings, including an assessment of the ability of County health teams to implement the policy.


The consultancy team will comprise the local consultant(s) and field workers and it is the responsibility of the consultant(s) to fulfil all agreed deliverables and report on progress as agreed to The Foundation’s support team.

The support team from LivingGoods and where applicable County Government of Kakamega, will provide logistical arrangements, documentation and technical support as required and agreed throughout the consultancy.


The consultancy will be carried out up to a maximum of 25 consultancy working days, THAT may be staggered over this period effective from 2nd July 2018 but no later than 3rd August 2018.

Anticipated Deliverables and Time frame:

  • Inception Report submitted, reviewed – 2 days
  • Information gathering and analysis completed – 7 days
  • Develop Community Health Policy – 11 days
  • Policy submitted, reviewed internally with LG – 2 days
  • Policy presented , reviewed with County teams – 2 days
  • Final policy submitted to County Leadership – 1 day

TOTAL – 25 days


Successful applicants will have the following competencies:

  • A postgraduate qualification in an area related to Organizational development, Strategic planning, Development of Policy, Change Management. Experience in Health Sector will be an added advantage
  • Extensive (over 5 years) knowledge and experience in conducting similar exercises preferably in the NGO and/or health sector.
  • Similar work in the last 3 years (copies).
  • A demonstrated high level of professionalism and an ability to work independently and in high-pressure situations under tight deadlines.
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills.
  • High proficiency in written and spoken English.
  • Deadline driven with a focus on results.
  • Understanding of child safeguarding and child participation procedures.

The consultant will be responsible for completing each of the key milestones as indicated in the scope of the consultancy and reporting on progress as agreed to LG Kenya team.

COMPENSATION: A competitive salary and benefits package commensurate with experience including health insurance and bonus opportunity.  The opportunity to be your best while making lives better for those in need.

Living Goods is an equal opportunity employer and will consider every qualified applicant for employment. Living Goods does not discriminate based on race, ethnicity, national origin, ancestry, religion, gender, sexual orientation or disability.

Our current job openings are displayed on our website, where you can search for open positions and apply directly.  Living Goods does not offer any positions without an interview and never asks candidates for money. If you are asked for money, we strongly recommend that you do not respond and do not send money or personal information.

How to Apply

Click here and apply for the TOR for Consultant to Develop Kakamega County Community Health Policy through our applicant tracking system. In lieu of a cover letter you will be asked to answer a few short questions that will help us learn a little bit more about you and your interest in working with Living Goods.

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