Malawi Sacco Financial Products Design Consultancy

Malawi Sacco Financial Products Design Consultancy

Position Description: Consultant – Farmers’ Sacco Set Up-Blantyre Rural and Lower Shire

Number of days: 23 Days

Period: August 13 to Sept 13, 2018

Issue Date: 7/27/18

Award Type & Payment: A fixed price consultant contract will be issued to the consultant to conduct the SOW described below. Payment will be made based on the completion and approval of deliverables. Payments will be made by bank wire transfer.

NCBA CLUSA is a technical partner in the USAID-Food-for-Peace United in Building and Advancing Life Expectations (UBALE) Program, led by Catholic Relief Services (CRS). The goal of UBALE is to reduce chronic malnutrition and food insecurity and build resilience among vulnerable populations in rural Blantyre, Chikwawa and Nsanje Districts of Malawi. NCBA CLUSA plays a critical role within this program of strengthening agricultural value chains, supporting development of agricultural finance products and producer organization.

Background of Agricultural Finance in Blantyre Rural and Lower Shire

Under the Food-for-Peace funded UBALE project, NCBA CLUSA’s value chain strengthening work is currently directed at sesame, legumes, cotton, rice, poultry and goats. Efforts are specifically concentrated on small-scale farmers in Blantyre rural, Chikwawa and Nsanje Districts.

A predominant, yet structurally challenging, practice by these small-scale farmers is the need for cash-on-delivery or cash-on-collection for commodities. This continues, even in the face of an introduction of warehouse receipt systems.

These farmers are starved of cash needs during lean times, when they have to wait to harvest and sell in unpredictable markets, sometimes with disappointing off-take prices. The traditional linkage of small-scale farmers to commercial banks or MFIs has not yielded gains due to the high cost of credit and/or inappropriate financial credit products.

Creating the Sacco

To address the challenge of limited access to financial services for small-scale farmers in Blantyre rural, Chikwawa and Nsanje Districts, NCBA CLUSA, under the USAID Food-for-Peace UBALE project, has supported small-holder farmers to establish BNC Sacco, a financial cooperative wholly owned by the farmers themselves.

With an ambitious board of governors and a start-up management team, BNC Sacco is currently setting up its operations and plans to begin business in late September/early October.  Prior to their opening, BNC seeks to engage services of a consultant/consultancy firm with a compelling track-record in designing customer (farmer)-oriented Sacco financial products.

This consultancy carries the following Key Objectives:

  1. To understand financial needs of small holder farmer current and potential members of the Sacco;
  2. To develop appropriate financial products to meet these needs;
  3. To profitably cost these financial products
  4. Develop a credit appraisal guide for BNC Sacco;
  5. To equip BNC Sacco board of governors and staff on break-even and growth sub-strategies.

Schedule of Deliverables:

Malawi Sacco Design Consultant

Evaluation Criteria:

  • Track record of overseeing financial cooperative society member, capital and asset portfolio growth (20 points)
  • Relevant first degree or Masters in business, finance, agricultural economics, cooperative development, commerce, or marketing, from a reputable institution of higher learning. (15 points)
  • Seasoned agricultural financial cooperatives management, technical oversight expertise.(15 points)
  • Illustrated high-level leadership experience in turning around poor performing rural Saccos. (10 points)
  • Experience managing and coaching a team within a financial cooperative society (10 points)
  • Illustrated expertise in putting together robust and compelling financial cooperative society business and strategic plans (10 points)
  • Realistic and justified professional fee/costing (10 points)
  • Positive attitude, articulate presentation and willingness to unlearn to learn (5 points)
  • Submission of all three components listed in the Application Section below (5 points)


Interested and qualified consultants must submit the following components to be considered:

  1. A profile or CV, including reference from organizations you have worked for before in similar assignments).
  2. A technical proposal- detailing how the consultant(s) propose(s) to undertake the assignment.
  3. A financial proposal – with justified rates.

How to Apply

Send application strictly to with the subject as ‘MwCoopConsultancy’. Hard copy applications will NOT be accepted.

Deadline is COB August 6, 2018.

Note that applications will be reviewed as they come in.

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