Heifer International Staff Training Consultancy in Kenya

Heifer International – Kenya

Terms of Reference for Staff Training on Report Writing, Case Study Documentation and Project Cycle

1.0 Background

Heifer International – Kenya (HPI-K) is a branch of Heifer Project International. It started its operation in Kenya in the year 1981.

Its Mission is to work with Communities to end hunger and poverty while caring for the earth.

HPI-K strategic goal is to lift 330,000 families approximately 1,625,000 individuals both directly and indirectly by 2025 and envisaged a world of communities living together in peace and equitably sharing the resources of a healthy planet.

2.0 Purpose of the Training

1. To enhance skills and competences on report writing and scientific evidence base case study documentation on HPI staff

2. To equip the staff with skills on project management, specifically on the project cycle, clearly articulating the requirements at each stage of the project.

3. To provide a platform for sharing experience around project cycle and case studies documentation

3.0 Responsibilities

The consultancy firm will be responsible for;

➢ Develop training materials in consultations with Heifer International.

➢ Facilitate training sessions and group work sessions in a participatory manner.

➢ Develop and submit a training report, with a capacity improvement plan developed by the participants and provide relevant lessons learnt.

4.0 Desired qualifications and competencies

➢ Minimum educational qualifications of Masters degree in Social Sciences. Advanced training in project management or Monitoring and Evaluation is desirable

➢ Proficiency in adult learning methods.

➢ Conducted trainings on project management.

➢ Self-starting, independent and responsible personality.

➢ Initiative and strong team-building, communication and negotiation skills.

➢ Excellent writing and presentation skills.

➢ Adherence to copy right acts.

➢ Ability to work both in a team and independently

➢ Excellent computer literacy (internet, software such as word, excel, etc.)

5.0 Propose work plan

The training shall be conducted in June 2019 (Exact date to be communicated) and consultancy team will comprise a maximum of two members; with a team leader as the main facilitator.

HIK Work Plan

6.0 Application procedure

The proposal (duly signed) from consultancy firm should comprise technical and financial proposal.

The Proposal will be accepted preferably in hard copy and backed by a soft copy through email address below mentioning subject line; “STAFF TRAINING ON REPORT WRITING, CASE STUDY DOCUMENTATION AND PROJECT CYCLE .

Email to procurement-ke@heifer.org on or before 3rd May 2019.

In addition, the following documents must be submitted:

1. Maximum 2-page organization profile highlighting related assignments completed with client name, contact person and mobile number

2. Lead Consultant’s (who will lead the assignment) Maximum 3-page CV highlighting related assignment completed, role in the completed assignment

3. Other Team members’ (who will involve in the assignment) 2 paragraph short CV highlighting related assignment completed and role

4. Organization’s/Firm’s Certificate of Incorporation, PIN and VAT registration certificates.

5. Documents in favour of the previous relevant studies.

7.0 Selection criteria

The consultancy will be done by the firm that will get highest points as per the herein below criteria and will be awarded the contract.

The criteria will be based on technical capacity of the consultants (70%) and financial viability (30%).

HIK Selection Criteria

Education and Training, HR and Administration, Monitoring and Evaluation, NGO and UN, Project Management
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