Global Communities Research Brief Development Consultancy in Kenya

Consultancy – Development of a Research Brief

Global Communities formerly CHF international is looking for a consultant to develop a research paper brief under its USAID funded EMIRGE program. Interested bidders are requested to respond with a brief proposal on the same.

Issue date: August 06, 2018

Scope of Work: Development of a Research Brief

a) Introduction

Global Communities is implementing one of its cooperatives program in Kenya dubbed “Enabling Market Integration through Rural Group Empowerment” (EMIRGE). EMIRGE’s aim is to improve cooperatives as business model for small-scale producers and service providers.

In Kenya, EMIRGE focuses on piloting and building the capacity of workers’ cooperatives, advocacy and civic education for the development of county cooperatives’ legislative framework, and sharing learnings for the cooperatives’ development and strengthening.

For the last one and a half years, EMIRGE Program has implemented a number of activities including: piloting 3 workers’ cooperatives in Nairobi.

The cooperatives are established on service value chains of building and construction, branding and marketing, and beauty and wellness in Nairobi County. Two of the three target cooperatives have been officially registered by State Department of Cooperatives under CAP 490.

b) Purpose

The main objective of this SOW is to seek a consultant, to deepen discussion, suggestions and recommendations of issues raised from the research, and to elaborate a paper regarding the Kenyan context specifically on the subject of the research.

This paper will inform a publication that USAID/EMIRGE will be producing on best practice in strengthening the cooperative movement in Kenya.

The source of the information will be from: “Trust Effects on Attitudes, Behavior, and Community Empowerment Outcomes in Kenyan Agricultural Co-operatives” by USAID, Global Communities and United States International University (USIU –Africa) – see attached.

c) Expected outcomes

1. Paper elaborated as a result of the research by Global Communities.

The paper shall have approximately and at most two pages (A4 – format), including tables and graphics and must be written in English.

Among others, some questions should be considered within this document such as: The paper should present an overview of the research work done, define the research, findings and recommendations. It should also demonstrate a proposition approach, with great emphasis on the recommendations and evidences to support those propositions.

The paper will be analysed and approved by USAID/EMIRGE.

d) Level of Effort

Works description

  • a) Gather, organize and systematize the literature from the research;
  • b) Analyze information and data, and recommendations.
  • c) preparation of a draft paper
    Expected man days: One (1) day

Works description

  • Preparation of the final paper
    Expected man days: Half a day(0.5 days)

Total Man days: 1.5 days

e) Deliverables:

  • First draft paper for review: Preliminary version of the final document. It must contain an outline of the final document and an analytical text containing an executive summary and recommendations organized in bullet points.
  • Final paper with not more than 2 pages presented in word A4 format, with 1.5 spacing, in Arial size 11 font. It shall be delivered to USAID/EMIRGE through email. f) Qualifications
  • At least 3 years’ experience in publishing similar documents.
  • Experience in the elaboration of technical documents and analytical skills.
  • Previous work experience with the USAID will be an asset.
  • Knowledge of international documents, such as the Millennium Development Goals, Sustainable Development Goals and other key documents

g) Timelines

The contracted person will be required to deliver the work latest by August 28, 2018.

The consultant must be able to commence the assignment immediately.

h) Proposal submission

The interested bidders should submit a proposal immediately upon receipt of this SOW but not later than August 09/08/2018.

The proposal should include

  1. A fees proposal providing their quotation for the provision of the stated services. The bidder should provide a breakdown of the computation of the fees. Global communities will evaluate the proposed financial fees for reasonableness.
  2. A brief summary of the proposed approach and timelines.
  3. Samples of works done in the last three years. Share the links of the published work.
  4. Applicants PIN and registration certificate

i) Engagement and Payment terms

  1. Global Communities will engage the consultant through a Local purchase order.
  2. Payment will be made upon receipt and acceptance by Global Communities of the deliverables herein stated.

CLICK HERE to download the Research paper document

Application Process

The proposal should be sent to and a Copy to before 09/08/2018

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