Associate Advocate Job in Kenya

We are looking for motivated and qualified professionals to fill the position of Associate Advocate.

Overall Purpose of the Job

  • Manage the stock of files allocated and ensure that the targets set are achieved
  • Attending court and taking hearing dates in litigation matters.
  • Drafting legal documents, filing of court documents & other legal documents when necessary.

Key Roles and Responsibilities

1) Cost Management

a) Assist the Head of Firm in effectively managing the budget allocated to the Law Firm and to ensure that the claim expenses are within the Client’s guidelines.

b) Manage the allocated legal files stock and ensure that the targets set by the Law Firm on settlement of claims and closure of files is achieved within the set timelines.

c) Complete Settlement negotiations with third parties and their advocates within the law and the parameters set/approved not later than Thirty (30) days of such approval.

d) Pursue costs for dismissed matters by applying for decree/certificate of costs and filing the relevant application for executions within Thirty (30) days of delivery of such ruling or judgement.

2) Claim Investigations and Verification

e) Conduct a thorough and detailed analysis of claim documents to enable early fraud detection, and effectively address the fraudulent claims to meet the client’s guidelines..

f) Issue investigation and verification instructions to the client’s investigators within Seven (7) days of receipt of documents or any information that requires investigation or verification.

g) Analyze the investigations reports to ensure that all relevant information is captured and to reject incomplete reports or reissue the instructions

h) Obtain adequate evidence on liability and fraud from the client’s investigators to ensure that fraudulent/liability claims are dismissed in court. The evidence should be obtained prior to the filing the defence in court and in any event Thirty (30) days before the hearing date.

i) Liaise with the client’s Investigation and Medical Departments to ensure claim investigation/verification reports and medical re-examinations are promptly completed.

3) Court Attendance and Preparation

j) Conduct proper and factual legal research required for achievement of the defence or settlement strategy on the legal files.

k) Conduct pre-trial briefings with the witnesses at least Fourteen (14) days before the hearing/court attendance.

l) Preparation of all court attendances through preparation of Settlement/Defence strategies, contacting and following up on witness attendances in court, collecting all the necessary evidence, and seeking approval of the case/defence strategy at least Thirty (30) days before such hearing/court attendance.

m) Timely attendance in court or tribunals to effectively represent the interests of the client within the approved defence/settlement strategy and while so doing maintain the highest level of integrity and professionalism.

n) Perusal of Court proceedings, Rulings and Judgments and/or co-coordinating the perusal and obtaining of copies of such Rulings, Proceedings, Rulings and judgments

o) Preparation and submission of Court Attendance Reports accompanied by copies of court proceedings not later than Twenty Four (24) hours of such court attendance and for critical files within such shorter time that the circumstances may permit.

4) Pleadings and File Management

p) Proper management the legal files in line with the guidelines established by the client and ensuring that instructions are executed in a timely and efficient manner to protect the interests of the client.

q) Ensure proper documentation of the legal file and data accuracy through timely completion of periodical file reviews. The data must be accurately and efficiently updated in the system resulting in the system and be an accurate reflection of the physical file within 48 hours of after receiving new information or documents that necessitates the change.

r) Preparation of all requisite pleadings and follow up to ensure timely filing in court and service upon third parties.

s) Maintain proper and accurate reserves on the assigned files as per client’s guidelines and instructions.

t) Prepare sound and accurate pleadings for approval and filing in court within the timelines set by the law. All pleadings and correspondences marked as restricted shall not be prepared or filed without the knowledge and approval of the Head of Firm.

u) Address and/or respond to correspondence from third party advocates within Seven (7) days from the date of receipt of such correspondence.

v) Prepare periodical reports on the allocated portfolio of legal files as may be required or directed by the Head of Firm.

5) General Duties

w) Monitor changes in relevant legislation and the regulatory environment, and advise the client on the impact of such changes.

x) Maintain a good rapport with the third party advocates, courts and other service providers dealing with the Law Firm.

y) Participate and offer valuable advice to the Law firm within any Committee of the Law Firm which you may be nominated or elected to

z) Any other duties that maybe assigned from time to time in the discharge of the Law Firms obligations under this

Person Specifications

Academic Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Laws (LLB) degree from an institution recognized by Commission for Higher Education

Professional Qualifications

  • Diploma in Law (KSL) and Admission as an Advocate with a current practicing Certificate;
  • Proficiency in use of computer applications;


  • At least 2 Years Post Admission experience in Litigation
  • Experience in handling recovery matters will be an added advantage.

Skills and Attributes

  • Organizational, conceptual and analytical, managerial and decision making skills;
  • Ability to get well with diverse workforce;
  • Honesty and integrity;
  • Positive working attitude;
  • Excellent litigation and negotiation skills
  • Ability to give and take instructions;

Application Instructions

If you qualify for the above advertised role, kindly send us a detailed CV and Application Letter clearly demonstrating your fit as per the roles & responsibilities and the person specifications (academic/professional qualifications, experience, skills & attributes) listed above.

Applications that do not conform to the Application Instructions will not be considered.

Kindly send your application documents to to reach us on or before 5.00pm 19th September, 2018.

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