Photo Shoot Assistants Jobs in Kenya

Job Advert: Photo Shoot Assistants

Mediatwenty Productions (M20P) is in the process of updating its’ list for photo shoot assistants.

This is not a full time job. Agreement is on a per day basis and when contacted by M20P.

Due to the nature of the work we do during photo shoots, we are looking for male shoot assistants between the ages of 18 – 25 years.

The shoot assistants who qualify will be expected to:

1. Arrive at the shoot at least an hour before or as instructed by the M20P photographer, depending on the job.

2. The shoot assistant will be required to work for a whole day.

3. The assistant will be setting up the shoot as instructed by the M20P photographer. This includes setting up and moving around lighting equipment, posing furniture, computers and laptops.
Carrying the clients and M20P’s crew luggage and equipment will also be part of the job. The M20P / M20P photographer may require other duties that include but are not limited to ordering
lunch and fetching equipment from a rental store.

4. If a recce is required, the assistant will be expected to accompany the M20P Photographer and will be paid for this service.

5. The assistant is expected to be respectful, quick to follow instruction, helpful and self motivated.

6. Once a candidate makes it to the list, M20P will provide the assistant with a more detailed explanation regarding the work and conduct expected while working for M20P.

7. For a day’s work M20P will pay the assistant kshs 1500. If contracted for many days, M20P might negotiate with assistant to pay a bulk fee. M20P will explain this further during the interview.

How to App;y

If you are interested, answer the questions below in your cover letter and send to Wairimu Gitahi at by 28th February 2020.

The title of the email should be: Application for Photo Shoot Assistant Position.

Also attach your CV and copy of your ID.

Questions to be answered on the cover letter

1. Full name:

2. Why are you interested in being shortlisted for this position?

3. Do you have any prior experience?

4. If yes, please describe this experience?

5. If no, please explain why you think you are able to do this job?

Mediatwenty Productions
Ngong Road, Ngong Lane Plaza, 4th Floor, Wing A
P.O.BOX 765 – 00200 Nairobi, Kenya
+254 727721976

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