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Consultancy: Animated Video Production

Global Communities formerly CHF International is looking for a consultant to develop an animated video to show case program work under its USAID funded EMIRGE program. For more details on how to respond, kindly refer to the attached SOW.

Issue date: August 6, 2018

Scope of Work: Development of a documentary in animated video infographic format of production

a) Introduction

Global Communities is implementing one of its cooperatives program in Kenya dubbed “Enabling Market Integration through Rural Group Empowerment” (EMIRGE). EMIRGE’s aim is to improve cooperatives as business model for small-scale producers and service providers.

In Kenya, EMIRGE focuses on piloting and building the capacity of workers’ cooperatives, advocacy and civic education for the development of county cooperatives’ legislative framework, and sharing learnings for the cooperatives’ development and strengthening.

The scope of work for EMIRGE is divided into three components as follows:

  • Component One: Cooperatives’ Strengthening
  • Component Two: Advocacy and Legal Education
  • Component Three: Research and Learning

b) Purpose

EMIRGE seeks a video animation service provider to produce a short 2-3 minute animated video showing EMIRGE’s approach to strengthening the cooperatives movement in Kenya using the above mentioned approaches.

The goal of the video is to inform viewers about the critical role cooperatives play in achieving development goals and to introduce and educate viewers on the concept of workers’ service cooperatives as a means of economic sustainability.

The animation team will create the video animation illustrations and provide the script and story guideline working with the EMIRGE team to ensure clear and concise messaging and appropriate art work and animation to communicate concepts, data, and narrative.

EMIRGE will work with the selected firm/individual to identify the most effective animation and creative direction to achieve the video’s objectives.

c) User requirements/deliverables

  1. 2-3 minutes animated video clip
  2. The final product should be compatible to different media platforms
  3. Produced fully in English version with an African male/female voice.
  4. Final product to be delivered in a digital compatible versions.

d) Level of effort

Description and Man days

  • Data collection and content development from EMIRGE staff – 2 days
  • Development of a script – 1 day
  • Development of graphics – 1 day
  • Development of the final product – 1 day

Total man days: 5 days

e) Technical Qualification

The vendor should demonstrate technical capability to produce a final video product incorporating the following areas:

  • Animated illustrations of economic growth, people and communities, and other elements.
  • Ability to record, produce, and edit as part of the video character or narrator voice(s).
  • Illustrations that are representative of Kenya’s people, culture, demographics, geography, and landscape.
  • Experience or ability to effectively incorporate USAID branding into creative products.
  • At least a year in development of animated info graphics.

f) Timelines

The contracted person will be required to deliver the work latest by the final August 28, 2018.

The consultant must be able to commence the assignment immediately.

g) Proposal submission

The interested bidders should submit a proposal immediately upon receipt of this SOW but not later than August 09/08/2018.

The proposal should include

  1. A fees proposal providing showing their quotation for the provision of the stated services. The bidder should provide a breakdown of the computation of the fees. Global communities will evaluate the proposed financial fees for reasonableness.
  2. A brief summary of the proposed approach and timelines.
  3. Evidence of past works related to this SOW. This can be shared in the form of a link.
  4. Applicants PIN and registration certificate

h) Engagement and Payment terms

  1. Global Communities will engage the consultant through a Local purchase order.
  2. Payment will be made upon receipt and acceptance by Global Communities of the deliverables herein stated.

Application Process

The proposal should be sent to and a Copy to before 09/08/2018

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