Mercy Corps Youth Impact Labs Beneficiary Survey Consultancy in Kenya

Organization: Mercy Corps Kenya

Project / Program: Youth Impact Labs

Assignment: Beneficiary Survey

Proposed survey dates: 01-31/10/2019

Anticipated date for final report submission: 31/10/2019

Number of sampled beneficiaries: 400

Proposed methodology: Telephone Interviews

Donor: Google

Prepared by: Redempta Mwende

1. Programme Background

About Youth Impact Labs

Youth Impact Labs is a three year programme funded by google in both Jordan and Kenya.

The programme has been running from January 2017 and it is anticipated to end in May 2020.

Youth Impact Labs identifies and tests creative, technology-enabled solutions to tackle global youth unemployment, accelerating job creation so every young person has the opportunity for dignified, purposeful work.

Focusing on vulnerable youth ages 15-35, Youth Impact Labs operates in two strategic regional hubs, serving the Middle East and East Africa.

Catalyzed by a generous contribution from, Youth Impact Labs focuses on the three interconnected elements of the labor market system:

  • Supply: Preparing job seekers for market opportunities.
  • Demand: Creating work opportunities by engaging employers and supporting job creation platforms.
  • Ecosystem: Creating an enabling environment that facilitates safe, equitable and decent work opportunities.

This will be achieved by beneficiaries utilizing the new products and services developed by the Partners.

2. Purpose of engagement

Youth Impact Labs is looking for a consultant to support the carrying out of a beneficiary survey to measure the magnitude of change achieved by the beneficiaries as a result of the interventions implemented.

The survey will be administered to measure the following indicator “Percentage of beneficiaries satisfied with services/products offered by tech innovator” and the magnitude of change achieved by the beneficiaries as a result of utilizing the products/services offered by the partners.

More specifically, the engagement seeks to achieve the following objectives:

a) To understand whether YIL’s partners fulfil the needs and desire of the program’s beneficiaries. (Satisfaction survey)

b) To understand how partners can better improve their products to meet the needs of the beneficiaries (users).

c) To understand how partner interventions are changing the lives of the beneficiaries.

d) To understand the extent to which displacement has occurred as a result of the program interventions (Displacement survey).

To achieve the above, the following activities are envisioned:

1. Develop survey methodology/approach

2. Develop customized data collection tools (qualitative and quantitative)

3. Administer the beneficiary survey – Qualitative and quantitative data will be collected through semi-structured interviews administered by a phone call to all beneficiaries. A scale will be used to calculate the average overall response rate to each question. The survey is anticipated to be administered to around 400 beneficiaries.

4. Carry out data analysis of the data collected

5. Develop a comprehensive beneficiary survey report

The survey will be carried out on Youth Impact Labs beneficiaries draw from three different tech partners.

The data collection tools will be customized in line with their business approach as described below:

1. An ecommerce platform and demand logistic network that provides first mile solutions to farmers and last mile fulfillment to consumers. Over 80 farmers have access to the market by connecting them to over 800 households.

2. A gig platform using technology to increase employment opportunities in the informal sector

3. A multi-disciplinary learning accelerator providing young Africans with digital and professional skills training, hence transforming higher education with outcomes-driven curriculum throughout Africa, and enables its graduates to be globally competitive.

3. Deliverables:

The key deliverables from the project are:

– Refined data collection tools (Qualitative and quantitative)

– Database of all the data collected

– Summary of findings from data analysis

– A comprehensive survey report that includes recommendations.

4. Application

  • A cover letter – explaining interest and suitability for the consultancy
  • Expression of Interest (EOI) should not be more than 10 pages and include:
  1. Proposed methodology and approach to data collection, data quality assurance and proposed analysis framework.
  2. Work samples (e.g. data collection tools, reports etc.) that demonstrate evidence working with similar assignments. The ideal candidate should also prove ability to survey respondents of varying literacy level-speak both English and Swahili/ demonstrate ability to design collection tools that fit different demographics.
  3. A proposed work plan that includes proposed dates and intended period covering the key activities (e.g. review of data collection tools, administration of the tools, report writing etc.) taking into account the length of engagement.
  4. A proposed budget that reflects cost and time for the planned activities in line with the length of engagement. Individual consultants to include their daily rates as well.
  • Team structure and brief bios of team members; if applying as a firm/company, include firm/ company profile, registration documents (certificate of registration)
  • CV of consultant and team member(s) – Kindly indicate proposed roles

Interested consultants/ firms are expected to send an expression of interest (Max10 pages) demonstrating their suitability for the tasks, composition of the proposed consultancy team and past experience of similar tasks.

The application should be send to by 5:00pm 24/09/2019.


Proposals will be evaluated on the criteria as captured in the annex section.

5. Reporting Lines

The consultant shall work under the direct supervision of the MEL lead, with strong liaison with the post investment and learning advisor, Youth Impact Labs

6. Ownership and control of work/ publication

Ownership and control of all work products related to this scope of work, partner engagement and learning outputs shall belong to Mercy Corps.

Any use of material, learnings or publications derived from the work product will require prior written approval from Virtual City and Mercy Corps.

7. Timeframes and Budgets

Youth Impact Labs anticipates the consultancy to be completed within 23 working days.

The consultancy is expected to start by 1st Oct and finalized by end of 31st Oct 2019.

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