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Job Vacancy: Operations Programme Manager

Who We Are

Bridge believes every child has the right to high quality education and works in partnership with governments, communities, parents and teachers to deliver education to over 100,000 children in underserved communities across Africa and Asia.

Bridge leverages in-depth teacher training and support, advanced lesson plans and wireless technology to provide pupils with a meaningful and life-changing education.

Globally, there is an education crisis. Around 263 million children and young people are not in school and the number of primary school aged children not in school is increasing. Bridge is committed to helping tackle this through a data driven, evidence based approach that delivers strong schools and a great education for all.

About the Operations Programme Manager Role

As an Operations Programme Manager, you join a fast-scaling company with growing operations in Kenya, Uganda, Liberia, Nigeria and India. You will work closely with other teams such as People Operations, Finance, Retail, and Software to operationalize programs and execute processes aimed at strengthening our Academy Operations. The challenge in this role is to not only help the company scale in East Africa, but to ensure efficient and effective delivery of our academic services in each school in the country.

Simply put, you will be the glue that solves hundreds of important issues at our academies and keeps them delivering high quality education to all our students. This is a high-impact role for someone who loves taking on challenges in large scale – we employ 6000+ employees.

What You Will Do:

Here are some examples of the types of issues you’ll be tasked with analysing, creating systems and processes to effectively address, and managing on an ongoing basis:

  • Teacher Staffing – Bridge promises to have a teacher in class every day of the academic year. To meet this promise to our parents, the Programme Manager must work closely with our Recruiting and Training and People Operations Departments to make sure we find effective ways of filling local vacancies and with our Customer Care Department to devise ways to manage our nationwide team of substitute teachers so that can immediately provide cover for any class missing a teacher due to sickness or other. The challenge is to efficiently and effectively provide coverage for over 4,500 classrooms across Kenya and Uganda.
  • Academy Repairs – with over 400 academies, we need to continually ensure our academies are in good condition and account for both minor and major repairs. The Programme Manager must identify common challenges and problems and provide efficient and cost-effective solutions. This programme must work closely with our Construction Department and with regional managers to ensure quality repairs are carried out.
  • Lesson Delivery – Bridge’s teachers use teacher computer tablets to deliver our Kenyan- and Ugandan-curriculum focused lessons every day. To make sure everything is working properly, the Programme Manager must analyse vast amounts of data to pinpoint any challenges in this process. This includes working closely with the Software Team to limit the number of technological issues that come up and to immediately solve those that do arise and coordinating with our Academic Team to devise strategies and processes to drive improvements in lesson deliveries.
  • Building Teams in Operations – as a senior manager in the Operations team, you’ll build the Customer Care team, training them on inbound and outbound call processes, analysing their call performance through various metrics, and ensuring the team excels in its vital function as the central nervous system of our academy operations. Likewise, you may build other teams as well, such as a field-based auditing team to ensure consistency and quality across all of our schools.

What You Should Have:

  • 4+ years of experience building processes at a start-up company or executing on multiple programs at an established firm
  • MBA is helpful but not required
  • Enthusiastic gathering and analysing data, always willing to learn new tricks and processes in Microsoft Excel, and comfortable using data to drive decisions and execution
  • Team building and management skills
  • Clear track record working with multiple departments across a company, making sure everyone is coordinated and delivering on crucial tasks
  • Persistent and versatile in getting things done and a track record achieving success. You must be a fighter and determined to achieve; we have a large mission. Don’t accept what has been done before and eager to challenge the status quo

You’re also

  • A detailed doer – You have a track record of getting things done, with at least 5 years of post-graduate school experience.  You’re organized and responsive.  You take ownership of every idea you touch and execute it to a fine level of detail, setting targets, engaging others, and doing whatever it takes to get the job done.  You can multi-task dozens of such projects at once and never lose sight of the details.  Likely, you have some experience in a start-up or other rapid-growth company.
  • A networking mastermind – You excel at meeting new people and turning them into advocates.  You communicate in a clear, conscientious, and effective way in both written and oral speech.  You can influence strangers in the course of a single conversation.  Allies and colleagues will go to bat for your ideas.  You have an existing network in East Africa from prior experience in the country, preferably in the regulatory, education, or business sectors.
  • A creative problem-solver – Growing any business from scratch comes with massive and constant challenges.  On top of that, Bridge works in volatile, low-resource communities and runs on fees averaging just $6 a month per pupil.  You need to be flexible and ready to get everything done effectively, quickly, and affordably with the materials at hand.  Every dollar you spend is a dollar our customers, who live on less than $2 a day, will have to pay for.
  • A customer advocate – Our customers – these families living on less than $2 a day per person – never leave your mind.  You know them, get them, have shared a meal with them (or would be happy to in the future).  You would never shrink back from shaking a parent’s hand or picking up a crying child, no matter what the person was wearing or looked like.  Every decision you make considers their customer benefit, experience, and value.
  • A life-long learner – You believe you can always do better.  You welcome constructive criticism and provide it freely to others.  You know you only get better tomorrow when others point out where you’ve missed things or failed today.

How to Apply

Interested candidates are encouraged to CLICK HERE to apply online by 31st July 2018.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.


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Updated: July 18, 2018 — 5:01 pm