Consultant Pediatrician Job in Bungoma, Kenya

Job Vacancy: Consultant Pediatrician

Supervising: N/A

Location: Bungoma

Reporting To: Medical Superintendent

Job Summary: Pediatricians are physicians who diagnose, treat, and help prevent children’s diseases and injuries by working closely with the Medical Officers, other consultants, Pharm technologist, Lab Technologist, Nurses, Community Oral Health Officer, Nutritionist and others in ensuring quality health services to the patients.

They offer clinical and administrative leadership to ensure safe and excellent quality services according to the set Standard Operating Procedures, ethics and professional standards/ requirements.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Examine children regularly to assess their growth and development.
  • Examine patients to assess general physical condition.
  • Treat children who have minor illnesses, acute and chronic health problems, and growth and development concerns.
  • Treat acute illnesses, infections, or injuries.
  • Treat chronic diseases or disorders.
  • Collect, record, and maintain patient information, such as medical history, reports, and examination results.
  • Collect medical information from patients, family members, or other medical professionals.
  • Record patient medical histories.
  • Prescribe or administer treatment, therapy, medication, vaccination, and other specialized medical care to treat or prevent illness, disease, or injury in infants and children.
  • Administer non-intravenous medications.
  • Prescribe treatments or therapies.
  • Prescribe medications.
  • Examine patients or order, perform, and interpret diagnostic tests to obtain information on medical condition and determine diagnosis.
  • Examine patients to assess general physical condition.
  • Order medical diagnostic or clinical tests.
  • Advise patients, parents or guardians, and community members concerning diet, activity, hygiene, and disease prevention.
  • Provide health and wellness advice to patients, program participants, or caregivers.
  • Advise communities or institutions regarding health or safety issues.
  • Explain procedures and discuss test results or prescribed treatments with patients and parents or guardians.
  • Explain medical procedures or test results to patients or family members.
  • Monitor patients’ conditions and progress and reevaluate treatments as necessary.
  • Monitor patient progress or responses to treatments.
  • Plan and execute medical care programs to aid in the mental and physical growth and development of children and adolescents.
  • Design public or employee health programs.
  • Direct and coordinate activities of nurses, students, assistants, specialists, therapists, and other medical staff.
  • Refer patient to medical specialist or other practitioner when necessary.
  • Refer patients to other healthcare practitioners or health facilities.
  • Operate on patients to remove, repair, or improve functioning of diseased or injured body parts and systems.
  • Operate on patients to treat conditions.
  • Conduct research to study anatomy and develop or test medications, treatments, or procedures to prevent or control disease or injury.
  • Conduct research to increase knowledge about medical issues.
  • Provide consulting services to other physicians.
  • Advise medical personnel regarding healthcare issues.
  • Plan, implement, or administer health programs or standards in hospitals, businesses, or communities for prevention or treatment of injury or illness.
  • Prepare government or organizational reports of birth, death, and disease statistics, workforce evaluations, or medical status of individuals.
  • Prepare official health documents or records.
  • Advise patients, parents or guardians and community members concerning diet, activity, hygiene, and disease prevention.
  • Collect, record, and maintain patient information, such as medical history, reports, and examination results.
  • Provide consulting services to other physicians.
  • Any other duties as may be assigned to you by your superiors from time to time.


  • Post Graduate Degree in Pediatrics from a recognized institution.
  • MBChB or its equivalent holding a valid practicing license and retention certificate from The Medical Practitioners and Dentist Board.
  • Valid certification in at least either ATLS, ACLS or BLS certification as applicable.
  • Sound Clinical knowledge.
  • Minimum of 10 years’ experience in a busy hospital.
  • Be able to mobilize and lead response to a patient in a pre- arrest or arrest state, activate the Emergency Response Team and actively participate in techniques of cardiopulmonary resuscitation accurately and effectively.
  • Good communication (written and verbal) skills, including well developed presentation skills
  • Ability to operate equipment used in care delivery.
  • Knowledge of the wide range of medications used in Casualty.

Key Performance Indicators

  • Adherence to standard treatment protocol – 25%
  • Following of scheme rules as per insurance regulations – 25%
  • Client satisfaction index of 95% and above – 15%
  • Conducting at least one training for clinical staff once a month – 15%
  • 100% participation in health committees i.e Mortality, DTC – 10%
  • Patient file documentation to be 100% compliant – 10%

How to Apply:

Qualified Applications (Including details of current salary) should be sent to

Please Note: Due to the large number of applications we receive, we will be able to contact only shortlisted candidates.

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