High School Curriculum Development Consultancy Opportunity in Kenya

Nairobi Waldorf School (NWS)

Request for Proposal: Curriculum Development for High School

Introduction: The Nairobi Waldorf School (NWS) is inviting responses from consultants to develop a high school curriculum, recognized by Kenyan universities, for students with either Waldorf / non- Waldorf Education backgrounds.

Background: The Nairobi Waldorf School (NWS) is among Africa’s oldest Waldorf schools founded in 1992, and has established two campuses in Karen and Lavington. We offer creative kindergarten and primary Waldorf Education for learners in both campuses, and are set to start a high school in the year 2020/2021.

Waldorf Education

Waldorf education was developed at the beginning of the 20th century by Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner. Steiner’s education approach is inspired by his philosophy and teachings, called anthroposophy, and the first Waldorf school was established in 1919 in Germany.

Waldorf education and teaching methods are designed to stimulate and nurture both the academic and creative capacities and abilities of a child. The curriculum nourishes the intellectual growth, physical movement, and artistic interests of learners. Through this, Waldorf cultivates each child’s unique contribution to the future by unfolding of courage, compassion, and knowledge.

The Waldorf approach fosters and empowers a child’s sense of self-discovery. This maximizes the potential for learning, loving, and creating through educating the head, heart, and hands. Waldorf graduates maintain a strong sense of self-confidence combined with academic knowledge and practical skills to meet life and all its possibilities. Currently, there are more than 1,500 Waldorf schools and kindergartens in 50 countries, making Waldorf the fastest growing independent school movement in the world.


Develop a high school curriculum which is suitable for learners with Waldorf / non- Waldorf Education backgrounds and recognised by Kenyan universities.

Specific Objectives

  • Advise on the curriculums recognised by our Kenyan universities, the qualifications and any preference for specific subjects.
  • Provide information on different curriculums offered in the country, including the subjects covered, and compare them with what is offered in our primary and high school.
  • Analyse the Waldorf curriculum and recommend the most suitable curriculum for our high school in relation to what we offer in the primary school.
  • The length of the various curriculums (Number of years taken in high school).
  • Advise on the possibility to create a hybrid high school curriculum that incorporates Waldorf methodologies.
  • Advise on the teacher qualifications and training required to implement the curriculum.
  • Advise on the registration of a Waldorf curriculum which is accepted by Kenyan universities.

Scope of Work

The scope and focus of the assignment is to provide technical and strategic advice for the establishment of the Nairobi Waldorf High school.

This includes:-

  • Curriculum analysis
  • The examination to be undertaken by the high school students
  • Review of the Waldorf Curriculum and establish which curriculum compares to it and the examination sat, is recognized in our Kenyan universities.


  • A high school curriculum that incorporates the Waldorf philosophy and is recognised by our Kenyan universities.
  • An implementation plan and resources framework presented to the Board with input from the High School Task Force.

Submission Guidelines

Interested consultants with a Masters in Education or equivalent, and previous experience in curriculum development for private / international schools, and in-depth knowledge of various curriculum offered in the country, should submit their response to the request and attach the following:-

  • A detailed curriculum vitae with at least 3 references including email and telephone contact by 31st October, 2019
  • A technical proposal outlining the methodology, work plan and duration / timeline for undertaking the proposed assignment
  • A financial proposal with schedule for fee payment

Applications should be sent by email to hr@nairobiwaldorfschool.ac.ke

Clearly indicate “RFP High School Curriculum Development” on the subject line.

All proposals will be reviewed and those who meet the requirements contacted.

Questions about proposal submission should be received at least three days before the deadline and sent to hr@nairobiwaldorfschool.ac.ke

For more information visit our website: www.nairobiwaldorfschool.ac.ke

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