Nairobi Waldorf School Pedagogical Systems Design Consultant Job in Kenya

Nairobi Waldorf School

Terms of Reference

Position title: Pedagogical Systems Design Consultant

Duty station: Home and School based

Type of Appointment: Short Term Consultancy

Estimated Start Date: 1st of September 2018

Estimated No Working days: Short Term Consultancy

Project Title: Pedagogical Systems Design – NWS

1. Purpose and Scope of the Assignment

Under the supervision of the Board Chair, the Consultant will develop Pedagogical Systems as follows:-

  • Teachers Assessment
  • Learners Assessment
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Tool for the Systems development

Objective: The Purpose of this Consultancy is to develop effective Pedagogical Systems at the Nairobi Waldorf School (NWS) that will eventually bring about Pedagogically Sound Learning. The Consultant will Design, Develop and Implement Effective Pedagogical Systems for Teachers and Learners.

The Systems developed should nurture our teachers, support and guide their teaching instructional decisions in addition to their educational and professional experiences. It must ensure that they reach their highest potential, and bring out the best from our learners through the delivery of high quality Waldorf Education in the region.

They must be able to assess their teaching to ensure that learning takes place and determine how they have been able to achieve this through monitoring and evaluation of their teaching. The systems should be friendly, simple, create the right and trusted environment that enhances thinking for both teachers and learners. They should build value for the users.

2. Output

The selected consultant will develop Pedagogical Systems that can be used effectively to assess teachers and learners and develop a monitoring and evaluation tool to ensure the process is on track and the system can be monitored to ensure effectiveness.

3. Tasks


  • Overall streamlining of the Pedagogical Systems at the NWS
  • Look into good practices regarding pedagogical systems development, assessment, , curriculum development, monitoring and evaluation
  • Final approval will be given by the NWS Board

Tasks Breakdown

  1. Develop tools that ensure that learning has taken place
  2. Develop a comprehensive Teachers and Learners Assessment policy and ensure their alignment to the Waldorf Education Policy.
  3. Ensure that our learners are competent enough to be able to transition seamlessly to any other system of education at whichever level.
  4. Develop and implement best practice systems for the assessment and monitoring of Learners and Teachers
  5. Conduct an assessment of Teachers and Learners and the utilization of assessment results, feedback to make improvements. This must be in line with Waldorf Education System.
  6. Design, develop and execute monitoring and evaluation of the systems
  7. Review the design of teaching subjects in all classes
  8. Institutionalize a quality Waldorf pedagogical system
  9. Prepare teachers professional documents
  10. Classroom Management.
  11. Implementation of the curriculum in its entirety in all classes.
  12. Evaluation of the curriculum.
  13. Meeting all learners at their level of needs irrespective of the varied gifts and uniqueness of each child.
  14. Develop a system of identifying various needs of learners and how to provide a remedy
  15. Develop Teachers professional code of conduct and ethics.
  16. Support and train teachers to meet expected standards and effect consequences for non-adherence to code of conduct and ethics

4. Qualification and Experience:

  • Must hold a Master in Education Science, Education Administration and Leadership / curriculum planning and development and implementation
  • Bachelor of Education
  • Diploma Waldorf / Steiner with teaching experience will be an added advantage
  • Computer Literate
  • At least 8 years of teaching experience / professional experience
  • Ability to lead change, manage risks and work in a multicultural setting
  • An assertive person of integrity
  • Detailed knowledge of pedagogical systems and processes
  • Excellent in both verbal and writing skills with demonstrated experience of both
  • Ability to deliver quality work independently and to meet deadlines under tight timeframes.

5. How to Apply:

Interested candidates should submit:

  • A cover letter;
  • A detailed CV with 3 referees;
  • A two-page proposal giving the methodology, work and time plan in the approach to the outlined tasks.

Format for submission: All required documents should be sent via email to the NWS Board Email;

Application Deadline: Friday, 24th August, 2018

Write the position title on the subject line of your e-mail.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted, Nairobi Waldorf School (NWS) is an equal opportunity employer.


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