Curriculum Assessment and Advisory for Life Skills Project in Kakuma

Terms of Reference for Consulting Services

Curriculum Assessment and Advisory for Life Skills Project in Kakuma

Amount: KES 100,000

Start date: 3rd June 2019

Finish date: 28th June 2019

Application deadline: 24th May 2019

1.0 Background

Xavier Project’s vision is for a world where everyone has the right to equal opportunities and protection wherever they live and whatever their background. However this right is often denied to refugees. With equal opportunities and adequate protection refugees will become assets to their communities while living fulfilled and dignified lives.

Through the Enterprise Department, Xavier Project has recently partnered with GIZ to provide basic life skills training to youth in Kakuma Refugee Camp and the surrounding areas in Turkana West sub County.

In addition to existing courses currently taught in Xavier Project’s learning centres , Xavier Project will has developed new teaching courses focusing on building the capacity of management teams in community based organisations (CBOs) to run independent and sustainable income generating activities. These new components will constitute a core element of the collaboration between Xavier Project and GIZ and propose original and innovative methods to better sustain communities beyond project implementation periods.

Therefore Xavier Project is looking to engage an external consultant who can spearhead the assessment, analysis and updating of this curriculum as well as other curriculums developed in order to successfully achieve the overall outcomes of this project.

2.0 Objective of Consultancy

The main objective of the consultancy is for the assessment and analysis of curriculums developed by Xavier Project aimed at:

  • Building the capacity of CBO management teams to run independent and sustainable income generating activities.
  • Training refugees and host community youth in life skills courses and ICT through digital approaches

Furthermore, the consultant shall be expected to present a report with proposed changes to existing content to Xavier Project and to adjust the agreed upon changes into the already developed curriculums.

The consultant shall also be expected to advice on effective teacher training mechanisms as well as monitoring and evaluation parameters for the curriculums.

3.0 Scope and Key Deliverables

The consultant will be expected to deliver a thorough assessment, analysis and update of the existing curriculums based on but not limited to the following criteria:

  • Contextual appropriateness
  • Gender and Inclusivity
  • Language
  • Suitability to persons with learning disabilities and other vulnerabilities
  • Advise and support the digitisation of the created curriculums into digital platforms
  • Advise on suitable monitoring and evaluation mechanisms for the achievements of the desired outcomes
  • Training of trainers

4.0 Methodology of undertaking the assignment

Through expertise knowledge, the consultant may among other methodologies carry out desk research and comparative studies of similar curriculums for the targeted group.

5.0 Time frame

It is envisaged that the consultancy will require a total of one month, however, this is subject to change depending on the scheduled activities and upon consultation with the Client.

The key deliverables must be completed by June 2019 at the latest in order to allow for a period of testing of the materials produced and digitization of the curriculum in the subsequent months.

6.0 Qualifications

  • Academic degree related to education and/or curricula development. Master’s Degree will be added advantage
  • Minimum of five years proven experience in curricula development especially in livelihoods
  • Knowledge of effective methods and approaches to curriculum development
  • Proven experience in developing training material and facilitating trainings
  • Excellent time management skills, with an ability to deliver high-quality outputs on time
  • Knowledge of the targeted areas and ability to analyse the market opportunities in each area

7.0 Reporting

The qualifying consultant will work closely with the Performance and Project Management Team Leader, Enterprise Programme Coordinator and the Enterprise Project Officers for guidance and support.

The project officers will also support in overall content development in order to align this project to the desired outcomes.

The consultant will be expected to continually update the entire team as per the timelines or on request basis through weekly reports and timesheets allocating the time spent on the curricula.

8.0 Logistics

All the logistical costs related to the assignment will be met by the consultant except for travel and accommodation during field work.

9.0 Expression of Interest

In accordance to the desired Terms of Reference and project outcomes above, please send an Expression of Interest consisting of your understanding of the scope of work; your expectations; your relevant experience in the form of a CV attached separately; your cost structure with your specific payment details and a work plan with the detailed schedule of activities together addressed to:

Francis Xavier Project,
Enterprise Department,
P.O.Box 61716 -00200

Email: and CC to

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