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Do you believe that companies need better ways to enable their teams to perform?

Do you envision that innovative start-ups and SMEs will create the future?

Would you like to develop and manage talent in alignment to business strategy?

Have you answered yes to all of these?

We are looking for a Recruitment Associate!

Thousands of small and growing businesses are designing innovative solutions to the issues society is facing. Millions of professionals seek a career in which their talent contributes to building something meaningful.

At edge we are passionate about improving business performance through building high-performance teams, ultimately building a “Thank God, it’s Monday” society.

About edge

Since 2005 we have supported young companies in getting their teams right. In 2014 we decided to focus on transformational organizational design that harnesses talents and allows everybody to contribute to the success of the business. Since then we have supported dozens of companies in Kenya in building highly-effective teams.

Our path to becoming the trusted partner for growth-oriented enterprises around talent-related questions, such as putting the right people on the right job, consciously enabling performance, choosing and implementing systems and processes is quickly taking shape

About the roles

We are looking for Associates to join our team to lead and support delivery of our various services to our clients: team diagnostics, introducing transformational tools and ways of collaborating and communicating, enabling management and teamwork, and ensuring our clients get the right talent. The Associates will also help grow edge by supporting internal business processes and product development.

By having you on board, we want to accelerate the roll-out of innovative talent approaches in Kenya and East Africa. These roles is ideal for you if you love the culture and dynamics of small and growing organizations and if you want your analytical and people skills to matter!

We have four different associate roles available!

As Recruitment Associate you will:

Deliver recruitment activities for edge’s clients

  • Capture client needs in-depth. Understand the organization’s context, the required talent profile and the desired user experience of working with edge.
  • Management of edge’s RightHire activities (design tailor-made recruitment processes, create delivery timelines, manage process internally and with client)
  • Leads the RightHire planning stage with the client ensuring all job details are captured, constantly tracks the process and initiates necessary action for effective delivery.
  • Find creative ways of approaching the talent we need. As the team grows you will supervise the targeting associate.
  • Coordinate talent selection process (conduct screening and interviews for best fit candidates). Once the team grows, support and supervise the selection associate.
  • Drive edge talent pool through sourcing talent fit for small growing businesses
  • Constantly innovate around delivering the best value at the price small businesses can afford
  • Conduct consultative sales meetings (not just once) and lead the exploration of profile required and support needed by the client.
  • Responsible for quality management for all the recruitment stages during delivery.

Interested to work with edge in the future?

Here are other roles you can apply for!

As HR Process Design Associate you will:

Co-create and implement talent management processes needed to influence individual and overall company performance positively

  • Moderate strategic conversations with clients to understand desired purpose for each process
  • Create drafts of the required processes and related documents keeping in mind the agile nature of young companies
  • Feedback loop with the management on the processes and documents
  • Enable management to launch the processes internally and guide in first steps of the implementation process (e. g. management trainings)
  • Conduct check-ins to track implementation progress and how well the processes are driving the business goals. Where relevant we can coach the person in charge of HR processes on relevant adjustments
  • Stay updated with industry trends, best case practices and management literature
  • Examples for processes include: Recruitment, Reward & Recognition, Performance Tracking, HR Handbook, L&D strategy

As Organizational Design Associate you will:

Support delivery of human capital diagnostics

  • Collect data through surveys and other means relating to the current and potential state of human capital in the company
  • Conduct interviews with the client’s employees to unearth challenges relating to performance and determine their alignment to company vision
  • Analyse existing processes and structures to understand their impact on performance and identify where lack of process and structure are impacting results
  • Analyze client data and draw conclusions
  • Prepare and present recommendations to the client on unleashing the potential of human capital in the capital and talent strategy in general
  • Where needed support in follow up to ensure implementation of edge recommendations, pull in the required experts within edge to support
  • Ensure excellent user experience
  • Help define Roles & Accountabilities across the client’s company
  • Map external business drivers and create the network of roles required to deliver the company’s objectives
  • Guide the client through a process of defining accountabilities and decision making authorities for each role
  • Assign roles to team members based on disposition (derived from edge drivers mapping tool) and skills
  • Enable company to re-design and re-assign roles in agile ways moving forward
  • Identify recruitment needs and liase within edge for a relevant proposal

As Team Dynamics Associate you will:

Introduce high impact transformation tools to enable dialogue and team collaboration for business efficiency.

  • Design workshop flows for different team sessions
  • Prepare materials for workshops
  • Introduce edge’s performance enabling tools to the clients, for example by facilitating workshops or coaching staff
  • Moderate strategic conversations and mediation meetings that enable teams have deep dialogue to resolve tensions, create agreements on working together
  • Collect and document all output and share with the client
  • Follow up with the teams to ensure implementation of the methodologies and support where there are bottle necks in living the “new ways “
  • Continuously give feedback for further enrichment of our methodologies delivery

Overall all associates are part of driving edge and will be expected to

  • Ensure edge is learning
  • Gather data about the desired experience of all users of our services
  • Collect and analyze customer feedback (interviews, questionnaires, focus groups, events participation, etc.)
  • Compile regular reports and present findings in edge strategic meetings
  • Research potential clients, analyze market trends
  • Support edge’s overall growth
  • Sales and managing client relationships
  • Identify opportunities for cross-selling and synergies between
  • Feed your observations into product design
  • Take care of the wellbeing of the group
  • Support administration and business processes
  • Maintain client database, file and knowledge management
  • Support in budget creation and forecasting

Who we are looking for:

  • You are excited about connecting people with the bigger picture of their organizations
  • You are a keen listener with great ability to “hear beyond the words”
  • You are naturally able to sense issues in a team and what individuals need
  • You have at least 2 years of experience relevant to the role you are applying for, e.g. running recruitment processes or drives (for recruitment associates), facilitated workshops, coached teams or individuals or worked as a learning & development specialist (for team dynamics associates), creating and implementing a variety of HR processes and policies (for HR process design associate)
  • You have a track record of executing tasks in a timely manner and good at meeting deadlines
  • You have a great eye for detail and design, making documents look fantastic with excellent knowledge of English, grammar and style
  • You love collecting data, analyzing and organizing it to show connections and patterns using Excel and PowerPoint
  • You make a difference to people around you and our society
  • You thrive in a start-up environment, where things are constantly changing. You get bored where one month is the same as the next
  • You are happy to organize your work independently; you are resourceful and can create lots of value with small budgets
  • You are curious to explore and innovate around out-of-the-box organizational processes

Why join edge?

  • Because we’re transforming the world of work in Kenya and globally.
  • Experience the start-up world and leave your mark in a young ambitious organization
  • Work in an international team with a high commitment to teamwork and learning
  • You will report to the founders and be included in exciting strategic conversations
  • Join flexible and passionate people that value your talents!


  • Work from our Kilimani office
  • Home office option available, as long as you’re able to collaborate and achieve results virtually
  • It is highly preferred that you have a laptop
  • edge is a young company, be prepared to deliver with limited resources

Want to apply?

Submit your application by filling this survey

Send your CV (max 2 pages!) in PDF format to

File name should start with your first name followed by your surname e. g Anita Miles CV.pdf Only CVs in the right format will be considered

Apply AS SOON as you see this. Selection will take place on a rolling basis

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