Sonographer Job at Ilara Health in Nairobi, Kenya

Job Vacancy: Sonographer at Ilara Health

Location: Nairobi, Kenya

Do you want to have an immense impact in a VC-backed start-up by providing remote sonography services to thousands of primary healthcare clinics in Africa?

Description of role: Ilara Health is seeking a Sonographer to provide remote analysis of obstetric ultrasounds to underserved primary healthcare clinics.

Ilara Health has begun selling new, high quality ultrasound devices with embedded telemedicine capabilities to underserved primary health clinics that struggle to access sonographers on a regular basis.

Thus, Ilara Health will provide basic training to clinical officers (CO’s) in the clinic on how to hold the probe and have a sonographer provide the analysis in real-time.

The role is split into two components:

  • Full time for 2-4 weeks: Join the Ilara Health team in Nairobi full-time to help develop a training for clinical officers and test the operations of remote analysis.
  • Part time / locum thereafter: 1+ days a week of locuming. We are also very open to you joining full-time.

About Ilara Health

We founded Ilara Health to make common diagnostics affordable and accessible to the 500m people in Africa who today struggle to access even simple blood tests.

The problem is that primary care doctors cannot offer many diagnostics in their clinics so must refer patients to labs. But given the infrastructure challenges in Africa (time and money it takes to get anywhere) patients often do not go.

We solve this problem by partnering with companies using robotics and AI to create lower cost diagnostics, integrating their devices into our tech platform, and selling this bundle to doctors with financing.

Doctors can now offer tests directly in their clinic, improving care and growing their revenue.

Ilara Health is live in four clinics in Kenya and is finalizing a $500,000 investment by two VC firms to scale to 70 clinics by the end of 2019, and more beyond that.

Our team


  • Provide assistance (emergency assistance) to all our partner facilities that require remote ultrasound interpretation. You will work with our third party telemedicine solution that will help you to guide health workers (e.g. clinical officers, nurses etc.) to perform a full fledged ultrasound without you personally being present at the facility.
  • Assess new ultrasound devices and technologies provided by the Ilara Health team on the clinical value they can bring to a primary care setting in East Africa.
  • Proactively onboard and train facilities and health workers both on the ground as well as remotely on how to perform high quality ultrasounds.
  • Ensure proper documentation and handling of the administrative work involved in the on-boarding of new facilities.
  • Assess and analyze a Facility’s training needs and recommend training plans/programs to enhance their knowledge and skills.
  • Proactively increase remote ultrasound usage by establishing trust and rapport through personal visits, calls and personalised training sessions.


  • Diploma in Radiology/Sonography (+3 years work experience)
  • Deep knowledge to perform scans using the curvilinear probe: especially OB/GYN and also abdomen, gallbladder etc. Every other area is a plus.
  • Adaptable & comfortable in a complicated and constantly evolving business environment. Fast learner. Willing to contribute in areas beyond formal job description.
  • Willingness to work a variety of hours as the business demands, including occasionally late nights & weekends.
  • Knowledge of healthcare systems in emerging markets and the challenges they present (e.g. cost constraints, human resource constraints)
  • Linguistic capabilities: Swahili, Local dialects, English
  • Ability to clearly absorb and present information to others
  • Familiarity with Office applications (especially Excel) as well as Google Drive, Skype etc.
  • Experience with new diagnostic equipment technologies such as artificial intelligence, telemedicine is a plus

Benefits of working at Ilara Health:

  • At Ilara Health, we are a diverse team of highly energized local and international individuals, committed to listening to the needs of our consumers in peri-urban/rural primary healthcare facilities that do not have access to common diagnostic tests.
  • Every individual from our interns to the company founders contribute to the success of the company in different ways.
  • Every team member at Ilara Health has the same drive and excitement towards achieving the collective goals. Working hard and being creative are synonymous in our start-up ethos.
  • You will have the opportunity to directly/indirectly impact primary healthcare facilities/patients by dramatically improving the quality of healthcare for millions.
  • Competitive salary package based on a fixed and variable component.

How to Apply:

Please submit your resume at and we can set up some time to chat!

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Updated: June 17, 2019 — 5:26 am