Social Worker and Monitoring and Evaluation Officer Jobs in Siaya County, Kernya

Women in Modern Agriculture – CBO

Project Background:

Women In Modern Agriculture (WIMA-CBO) is implementing a 4 year orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) program in Siaya County – Rarieda sub-county, which seeks to empower local and county-level OVC stakeholders to strengthen the formal and informal HIV, child protection systems and services as well as linkages between them including multi-sectoral service referrals and coordination to ensure quality service delivery to OVC and their Households.

To advance this, WIMA-CBO desires to integrate OVC/HCBC with the ART (AIDS Relief) and other on-going OVC-PEPFAR programs. Ensure that the OVC/VHH integrates agriculture and microfinance to promote food security and improve incomes, Initiate collaborative activities with county partners, including Ministry of Gender, Children & Social Development, Children’s Department and other National organizations as appropriate.
WIMA-CBO wishes to recruit the following:

Position: Social Worker (1 position)

Area of Operation: Siaya County – Rarieda sub-county.

Purpose of the Position: Provide quality, comprehensive OVC support i.e. health, education, psychosocial support, economic opportunity, shelter, nutrition, HIV prevention, Social and legal protection, Economic Strengthening etc. working together with Community health Volunteers.

Major Duties and Responsibilities


  • Conducts needs assessment for individual OVC and recommend necessary care and support.
  • Make referrals and follow up of OVC under support through home and school visits
  • Network with other partners to ensure child welfare, well being and survival in the community
  • Lead and ensure proper distribution of one-time relief services to children in need
  • Work with health department to advice on the social issues affecting child health and recommend a care plan for the necessary therapy
  • Work with vulnerable families and economic empowerment team to assess and advice on social economic needs of the families
  • Maintain child documentation and profiling for all the OVC in the program
  • Manage and maintain a profile of donor funding to individual families in need
  • Assist the households to come up with a quarterly budget and make follow ups to ensure that the households are incurring expenditure as per the stipulated budget.

Communication support

  • Writing a Child Status Progress report on a quarterly basis
  • Developing a school lists for all school going children at all levels
  • Assist in any other communication need between the organization and the OVC
  • Develop and manage a child profiling system.

Child Participation

  • Ensure child participation in special events like; the day of the African Child, world Malaria day, World Aids day, clean up exercises amongst others.
  • Train the OVC on different life skills areas and supervise their progress
  • Identify challenges that the OVC may be experiencing and identify possible solutions.
  • Assist to carry out holistic empowerment of the OVC
  • Ensure all caregivers are registered in Village Savings and Loaning groups where they abide by the groups laws and undergo continuous capacity building.
  • Properly maintain parent/guardian group lists

Internal Administration

  • Writing monthly status reports
  • Complete the home visits records as well as OVC information and submit the same to the supervisor
  • Assist in Coordinating, monitoring and supervising the implementation of OVC activities
  • Write and analyze the field reports before submission to the supervisors
  • Attend meetings whenever called for and participate with opinions and ideas.
  • Actively participate in the Psycho-Social Support, for Orphaned and Vulnerable Children and build the community’s capacity to eventually run the PSS on their own.
  • Any other duties and responsibilities assigned by the supervisor from time to time and which are geared towards achieving the overall goal of home visitation.

Level of education and Professional Qualifications

  • Diploma in any Social Science discipline focused on community development.
  • Must have at least 3 years’ experience working with high number of OVC burdens preferably with USG funded project.
  • Computer skills in Word, Excel and Access.
  • Holder of Valid Motor Cycle Ridding licence
  • High analytical skills.
  • Records Management Training.

Position: Monitoring and Evaluation Officer (M & E) (1 position)

Area of Operation: Siaya County – Rarieda sub-county.

Job Summary

The M&E Officer is responsible for ensuring data quality management, data aggregation, accurate and timely reporting, training staff in data collection tools, and ensuring proper usage and implementation of M&E tools and methodologies.

S/he is also responsible for maintaining the projects databases, running regular reports, and responding to ongoing needs and queries for specific data and/or reports.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Work with provided M&E plan to ensure program activities are tracked, reviewed in line with the overall goal and implementation plan and have the desired impact to achieve program goals and objectives
  • Lead efforts to monitor progress, evaluate effectiveness, and disseminate results of the program activities
  • Ensure program learning agendas are developed and followed
  • Train on and monitor use of monitoring and evaluation tools to track program activities, outcomes and impact
  • Ensure adherence to compliance of M&E methodology and systems using developed tools and indicators
  • Build M&E competencies of program staffs through training and technical assistance to ensure accurate data collection, monitoring, data analysis and interpretation and reporting
  • Provide technical input, supervise and participate in program evaluations including mid-term and end term evaluations.
  • Advise Project Coordinator on M&E-related procedures and policy training activities
  • Meet program M&E deliverables on time.
  • Help ensure quality performance of technical efforts and field activities by coordinating programmatic reporting, quality of data management and information
  • Conduct regular visits to worksites to monitor the development and implementation of M&E activities
  • Support the documentation of program learning throughout the life of the program
  • Manage program databases and run regular reports to monitor progress including Program Tracker.
  • Adhere to and incorporate into day-to-day operations WIMA-CBO office Standards of Professionalism
  • Maintain strict confidentiality of all privileged information regarding both human resources and fiscal matters
  • Assist with any other duties as required by Supervisor
  • The duties listed above are not inclusive of all your duties at WIMA-CBO, WIMA-CBO reserves the right to change and update position descriptions at any time.

Education and Qualifications

Advanced degree in M&E or its equivalent

Skills and Experience

  • Minimum of 4years’ experience in managing and reporting the applications of quantitative and qualitative information management methods of local and international projects
  • Demonstrated experience and capacity in managing information systems and the application of quantitative and qualitative methods
  • Experience with OVC Program funded by USG.
  • HIV prevention programming among young people is a plus
  • Familiar with reporting through KePMS, OLMIS & CPIMS
  • Knowledge of youth appropriate M&E approaches a plus
  • Proven knowledge and experience utilizing applications for the design, monitoring and evaluation of projects
  • Strong computer skills and a working knowledge of statistical software
  • Ability to develop and maintain positive relationships with professional contacts
  • Demonstrate flexibility, cultural sensitivity when working with NGO partners, and the ability to adapt CHF policies and procedures to the local context
  • A person of known integrity
  • Demonstrate the ability to work constructively in a team
  • Superior written and verbal communication skills in both English and Swahili.
  • Ability to interact clearly and effectively with donors and other organizations
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Working Conditions
  • Able to work for long hours on computer.


Knowledge of the local language (Luo) is an added advantage.

If you meet the above requirements, please send your application indicating current and expected salary to THE CEO WIMA-CBO with your daytime contacts (cell phone number) to reach us latest Monday, 18th, November, 2019 COB.

WIMA-CBO, P.O. Box 133-40611 NYILIMA.
Or deliver to WIMA-CBO office along Luanda Kotieno Rd. at Kalandin Centre.

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