NRC Culture and People Management Consultant in Nairobi Kenya

Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC)

Vacant Position: Culture and People Management Consultant

Ref. no: 3876353854


Terms of Reference

General details for the assignment

Location: Nairobi

Application deadline: 31 July 2018

Start Date: 3rd September, 2018

Reports to: Regional Head of HR

Background: The Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) is an independent humanitarian non-governmental organization providing assistance, protection and durable solutions to refugees and internally displaced persons worldwide.

It works in around 30 countries. NRC has for more than 60 years focused its work on refugees and IDPs and has throughout the last 10 years established itself as a leading NGO in the international work on the rights of IDPs. NRC has Regional office for East Africa and Yemen in Nairobi.

NRC conducts staff survey that cover a range of issues, mainly on how staff feel regarding the way in which Management handles its affairs and that of the its staff.

A recent staff surveys was conducted in April 2018 and the outcome revealed that there is need for management to improve in a number of areas such as staff management, self-management, decision making process, staff involvement, resource management and allocation, team creation, equal treatment, staff security, staff wellbeing amongst others.

NRC’s East Africa and Yemen Regional Office would like to hire a consultant to help its management think through, change and create a positive work culture.

Main Purpose of the Consultancy: Design and facilitate a one-day management team retreat structured to enable management to openly discuss, analyse the issues identified in the staff survey, the challenges in addressing the issues and devising ways of creating positive work culture that should start with the top Management and trickles down to the rest of the staff.

Reporting: The Consultant will report to the Regional Head of Human Resources(HR)

Tasks and Responsibilities:

  • Conduct an in-depth analysis of the key management issues by reviewing some of NRC’s existing management approaches to identify possible issues that staff feel are not well addressed or handled.
  • Conduct a mini and quick survey with the staff to further unpack some of the issues experienced and have a better understanding of them.
  • Design one-day management retreat to allow management team members openly discuss amongst themselves and find solutions to some of the issues identified for improvement.
  • Through use of the survey, talking to a sample of staff and studying some of NRC systems; identify key issues related to negative work culture and suggest ways of improving on them.
  • Propose and conduct training for the management team members on people management skills, positive leadership, promotion of equity in work environment, staff wellbeing management among others.
  • Propose short and long term activities that can promote a positive work culture
  • Prepare a report with recommendations for management implementation after the retreat

Experience and Profile of the Consultant

  • The consultant must have a proven experience in similar management support and show case for the same.
  • A minimum of seven years’ experience implementing training programmes for managers.
  • Proven experience in conducting surveys and analysis.
  • Experience working in East Africa and Yemen region.
  • Fluency in written and spoken English.
  • Excellent communication skills, flexibility and good organisation skills.

Expected Outcomes of the Consultancy

  • Management issues that are making staff unhappy are clearly identified and solutions are suggested to improve on them.
  • Successfully conduct and facilitate a one-day management retreat.
  • A report with clear recommendations for positive work culture creation within NRC East Africa and Yemen Region.

Application Process and Requirements

Please visit and submit your CV and 1 page covert letter.

The supporting documents listed below should be sent to the email provided below.

Bids must include the following and should be submitted to the email below:

  • A 2 page (max) technical and financial proposal including a provisional work plan, consultancy budget, with an all-inclusive fee (consultancy fee, flights, visas, accommodation, transport, taxes etc.), and an estimation of the expected number of working days between the commencement of the background work and the approval of the management retreat training content which will be approved by the Regional Head of HR.
  • Samples of previous work, references and/or testimonies.
  • CVs of team members (if not an individual contractor).

Submit completed bids to

Deadline for application: 31/07/2018

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