Clinical Officer / Nurse Anesthetist Job in the Mara

WE Free the Children a charity organization is looking to hire a Clinical Officer / Nurse Anesthetist to be based in the Mara.

Qualifications / Requirements:

  • Nursing or clinical Medicine; Specialty Anesthetist
  • 3 plus years as an anesthetist Nurse/clinical officer
  • Registered with the relevant body
  • Willingness to move to the Mara

Main Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Safely administration of anaesthesia and other pain killers to their patients both before, during and post-surgery, and other major medical procedures.
  • Monitoring patient’s vital signs and brain activity (to measure consciousness levels)
  • Meeting patients before their procedure to conduct pre-operative examinations (which includes measuring weight, height, fluid levels and other required vital signs).
  • Determining appropriate anaesthetic or sedation for patients based on pre-operative examination and prior medical history
  • Explaining anaesthetic process to patients and re-assuring them before they are led into the operating theatre under their supervision
  • Administering appropriate type of anaesthesia (local, regional, general or sedation) to patients via a variety of methods including inhalation or intravenous injection
  • Recording vital details, including type of anaesthesia administered, dosage, method of administration and patient’s condition
  • Positioning patients on operating tables, ensuring they are warm and comfortable
  • Monitoring patients throughout their medical procedure and dealing immediately with any problems that arise
  • Safely waking patients from their procedure whilst maintaining appropriate levels of pain killer/sedation without causing unnecessary nausea and side-effects
  • Working co-operatively with other medical professionals, including surgeons and theatre nurses to manage patients from end-to-end and deal with chronic pain complaints etc
  • Training medical students and fellow medical professionals on patient care related to the administration of anaesthetic agents, patient care and medical conditions
  • Ensure all records and reports are prepared accurately, submitted on Time, and filed appropriately
  • Ensure the security and monitoring of drugs used
  • Ensure total confidentiality is maintained for all client files, records, and correspondence
  • Ensure the maintenance of any equipment used at the Hospital and specifically the operating rooms
  • Demonstrate care techniques, and methods of disease prevention and rehabilitation
  • Assist patients to identify their own health needs and take appropriate action to meet those needs
  • Encourage healthy lifestyles by assisting other staff with health promotion activities
  • Dedicate time and effort in coming up with innovative solutions to cut across the health issues facing the communities we work with to ensure that the community is involved in all aspects of the health process
  • Consultation, Examination, Registration, Reporting, Diagnosis, PITC (Provider Initiated Testing and Counselling), Specimen Collection
  • Writing reports and submitting to the Ministry of Health, hospital manager and Associate Director, Health
  • Reading the results to patients and providing education surrounding the diagnosis

Key Areas to Success:

  • Attention to detail
  • Professionalism and Sensitivity
  • High ethical levels
  • A good team player with excellent communication skills

WE sincerely thanks all those who apply, however only those considered for an interview will be contacted. While CV’s are important, we want to know what makes you a great fit for our team and culture. We will consider applications on a rolling basis and would like the right person to join us as soon as possible.

Please apply to: before 27th July 2018.

Please send in your CV along with a cover letter and please indicate your current salary in the CV

For more details on the organization visit:


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Updated: July 4, 2018 — 2:56 pm