Global Communities Publication Development Consultancy – Lessons and Key Recommendations on Strengthening the Cooperative Movement in Kenya

lobal Communities formerly CHF International is looking to engage a consultant to develop a publication document on lessons learned and key recommendations on strengthening the co-operative movement in Kenya under its USAID funded EMIRGE program.

Interested bidders are required to respond with a proposal as guided below.

Re-issue Date: August 23, 2018

Scope of Work: Development of a publication document on “Lessons and Key Recommendations on Strengthening the Cooperative Movement in Kenya” – based on the USAID/EMIRGE Pilot program in Kenya (2016 -2018)

1.0 Introduction

Global Communities is implementing one of its cooperatives program in Kenya dubbed “Enabling Market Integration through Rural Group Empowerment” (EMIRGE). EMIRGE’s aim is to improve cooperatives as business model for small-scale producers and service providers.

In Kenya, EMIRGE focuses on piloting and building the capacity of workers’ cooperatives, advocacy and civic education for the development of county cooperatives’ legislative framework, and sharing learnings for the cooperatives’ development and strengthening.

The scope of work for EMIRGE is divided into three components as follows:

  • Component One: Cooperatives’ Strengthening
  • Component Two: Advocacy and Legal Education
  • Component Three: Research and Learning

2.0 Objective

The main objective of the assignment is to develop a document for publishing on lessons and key recommendations based on EMIRGE pilot program in Kenya through highlighting the three key components listed above.

The document is meant to highlight activities and achievements of the EMIRGE program in Kenya, while creating awareness about the role of the cooperatives movement for economic growth.

The publication will be able to disseminate information to inform and improve learnings on group enterprise dynamics, and inform local (county), national and international stakeholders on key cooperatives issues.

The report outline will include three parts:

a) Building the business capacity of workers’ cooperatives through technical training;

b) Active engagement with local (county) governments to diversify cooperatives policy and legislation framework

c) Research, evaluation, learning and collaboration process.

3.0 Scope of Work and Activities:

The bidder getting the contract for publication of the document is expected to carry out the following activities towards production (These are only illustrative and are meant to indicate the nature of work and efforts required):

a) Collection of all relevant information/ material on the cooperative movement in Kenya through internet, correspondence with various stakeholders involved on different aspects of cooperatives both in country & abroad.

b) Work with EMIRGE team to establish success stories; case studies; update on the cooperatives regulatory policy; Outcomes on field discussions on cooperatives strengthening. The information gathered from this materials will be featured on the publication.

c) The publication will also include quotes, partner spotlights and one interview with a key cooperatives stakeholder in Kenya.

d) The paper shall have approximately and at most two pages (A4 – format), including tables and graphics and must be written in English.

4.0 Level of Effort

The assignment will be expected to take a total of five days as outlined below:

Deliverable description and Expected man days

  • Review of materials and reports provided by the EMIRGE program team and develop a draft document outline – One (1) day
  • Development of the draft publication document for review by EMIRGE program team – Two (2) days
  • Development of final publication document – One (1) day
  • Total Man days – 4 days

5.0 Qualifications

We are seeking consultants who meet the criteria outlined below:

1. Advanced degree (or bachelor’s degree and equivalent experience) in social sciences, organizational development or learning, knowledge management, international development, or related field

2. At least 3 years’ experience in publishing similar documents.

3. Demonstrated experience in the developing and implementing knowledge management documents.

4. Fundamental understanding of information content and associated issues;

5. Technical expertise in the cooperatives sector is an added advantage.

6. Excellent planning and organizational skills and ability to deliver services even in tight deadlines

6.0 Role of Global Communities

Global Communities will provide all the relevant documentation necessary for the assignment.

It will also cover the logistics associated with the assignment as per our policy.

7.0 Timelines

The contracted person will be required to deliver the work latest by Sept 7, 2018.

The consultant must be able to commence the assignment immediately.

8.0 Proposal submission

The interested bidders should submit a proposal immediately upon receipt of this SOW but not later than August 29/08/2018.

The proposal should include:

1) A cover letter (not more than 2 pages)/capability statement demonstrating your suitability for the assignment i.e. how your /technical team’s qualifications and experience in development of Knowledge Management publications meet the requirements of the assignment;

2) Provide a brief statement on the approach and work plan based on the deliverables.

3) Provide evidence of accomplishment in similar assignments for credible clients. Share links of the published works including current contact details of the respective clients;

4) A concise and up-to-date curriculum vitae for the technical person/personnel that will be involved in the assignment;

5) A fees proposal providing their quotation for the provision of the stated services. The bidder should provide a breakdown of the computation of the fees based on the level of effort provided on section 4.0 above. Global communities will evaluate the proposed financial fees for reasonableness.

6) Applicants PIN and registration certificate

9.0 Engagement and Payment terms

1) Global Communities will engage the consultant through a Local purchase order.

2) Payment will be made upon receipt and acceptance by Global Communities of the deliverables herein stated.

For any enquiries please contact

The proposal should be sent to and a Copy to before 29/08/2018


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