Farm Manager Job in Kenya

Farm Manager

Purpose of the Position: The farm manager is responsible for the financial and physical performance of the farm. This will involve implementing the short and long term business plans of the farm owner. There is likely to be a high degree of autonomy and the farm manager will be expected to drive the business.

Reporting Line: Reports to farm owner

Job Responsibilities

  • Staff Management – Operate the farm conducive to maintaining a team of quality staff and enhancing the farm’s reputation.
  • Responsible for achieving the farm production targets by ensuring information is collected and used to manage herd feeding, maximizing milk production, protecting pasture quality and avoiding pasture damage.
  • Responsible for the managing all stock associated with the farm business to the highest level.
  • Maintain all farm records in an accurate and timely manner.
  • Manage the farm infrastructure and maintain the farm assets.
  • Ensure environmental requirements are met as outlined in the Farm Operations Manual including Health and Safety.
  • Responsible for the implementation of the Financial Budget and the Strategic Plan for the farm.
  • Keeping financial records up to date.
  • Practical activities, e.g. Operating machinery, feeding livestock, spraying fields, etc.
  • Marketing the farm’s products;
  • Buying supplies, such as fertilizer and seeds;
  • Arranging the maintenance and repair of farm buildings, machinery and equipment.
  • Making sure that products are ready for deadlines, such as markets.
  • Maintaining and monitoring the quality of yield, whether livestock or crops;
  • Planning finances and production to maintain farm progress against budget parameters;
  • Ensuring that farm activities comply with government regulations;
  • Farm shops selling the farm’s own and other locally sourced produce;
  • Creating and monitoring fishing ponds;
  • Monitoring animal health and welfare, including liaising with vets;
  • Maintaining a knowledge of pests and diseases and an understanding of how they spread and how to treat them;
  • Applying health and safety standards across the farm estate;
  • Protecting the environment and maintaining biodiversity;
  • Understanding the implications of the weather and making contingency plans.

Qualifications: A bachelor’s degree in agriculture, agronomy, animal science, or dairy science is recommended/ Five years or more in a farming-related field is required. Practical farming experience, gained by working as a supervisor, dairy or arable unit manager, or assistant manager or a qualification or diploma in agriculture or farm business management will also be considered.

Salary: Negotiable.

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