Mercy Corps Technical Project Manager (Kenya Catalytic Jobs Fund) Job in Kenya

Organization: Mercy Corps Kenya

Project / Program: Kenya Catalytic Jobs Fund

Job Assignment: Technical Project Manager

1. Programme Background

About Kenya Catalytic Jobs Fund: Through the Kenya Catalytic Jobs Fund, the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID) is looking to test and support innovations with the potential to stimulate large-scale job creation.

The Kenya Catalytic Jobs Fund (KCJF) is a 4-year catalytic jobs fund that will, through a mix of technical assistance and grant support, test competitively selected innovations that have potential to unlock market constraints and create jobs, including for the most vulnerable, e.g. people living with disability.

The programme contains a strong emphasis on learning and evidence. It seeks to generate knowledge, data and evidence on ways of addressing barriers to job creation and disseminate findings to relevant stakeholders, including potential investors. Mercy Corps is implementing the pilot phase of the KCJF programme.

About Ten Senses Africa: Ten Senses Africa (TSA) is a social enterprise working directly with nearly 30,000 smallholder farmers to produce and export Organic and Fair Trade macadamia and cashew nuts from Kenya. Ten Senses sources for produce through an outgrower model, processes the sourced nuts in its factory and exports the processed, packaged nuts to foreign markets.

2. Purpose of engagement

Ten Senses Africa has contracted a tech firm to develop a traceability system for its Macadamia supply chain.

The primary functions and target users of the software are as outlined below.

a) Purchasing nuts from outgrowers (farmers): TSA has field officers who transact with farmers in the purchase of nuts, as well as regional officers and regional clerks, all of whom who use mobile software to document transactions of macadamia and other crops. TSA has outgrowers in regions throughout Kenya with corresponding buying centers where purchases are aggregated for transport to the warehouse.

b) Supporting the extension services of agronomists: TSA has agronomists who are assigned to regional buying centers and farmers. These agronomists are primarily in the field conducting visits that ensure quality farm operations and satisfied farmers.

c) Processing of the nuts in the TSA warehouse / production facility: TSA has factory floor supervisors who oversee the transformation of raw shipments into finished products throughout a series of processing stations. TSA’s quality and finance departments also monitor production operations.

d) Administration of each of the above functions: TSA leadership will manage user roles, view data, and use analyses of the data to support operational decisions.

Ten Senses’ engagement with the tech firm is phased into 8 execution steps with the deliverables at each stage itemized below. Success looks like 500+ farmers using the system for their interactions with TSA and relevant TSA staff using the system in their day to day work.

Execution Steps

  • Technical Specification Document
  • Low-Fidelity Prototype of Mobile Application
  • Low-Fidelity Prototype of Dashboard
  • Functional Backened Module
  • Functional Internal Traceability Mobile Application
  • Integrated Blockchain Module
  • Integrated Token Transaction Module
  • Integrated Traceability Platform

Kenya Catalytic Youth Fund is supporting Ten Senses in developing the traceability system by sourcing for a technical project manager to oversee the development of the traceability system.

The primary role of the technical project manager will be to oversee the development of the application, provide quality assurance oversight and ensure that the app development is completed on schedule.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Work with Ten Senses and the contracted tech firm to ensure understanding of all project activities, schedules and deliverables.
  • Manage the execution of the project alongside the contracted firm by ensuring the adherence to timelines, execution of modalities according to plan and completion of deliverables
  • Implement the project with TSA stakeholders against the agreed upon work plan schedule, participate in all project-related meetings within Ten Senses management and with the contracted tech firm, follow-up on action items from project meetings, and update reports to KCJF on a regular basis.
  • Assess and report on mitigation measures for project risks.
  • Recognize problems related to completion of the deliverables and advise on solutions to resolve the challenges.
  • Manage and facilitate information flows between the contracted firm and Ten Senses to ensure timely execution of the app development.
  • Provide hand-on support on the suitable UX/UI design for end-uses and stakeholders
  • Identify the right technology to make sure the business plan is successfully meet the intended objectives.

3. Deliverables:

The key deliverables from the project are:

1. Bi-weekly progress reports on execution of the report that cover progress against laid work plan, deliverables and risk assessment/ mitigation and recommendations to Ten Senses leadership

2. Monitoring reports at the end of each execution stage of the project outlining, among others, challenges in project execution, lessons learnt and recommendations for improvement.

3. A 2-pager style thought leadership document that provides actionable recommendations on best practices around developing tech for agricultural supply chain. The recommendations will inform future decisions at Mercy Corps and even extend to industry-wide recommendations.

4. Application

To apply, provide a brief proposal of no more than 10 pages/ slides containing the following:

  • Qualifications & experience. The ideal consultant’s profile will include:
  1. 4+ years of experience in managing IT project deployments
  2. Academic background in technology and software development
  • Project implementation approach & workplan specifically for piloting the software with field / regional staff and farmers and promoting user adoption.
  • 3 work samples of recently completed project management of a similar nature. Preferred / acceptable samples:
  1. Dashboard or work plan from collaborative, ideally web-based, project management platform
  2. Database schema
  3. Technical architecture chart
  4. UX/UI design: Wireframes, prototype, or working application (mobile or web-based)
  5. Community-based evaluation or impact report for new system adoption in the field (system does not have to be a technical / IT system)
  • Independent verified references preferably with organizations you have worked with
  • Cost budget

Proposals must be sent digitally by 5:00 pm, Monday 26th August 2019 to

Proposals will be evaluated based on the criteria captured in the annex section. Shortlisted companies will be invited for a presentation.

5. Reporting Lines

The consultant shall work under the direct supervision of the Head of Project, Ten Senses Africa with strong liaison with the post investment and learning advisor, Kenya Catalytic Jobs Fund.

6. Ownership and control of work/ publication

Ownership and control of all work products related to this scope of work and partner engagement shall belong to Ten Senses Africa and learning outputs shall belong to Mercy Corps. Any use of material, learnings or publications derived from the work product will require prior written approval from Ten Senses Africa and Mercy Corps.

7. Timeframes and Budgets

Kenya Catalytic Jobs Fund anticipates that the assignment will take up to 3 months. The works shall be executed between 2nd September and 29th November 2019. The total costs of the assignment will be negotiated with the service providers.

Annex: Selection Criteria

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