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One Acre Fund

Kenya Print Customer Care and Products Supervisor

Kakamega, Kenya

About One Acre Fund: Founded in 2006, One Acre Fund supplies smallholder farmers with the agricultural services they need to make their farms vastly more productive. We provide quality farm supplies on credit, delivered within walking distance of farmers’ homes, and agricultural training to improve harvests. We measure our success by our ability to make farmers more prosperous: On average, farmers harvest 50 percent more food after working with One Acre Fund.

We are growing quickly. We currently serve more than 800,000 farm families in Eastern and Southern Africa, with more than 7,500 full-time staff, and we aim to serve 1 million farm families by 2020.

Job Description: The Customer Care and Products Supervisor will guide and manage the overall execution of broader print team projects across One Acre Fund Kenya Print regions. This person will work closely with the Print Team Coordinator and requesters to create and implement improvements.

The Customer Care and Products Supervisor will engage on an almost daily basis with the long-term Print team vision and respond by planning accordingly to ensure sustainable progress and holistic improvements in the team capacity.

Specific responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

Major Areas of Responsibility:

  • Leads client landscape assessment to drive improvements in client satisfaction
  • Oversees the entire professional development/training offering for the team
  • Oversees tracking for and reports on all KPIs and OKRs, and supports their execution
  • Acts as the print department gatekeeper.

Primary Role Objectives:

  • Supports the long-term sustainability of the print program
  • Works with the print team coordinator to create improvements to the quality of the Print team’s processes, workflows, and customer interactions
  • Be a driving force for progress on OKRs, key projects, and improvements
  • Undertakes an ongoing assessment of the print team’s work and landscape to surface new ideas which will support sustainable growth and the improvement of work
  • Supports the development of a clearly defined on-boarding process
  • Gathers Key Performance Indicators’ (KPI) data on team performance/workload/requests.

Specific Responsibilities:

Creates new products and policies to drive improvements

  • Create an assessment mechanism for judging the effectiveness of our existing landscape
  • Support the training of the Print Team on any new products/processes/policies
  • Implement regular and ongoing assessment of our products/processes in order to identify weak points and drive continual improvements
  • Support Regional Supervisors and their units to simplify print tasks/execution
  • Work with Regional Supervisors to assess unit performance gaps, needs, and solutions

Leads client landscape assessment to drive improvements in client satisfaction

  • Work with Regional Supervisors and management to assess existing stakeholder needs and to create and implement new methods of client communication
  • Work with management to execute and update a CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) process
  • Analyze each unit’s CSAT results with Regional Supervisors and lead the integration of learning/recommended improvement measures into unit operations
  • Produce quarterly reports for management to outline overall CSAT progress and learning, with support from Regional Supervisors

Oversees the entire professional development / training offering for the team

  • Plan for and lead the creation of an on-boarding process for new hires
  • Work with print team coordinator to create assessment tools linked to the on-boarding process and use to make continual improvements
  • Work with print team coordinator to Plan and support the delivery of training on any new tools/processes/policies
  • Work with Regional Supervisors to identify continued failures to adhere to new process/policies
  • Plan, design and undertake regular assessments of our professional development offering and scope out new elements/improvements for management review

Tracks, assesses and reports on all machine data and oversees machine maintenance

  • Support and assess the progress of the digitization of print materials and deliver regular reports on the expected impact on printer life cycles/print team workload, etc
  • Analyze data gathered from Regional Supervisors on their machines usage rates, performance, breakdown rates and more
  • Design and create machine dashboards from this data, to display key information
  • Use data/dashboards to provide regular summary reports to management
  • Work with Regional Associates to create a consumable ordering process which never sees machines short of/down because of lack of consumables

Oversees tracking for and reports on all KPIs and OKRs, and supports their execution

  • Provides feedback and input to management to help set annual OKRs
  • Assumes a lead role in the work on specific OKRs and sets up mechanisms by which their unit is able to support the achievement of these OKRs
  • Work with the print team coordinator to create and roll-out KPI/OKR tracking tools to Regional / Unit Supervisors
  • Analyze the usage for these tools and provide frequent progress reports to management
  • Work with Regional Supervisors to track and assess their unit’s progress against KPIs
  • Set up and lead regular Unit Associate meetings to drive progress on OKRs/KPIs

Supports the implementation / growth of mechanisms which improve team culture

  • Support the implementation of new mechanisms which management have designed to support improvements in team culture
  • Provide regular feedback to management on the success/failure of these methods within their unit

Career Growth and Development

We have a strong culture of constant learning and we invest in developing our people.

You’ll have weekly check-ins with your manager, access to mentorship and training programs, and regular feedback on your performance.

We hold career reviews every six months, and set aside time to discuss your aspirations and career goals.

You’ll have the opportunity to shape a growing organization and build a rewarding long-term career.


Specific qualifications include, but are not limited to:

  • Certificate/Diploma in relevant field
  • 1-2 years of experience in customer service and print products
  • Specialized training in printing technology
  • Clear communication
  • Exceptional organizational skills
  • Integrity – open and honest with team members
  • Creative – Exercise a high degree of judgment and utilize various strategies regarding project development and the production process
  • Demonstrated ability to solve problems
  • Work Planning
  • Ability to Delegate
  • Organization skills
  • Time management
  • Computer skills; Microsoft Office (Excel, PowerPoint, Word)
  • Keenness to detail
  • Ability to work accurately and methodically under pressure

Application Deadline: 18th July 2019

Preferred Start Date: 2nd September 2019

Job Location: Kakamega, Kenya

Duration: Full-time job.

Sponsor International Candidates: No; Must have existing rights to work in Kenya.

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One Acre Fund never asks candidates to pay any money or pay for tests at any stage of the interview process. Official One Acre Fund emails will always arrive from an address. Please report any suspicious communication here.

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