Portfolio Manager Job in Kenya

Job Vacancy: Portfolio Manager

Job Purpose: Our client provides Wealth Management Solutions. The main purpose of the job is to Provide Financial and Strategic advice/support to new and established business to target Clients.

This includes evaluation, structuring, execution and improvement of the opportunities.

Expected to weigh the objectives and constraints and classify asset classes accordingly.  Asset classes include financial securities (fixed income, foreign), debts, equities, currencies, and / or real estate (commercial and residential).

Main Duties and responsibilities

  • Participate in all parts of the investment process, including but not limited to conducting detailed market analysis, due diligence on pipeline companies and projects, investment recommendations and updates, and the maintenance of portfolio company documentation;
  • Help monitor the investment portfolio and its operating environment, and provide management support to portfolio companies through the holding period, working closely with other advisors when needed;
  • Support the activities, and develop strong relations with portfolio and pipeline companies, investors, and other partners;
  • Oversee project implementation and ensure that timelines are adhered to including the legal requirements for each of the project is met.

Other Responsibilities:

  • Identify, evaluate and develop high potential targets that are relevant to the business
  • Assess and perform due diligence and venture style funding for potential target
  • Facilitate collaboration between targets and our businesses
  • Support the target and client’s business management teams
  • Be able to put together multi-company deal structures.  This could include investing alongside other large corporate investors but could also include investing in multiple companies that could, together provide a collaborative solution.
  • Research target industries to find potential areas of investment actively looking for companies requiring financing, generating good leads and maintain strong relationships and contacts
  • Handle responsibilities of conducting qualitative and quantitative analysis to support potential investment opportunities in line with the Investment Process
  • Perform the tasks of evaluating the performance of potential investments
  • Responsible for preparing materials and internal memoranda that supports the investment plans and fund marketing material
  • Perform responsibilities of generating information and analysis for the purpose of appraisal and evaluation of the investments.
  • Develop and support asset allocation decisions including geographic, industry and sector research

Performance Standard

  • Effectively scout for potential deals that fit the Investment Strategy of the fund
  • Efficiently analyze potential investments and compile transaction documents and supporting materials
  • Strong team player with an ability to work in a fast paced and entrepreneurial environment
  • Discern the best strategy for investments
  • Analyze status of finance, and assist in asset and stock selection
  • Monitor investments on an ongoing basis
  • Help gain maximum benefits from investments
  • Provide advice on investment areas
  • Handle investor decisions and investments with the utmost discretion
  • Any other Duty that will be allocated to you during the normal cause of Business

Other Remuneration and Bonus

There are two level of Bonuses as follows:

1. Performance Bonus on successful Deals as below:

  • 5% of company (or its subsidiary’s) take home on introduction of a deal that proceeds to financial close
  • 10% of company (or its subsidiary’s) take home on structuring of a deal that proceeds to financial close
  • 5% + 10% of company (or its subsidiary’s) take home on introduction AND full structuring of a deal that proceeds to financial close

2. A Yearly bonus based on Company performance as proposed by Finance Manager and approved by the Board.


  1. Minimum executed deals of Kshs. 1 Billion in the first year with a 100% annual growth
  2. Number of deals generated, approved and Disbursed
  3. Portfolio revenue growth of the Projects

How to Apply

To apply, send CV by COB on Tuesday, 24th July in MS Word Format to portfoliomanager@talentsource.co.ke


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