DryGro Plant Scientist Job in Naivasha, Kenya

We are seeking a talented, enthusiastic Plant Scientist to manage our plant management and horticulture in Naivasha, Kenya.

This role is a key part of our Kenya operations and plant science teams, focussed on maintaining smooth, problem free execution of DryGro’s aquatic plant cultures in field trials and experimentation.

This position will be based in Naivasha Kenya and will involve a fair amount of field work.

Responsibilities include:

  • Managing plant health and productivity during field trials
  • Collecting data from experiments and trials to gain insights
  • Coordinating with our Plant Science and Operations teams in the implementation of new plant-related technologies into new and existing sites
  • Keeping up to date on research in related fields
  • Collecting data through experimentation and existing operations
  • Maintain clean, organized experiments
  • Ensure that all sterilization and containment protocols are adhered to
  • Identifying opportunities to improve processes and inform the rest of the team
  • Producing reports on progress, experiment status, and issues regularly


Beyond having excellent work ethic and a naturally team-oriented mentality, successful candidates will need initiative, rigour in their process, and a drive toward
outstanding execution.

Basic Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Plant Science or equivalent
  • 1 year minimum professional horticultural experience
  • Prior hands-on experience with horticulture and laboratory experimentation with plants
  • Strong grasp of plant science fundamentals, including genetics, molecular biology, and horticulture
  • High attention to detail and drive for excellence in quality
  • Ability to manage granular experimentation, but also view big-picture objectives
  • Based in Kenya, able to work daily from Naivasha or other field trials
  • Strong communication skills and an ability to adapt to a variety of cultures
  • Highly organised, habitually employing laboratory best-practices

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Master’s in Plant Science or equivalent
  • Proven track record of successful research outputs
  • Strong base knowledge in chemistry
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

Benefits: Our team is motivated by the potential to mitigate the impacts of climate change and increase food security around the world. This role is core to our operations, playing a significant role in our development and in our ability to impact the world.

Within this role, you will have the opportunity to work with an elite team of engineers, strategists and technologists. You will get exposure to a range of fields, and there are plenty of opportunities for skill upgrading and escalation of this role.

Competitive salaries offered. DryGro is an equal opportunity employer and encourages applicants from all backgrounds and identities.

This role will be commencing summer of 2018.

About us: DryGro is an agriculture technology company that grows animal feed crops on arid, otherwise unproductive land. Using novel growing techniques, DryGro has developed a new way to produce high quality feed ingredients for aquaculture, dairy, beef and poultry at a price-point lower than existing feed ingredients.

Demand for livestock, fish, and other animals is growing at an incredible rate. This growth is driven by an expanding population (9 billion by 2050) and a growing middle class that is eating more animal products. The animal feed needed to keep pace with this growth is putting an enormous strain on the world’s natural resources. Water scarcity is also reducing the amount of viable land for farming, which in the years ahead will lead to an increasing food security crisis for many countries around the world.

Using DryGro technology, high-protein feed ingredients can be grown using a small fraction of the water needed in traditional agriculture. Crops can be grown on arid land that is not otherwise viable for traditional farming, reducing land use pressure. This method of farming can act as a viable climate change mitigation strategy, providing food security in regions that may otherwise struggle.

DryGro was founded in 2015 in Oxford, UK and has received awards from the European Space Agency, Mass Challenge UK, Innovate UK, Oxford Venturefest and Climate KIC. DryGro partners include Rothamsted Research, SNV (Netherlands Development Agency) and the UK Department for International Development.

How to Apply

Please send Resume/CV and cover letter to tech.careers@drygro.com to apply.

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