Mercy Corps Tender to Supply, Install and Support Wajir GIS Lab Equipment

Mercy Corps

Invitation to Tender

Tender Name: Wajir GIS Lab – Supply of Equipment, Installation and Ongoing Support

Tender No: MCK/NBO/004/2019

Location: Nairobi, Kenya

Correspondence Language: English

Back Ground: The idea for The Wajir County GIS lab journey came from the pastoralism and policy workshop for senior County government officials from Wajir in April 2018 in Isiolo. The objective of this and follow on activities is to strengthen the productivity and resilience of pastoralism in the context of Wajir by developing a policy and institutional framework in support of pastoralism.

This was followed by The University of Southampton GeoData Institute training of county technical staff drawn from the relevant departments, local NGOs (partners) as TOTs who participated in a GIS mapping and community consultation field work. This technical team trained as TOTs collected GIS Data into the RADIMA platform using JOSOM technology for all the 30 wards of Wajir County.

This involved using Participatory digital mapping combined with satellite imagery and digital earth and other open source geographic information systems combined with community drawn perception maps capturing the wealth of local Knowledge, build into reference grid to enable their linkage to maps used in formal systems.

It’s at this point that the county team trained on GIS work realized, over the years that development partners have been collecting useful information from the communities only to “disappear” with the information once the projects end, and restart again under new projects. This is not only a waste of time and resources but the elders with the local knowledge are continuously disappearing from the community and this priceless knowledge is being lost.

Mercy Corps under the Building Resilience and Adaptation to Climate Extremes and Disasters (BRACED- X Policy window) a UK Government funded grant in collaboration with International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED), and Technical support from the University of Southampton GeoData Institute would wish to correct this by supporting the Wajir County Government team not only to have the capacity to manipulate the data but be in control of their own data and be able to edit and update whenever they need by setting up the GIS Lab.

Wajir County GIS lab that is capable to deploy a complete, centrally managed and horizontally scalable GIS infrastructure in local area network, to provide comprehensive set of free geospatial software seamlessly integrated in to one easy to use systems in line with County Government Act of developing GIS based spatial plan

GIS lab team will seek to map all grazing land and document them through community led resource mapping activities and further gazette designated areas as protected land for grazing and empower the communities as the key decision makers on matters involving rangelands.

The County government has already built the GIS lab with adequate space within the lands department, the department is already planning to get additional GIS professional staff so that they have dedicated GIS staff for the lab. Mercy Corps under the BRACED project in partnership with Geo data department and International institute for Environment and development is expected to support setting up of the GIS with the appropriate hardware and software to operationalize the facility.

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