LRC Foundation Video Documentary Consultancy Opportunity in Kenya

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Terms of Reference for Consultancy Producing a Video Documentary on LRC Foundation’s Agricultural Entrepreneurship Incubator Project ‘Telephone Farmers Project’

Background: LRC Foundation is a Kenyan Social Enterprise established in 2008 to provide training and business support services to farmers, pastoralists and agribusinesses in Africa.

LRC believes that the modernization of agriculture and improvement in food security in Africa can be greatly enhanced by effective practical training, adequate dissemination of knowledge and technology and the provision of business support services to farmers, pastoralists and Agribusinesses.

Over the years LRC has grown and set itself apart by putting social impact as its overriding end objective and employing innovative, agile business thinking and processes to meet the needs of its key customers the farmers, pastoralists and agribusinesses.

LRC strives to increase agricultural productivity in an economically and environmentally sustainable manner. It provides access to knowledge, appropriate technology and mentorship to farmers, pastoralists and agribusiness to yield healthy crops and livestock and sustainable agriculture practices.

LRC being a not-for-profit is focussed on developing and supporting initiatives focussed on improving the livelihoods of the bottom of the pyramid producers and consumers in Africa.

LRC is also keen on supporting vocational training and development of skilled manpower for Agriculture in Africa and continues to support programs in food production, renewable energy and water availability for people in semi-arid areas of Africa.

This project which is popularly known as the “Telephone Farmers Project” is implemented by LRC and four partners who include Maastricht School of Management (MSM) Aeres Group, Strathmore Business School (SbS) and Netherlands African Business Council (NABC). The project goal is to develop a business incubation model to be used in unlocking the potential of small and medium sized commercial farms who in Africa have a huge potential to revolutionize agriculture.

The project provides farmers with project management and technical services to increase their efficiency and effectiveness at their farms. Incubator project has impacted positively over 70 farms over the years.

Objective: The overall objective of the task is to produce a video documentary on the Telephone Farmers Project focusing on the impact of services provided to the farmers in relation to food security issue in Kenya, impact on the lives of the farmers who participated in the project, achievements and more especially some of the lessons learned.

The specific tasks are;

1. Develop a narrative concept and scenario for the video documentary

2. Interview selected interviewees for the film who will include the farmers and farm managers, MSM staff involved in the project, coach trainer, Latia staff involved in the implementation, suppliers and partners

3. Visit the project sites and interact with beneficiaries impacted by the project

4. Develop the documentary script and take footage

5. Present a short, precise and informative draft documentary to LRC Foundation for review

6. Produce two short documentaries of 9 minutes and summary promotional for 1 minute long in high definition (HD). The 1 minute documentary trailer shall be an edited down version of the same footage to spark viewer’s interest to watch the longer version.


1. Submission of final high quality video in HD, AVI and MP4 formats

2. Raw footages captured in project areas.

3. Provide at-least 50 pictures of LRC Foundation activities/beneficiaries with name of subject in picture, brief description of activity, location, and the date picture is captured


The consultancy shall be for duration of 20 days from the date of signing the contract.

The consultancy will be undertaken during the period 15 Nov to 20 Dec 2018

Required Qualifications & Experience

The consultant/consultancy firm will be required to have:

  • 3 and above years of experience working in similar field.
  • Extensive experience in producing development work related documentaries for international organizations with the aim of reaching both local and international audiences.
  • Experience in working with local and international organizations.
  • Local Knowledge of the all regions in Kenya particularly LRC Foundation project areas.
  • Excellent technical capacities (state of art filming equipment preferably High Definition) to ensure smooth and high quality production.
  • Experience in development communication will be an added advantage.

The following must be included in all submissions:

  1. Technical financial proposal, budget, and expression of interest;
  2. Work plan including proposed timeline;
  3. Detailed budget of costs; and
  4. CV of lead and team evaluator
  5. Sample of previous work done

Submitted applications to be addressed to Program Manager, LRC Foundation to with subject line “LRC Foundation Video Documentary”.

Applications should be submitted through email and not later than 6 November, 2018.

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