Mercy Corps Wajir Community Radio Solar Power Systems Installations Tender

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Tender Name: Wajir Community Radio Solar Power Systems Installations

Tender No: MCK/NBO/005/2019

Location: Nairobi, Kenya

Correspondence Language: English

As part of its climate information services activities under NRM component, BRACED program has been working with Wajir Community Radio, a local radio station whose target is to empower the marginalized and vulnerable members of the pastoralist community who are mostly disadvantaged especially over print material due to their illiteracy in order to enlighten and empower such members of the community with the information they require using a language they understand.

BRACED 1 has invested in the expansion of WCR helping it to achieve a listenership increment from 63% to 82% and reaching part of Marsabit, Isiolo, Mandera and Garissa Counties. This has had a positive impact on the pastoral community who has the radio as their only source of climate information services.

The BRACED-X project is engaging the community radio station in Wajir to develop community radio programmes in local languages related to project activities. The radio programmes are being used to enable public consultation and feedback on project activities carried out on the ground in Wajir: participatory resource mapping and a water governance study.

The radio programmes are a way for the country government to engage with citizens regarding community priorities for water and rangeland development and to feed into ongoing county level policy development on water and rangeland management/governance.

A series of radio programmes (six in total) have already been broadcast on the participatory resource mapping activities carried out across Wajir. The programmes were organised at the sub county level – one each for Wajir East, Wajir West, Wajir South, Wajir North, Tarbaj and Eldas.

Despite it being the only link and information bridge between the pastoral community and the government/duty bearers, the station has been suffering from power outage both at the station and at the transmitter which is located 6KMs from the station.

Occasioned by the frequent tradition of power outage in Wajir and the 2018 burning of the power control room of the KPLC offices, Wajir community Radio is currently unable to continue its broadcast as scheduled. There is abrupt stoppage of information flow which made the listeners to miss vital information including those that are sponsored by the BRACED-X program.

This activity which involve solar power support of Wajir Community Radio is to remedy the situation and put in place an alternative source of power which will also saves cost of paying for electricity which is a burden as the radio has no donor funding and mostly rely on programme production and airing.

Main activity: installation of solar power system for WCR station and WCR transmitter

The role of the Radio In Achievement Of BRACED-X Policy Work.

1. Wajir Radio will produce a transcription from Somali to English of the six radio programmes carried out for the participatory resource mapping. These will be used to inform and validate findings for the knowledge products and Wajir policy workshop. Transcription will be made of the entire programme, including the discussions from the phone-ins.

2. A radio broadcast will be aired by Wajir Radio to share and validate findings of a Water Governance Study led by the County Government water department and supported by Mercy Corps, and IIED. The study was carried out in October 2018 and findings of the study are currently being validated by the water department and other stakeholders in Wajir. The County Chief Officer for Water will take part in the broadcast. A one-hour broadcast will share findings of the report with radio listeners, ask questions to the listeners, and a phone-in will be held with the Chief Officer to answer any questions the listeners have. IIED and Wajir Radio are working together to produce an outline and set of key messages and questions for the programme.

3. Wajir Radio will also produce a transcription of the water governance study broadcast as indicated above. Again, transcription will be made of the entire programme, including the discussions from the phone-

4. Wajir Radio will produce two summaries of the discussions from the radio phone-in debates; one for the resource mapping, and another for the water governance study. The summary will include the main issues raised from the listeners during the debates, giving voice to the range of people that participated – e.g. men and women, pastoralists and non-pastoralists, young and old. Each summary should be approximately 2-4 pages in length

5. Going forward, Wajir community radio will continue the broadcast of climate information services in partnership with Meteorological and all other related departments even after BRACED-X exit to continue giving the pastoral communities the information they need.

Tender Package Available from: 11th June, 2019

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Deadline for Offer Submission: 21st June, 2019 at 5.00pm (EAT)

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Mercy Corps reserves the right to accept or reject any late offers

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