TICAH Program Manager (Indigenous Knowledge and Culture) Job in Kenya

We are hiring a Program Manager – Indigenous Knowledge and Culture!

About TICAH: TICAH is an activist-spirited health organization whose work includes a focus on the relationship between values, culture, rights, and health. We believe that to be healthy we need to know who we are, what choices we have, how good relationships are built, and how to work together. We believe that culture plays a pivotal role in our health, and that listening to what is wise in our indigenous cultural traditions can contribute to solving the problems we face today.

We believe in equity and fairness, in beauty and creativity. Our work includes reproductive health and rights, public arts, health and sexuality education, advocacy, traditional knowledge, and using culture to promote healing.
From our founding in 2003, TICAH has worked to bring what is valuable from our traditions into our work. We have been at the forefront of bringing nutrition and herbal medicine into HIV and AIDS treatment. We have linked healing to sharing our stories, and creativity to community.

We have invited elders to teach and to share, and we have encouraged unprecedented relationships to form across the divides of language, gender, age, and community.

For the past four years, TICAH has been working directly with elders and youth, herbalists, musicians, and peace-makers from a wide range of Kenyan communities and beyond to build what we call our medicine wheel. The medicine wheel is part of our indigenous knowledge and culture program, and it has four circles: an elder’s circle, a learning circle focusing on plant medicine, a song circle focusing on the role of music in healing, and a peace circle.

Within this indigenous knowledge and culture work, we also have a program we call VOICE that supports two projects: one working with elders and local communities to create better chances for Maasai girls and young women in Kajiado to stay in school, and another that engages coastal communities in efforts to stop the murders and abuse of elders by promoting exchange and cross-generational understanding. TICAH’s traditional knowledge and culture work has benefitted from our strong relationship with the national museums of Kenya.

Over the past ten years, TICAH has built a plant medicine garden, several arts spaces and the peace path and Mahali pa Umoja labyrinths where many of our ceremonies and gatherings take place. We have hosted events and exhibitions at museum sites, and will likely continue to do so.

About the role

The Program Manager of TICAH’s indigenous knowledge and culture program will oversee the next phase of our medicine wheel and related programs, working with a vibrant team of staff and partners who have nurtured and built this work so far. You will help us to make decisions about the next steps in this work, bringing ideas and enthusiasm, integrity and humility to this exciting set of initiatives.

You will become part of a brave, strategic, and ground-breaking organization that defines health widely and works by building relationships between people, ideas, and communities.

Your responsibilities will include:

Create Program Vision and Strategy:

  • Learn about what has been done so far, and in collaboration with the team, reflect on our achievements so far and create a strategy for the next two years and beyond
  • Program evolvement; create strategies useful in answering questions such as how can we go deeper in our work? Who are the real agents of change and how can we help put them in charge? How might we more effectively recognize and include the power of women and the wisdom women have?
  • As the holder of the program vision, encourage and inspire the team, partners and participants in clarifying our goals and growing our work
  • Identify, recruit and build an advisory council made up of passionate and experienced thought leaders in traditional knowledge systems, and create ways for this group to help direct our efforts
  • Continuously review program plans and goals and help the team to collectively contribute their best
  • Build relationships and learning exchanges with like-minded efforts elsewhere to strengthen our own vision and approach

Drive Program Execution:

  • Lead in planning all yearly program activities for our four circles
  • Develop and oversee quarterly work plans for each of the circles
  • Conceptualise and host events and gatherings in Nairobi and other decentralised areas which includes; organizing peace and elders gatherings, organize song circle trips to schools and communities, facilitate conversations, ensure documentation of activities,
  • Oversee the development of our facilities at the Museum
  • Identifying and overseeing consultants and providers for program activities
  • Develop and oversee program budget allocation
  • Oversee logistics and liaise with relevant parties for travel and activity implementations, e.g. local chiefs
  • Overall in charge of all program donor reporting as required
  • Oversee VOICE program work in Kilifi and Kajiado

Team Management:

  • Ensure the clear allocation of roles and responsibilities to all team members
  • Coach, lead and motivate a team of five
  • Conduct a team capacity needs analysis and design a process for up skilling
  • Conduct periodic evaluations on team performance and provide guidance on their learning and development
  • Encourage the team to live the ethics of the program through being a role model and providing guidance

Documentation and Communication:

  • Develop and implement the documentation and communication strategy for our work
  • Clearly define roles of who will be in charge of the different documentation methods; outsourcing where needed
  • Lead the distribution and sharing of our knowledge
  • Lead in the design of a process to organize our current archive

Partnership Building and Outreach:

  • Familiarise self with existing relationships and understand depth of engagement and trust, in turn slowly building trust with them
  • Establish new relationships with other parties who are interested in preserving indigenous wisdom and promoting peace and health through culture, in Kenya and beyond
  • Participate in re-establishing women councils in communities to promote gender inclusivity and include women’s voices in promoting indigenous culture and traditions

Contribute to TICAH:

  • Promote and spearhead a strong culture of team spirit and collaboration
  • Reinforce the values, spirit and integrity of TICAH to the team and to external stakeholders.
  • Continuously gather insights and share feedback to keep improving our work

About You:

  • You live by your values and you are curious about your own cultures and the cultures of others
  • You are also curious about cultural change and continuity and are interested in Kenyan indigenous ways, languages, songs, and healing systems
  • You possess demonstrated interest and experience in at least two of the following; peace building, plant medicine, traditional music and instruments, indigenous wisdom keepers and apprentice systems, women’s power and voice in traditional settings, ceremonies and rituals, stories and symbols, indigenous languages, indigenous science, and documentation
  • You have managed a team for 3-5 years, coaching and motivating them to achieve set goals and supported them in building their skills
  • You have developed and managed program budgets; at least 50,000 USD a year and can allocate and reallocate funds as needed
  • You have engaged with diverse stakeholders and partners ranging from elders, scholars, museums, communities, non-profits, and other organizations
  • You demonstrate experience planning and hosting complex gatherings and are an excellent convener or are interested in developing into one
  • You’re a forward thinker and can analyse and make recommendations for future program activities
  • You’re a strong critical thinker and can make quick and effective decisions in the face of sudden and immediate change
  • You demonstrate sensitivity and understand how to navigate different communities, engage a diverse age groups (6-90 years) in a deep and meaningful way.
  • You are respectful of others and conversant with participatory engagement and active listening
  • You are excited to learn about diverse indigenous cultures and what they have to teach to today’s generations
  • You are keen to always do your best and to learn new things and ways
  • You’re experienced in proposal and report writing
  • You have a good eye for effective and accurate documentation and sharing (written, video, audio, etc.)
  • You’re a respectful listener and believe that there is always value in listening and you can learn something new even from the most unlikely quarters
  • You intend to live TICAH values; choice, non-judgemental, and integrity (We walk our talk)
  • You possess a strong team spirit, an openness in sharing and in inclusion
  • You demonstrate transparency and accountability
  • You’re a brave and creative trailblazer
  • Excellent written & oral communication skills
  • You possess a Bachelor’s degree
  • Any other training related to indigenous knowledge will be an added advantage

You have the right fit with our culture if:

  • You are genuinely interested and comfortable conversing on diverse ideas and opinions
  • You continuously challenge your own assumptions and beliefs
  • You are interested in exploring African indigenous cultures
  • You don’t judge people for their life choices but genuinely want to support them!
  • You think out of the box, and work hard to see your crazy ideas come into life
  • You are humble and comfortable in varying social and professional settings, alternating between interacting with grassroots community members, and high-level stakeholders

Why work with us?

  • You will be part of growing our impact with a vast exciting network and pool of partnerships that we have built over the past 14 years
  • Exposure to participate and contribute across all our programs
  • An opportunity to dream of all possible solutions and make them come true
  • We are a committed team and we treat each other like family
  • Our team works hard and also realizes the importance of having fun in and out of work
  • We walk our talk. We are brave and bold in everything we do
  • We are an egalitarian organization – if equality and fair access to opportunity excites you, join us!

Other information

The role is based in our main office in Karen, Nairobi.

Due to the nature of work additional hours may be required. At times, program activities extend into the weekend and may require your participation.

We are looking for candidates who are excited about working in our organization for a minimum of 2 years.

There is a three month probation period and we will agree on performance and learning objectives.

Want to apply?

First, please have a look at this guide on how to submit your application and tips on our selection process: http://bit.ly/CandidatesGuide

Application form: http://bit.ly/PM_IndigenousCulture

You will be asked to upload your CV in PDF format while filling the form. Please make sure it’s no longer than 3 pages!

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis until the role is filled.

Only shortlisted candidates may be contacted.

Selection process in collaboration with edge

Website: http://ticahealth.org/

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