Training & Development Officer Job at Kenya Orient Life Assurance

Kenya Orient Life Assurance Company Ltd – Ordinary Life and Branches

Job Title: Training & Development Officer – Ordinary life Business

Responsible to: Ordinary Life business & Branches

Directly Reports to: General Manager

Purpose of Position: To monitor and coordinate installation and maintenance of systematic & professional training and recruitment mechanisms that fully, develops and maintain productivity of Agency Force, in order for the Company to achieve its targets in ordinary life business and grow its market share.


Agency Force Recruitment and Training

  • Ensure that agency force (for both TLA and Unit Leaders) training parameters set in the Company – related to Certificate of Proficiency, corporate profile, products, sales cycle, corporate image, markets and market segmentation; competitive intelligence gathering and agency ERP – are implemented.
  • Ensure that agency force (for both TLA and Unit managers) recruitment parameters set in the Company – related to level of education, numeracy, character, age and licensing status – are implemented.
  • Ensure continuous prospecting for and recruitment of TLA to maintain sufficient flow of new recruits, to ensure that the Company operates with the optimal number.
  • Constantly measure and monitor adherence to prescribed TLA/Unit manager profile in recruitment to ensure selection of high caliber TLAs and Unit managers.
  • Ensure that TLAs are well versed and trained in their profession in order to increase sales, maintain the Company’s corporate image and public confidence.
  • Ascertain Agency Force Knowledge and skill gaps, and make recommendations on appropriate training.
  • Develop Agency Force proficiency in a wide range of activities, including data gathering, data analysis, use of the weekly Planner, Diary and Prospect tool, qualifying appointments; coaching and counseling supervising and planning
  • Facilitate registration and preparation of eligible TLAs for the Certificate of Proficiency examinations.
  • Ensure procurement of provisional licenses for eligible TLAs through AKI; facilitate registration of qualifying TLAs by IRA.
  • Regularly provide updates on TLA appointments and resignations/terminations for the AKI agent registry.
  • Develop leadership, team spirit, team loyalty, team building and problem-solving capabilities/skills in the agency network.
  • Promote the use of structured sales presentations, which convey the right ideas, placed in the right sequence, expressed and delivered with the right words and skills, to the right market.
  • Collate training materials, which constitutes the TLAs basic training and orientation manual, to ensure uniformity.
  • Promote and inculcate professional image in TLAs, including dress, manner and the care with which sales materials such as proposals and policy documents are
  • Enforce continuous Agency Force professional training and development program, in line with industry and international standards, which models the Company’s Agency Force.
  • Validate non-productive TLAs/Unit managers/Agency managers within the parameters set by the Company.

Business Development

  • Assist each Head of Agencies and Unit Leaders in achieving set production targets; monitoring persistency and quality of business, and control expenses to ensure that business is produced in a cost-effective manner.
  • Guide field force in market planning so that they can better adapt to the realities of changing markets in their respective areas.
  • Meet established business development and organic growth targets in sales, new business acquisition, renewals and premium income.
  • Check and confirm acquisition from the Agency Force.
  • Identify and study the cause of Unit’s substandard performance and recommend specific action.
  • Identify market opportunities and make recommendations towards development of targeted value-product offerings for viable market segments.
  • Gather information on competitor activities to enable benchmarking in product quality, service and customer retention.
  • Negotiate for check-off facilities to grow private sector and civil service penetration through the agency network.
  • Support check-off function by monitoring adherence to prescribed procedures and tackle problematic cases to ensure high success rates in closing and premium remittance.
  • Recommend and monitor use of modern technology in the agency network to solicit and acquire business: telephony, e-mail, e-commerce etc.

Agency Force Coordination and Support

  • Ensure and promote excellent Agency Force support to enable the Company retain existing TLAs/Leaders, attract new ones and create a competitive edge.
  • Ensure weekly, monthly, quarterly and application of appropriate recruitment and training measures: and provide feedback to the Agencies/Units concerned.
  • Provide weekly, monthly, quarterly performance feedback to Agency Force in especially recruitment and training targets.
  • Handle services related enquiries and complaints on the agency network from the Agency Force, AKI and IRA.
  • Maintain constant/continuous communication with the agency network; ensure it is within prescribed time scales; is customer friendly; and harness head office support.
  • Ensure that the Company transacts business with only licensed, ethical and professional TLAs.
  • Ensure achievement of higher individual TLA production (2 cases a week per TLA; and an activity ratio of 35% in the agency force) and lower turnover in each unit/agency.
  • Maintain retention ratio at 70% by recruiting new TLAs, among other measures.
  • Gather facts and evaluating results in order to build an individual recruitment and training development programs for each Agency/Unit in consultation with the respective leaders.
  • Monitor sales force leaders’ adherence to regular meetings: one-on-one meetings with TLA. Early Bird meetings; weekly Unit meetings to be held at least once every week in the mornings; and monthly Agency general sales meetings held on the 1st Monday of the month.
  • Recommend and implement financing incentives/awards for growing Agency Force recruitment, training and production.
  • Prepare and submit AKI AAYA qualifiers as prescribed.
  • Identify and recommend to management human resources capabilities/talents in the Agency Force who have supervisory potential to be developed and prepared for future leadership appointments.


  • Ensure that the agency network control and monitor computer screen is operational at all times.
  • Ensure that agency system produces recruitment and training status reports.
  • Ensure that the agency system is able to generate quotations.
  • Ensure that the agency system is able to generate production awards and AAYA qualifiers.
  • Provide training and support to Agency network personnel in the agency system.
  • Monitor and report overall systems’ performance and propose improvements on a regular basis.

Management Reports

  • Produce reports and statistics to help monitor, assess and record performance of the Agency Force against set targets.
  • Gather competitive training and recruitment intelligence data and pass on to management.
  • Gather and prepare market intelligence on products and services to facilitate development of new products and services to enhance the Company’s competitive edge.
  • Prepare and submit weekly/monthly/quarterly reports/bulletins in respect of the Agency Force activities for management meeting.
  • Prepare and submit business retention, persistency and portfolio balance reports on the Agency Force for use by management and sales units.
  • Prepare/submit necessary data for commissions processing, follow up, report and ensure prompt payment of commissions to the Agency Force.
  • Prepare/submit necessary data on awards and bonuses to sales force monthly, follow up and ensure payment of the awards to the bona-fide sales force.

Agency Force/Staff Supervision and Administrative Functions

  • Ensure proper delegation of work to agency network leaders, staff and review of work progress.
  • Train Agency Force on work procedures and educating them on Company policies.
  • Hold meetings, discussions, and consultations with Agency Force to ensure that any hindrances to job performance are addressed in good time.
  • Ensure that individual TLA (active) files and historical records are opened and kept in a professional manner.
  • Arbitrate on any conflicts within the Agency Force to ensure harmonious working relationship with one another and with Head Office.
  • Ensure that all working implements/company assets are properly taken care of, including stationery/TLAs in their performance against set targets.
  • Preparing Agency Force Leaders’ leave schedule.
  • Performing any other duties as may be assigned by management.

Qualifications and Experience

  • Minimum academic qualification is University degree from a recognized university
  • 5 years of experience in a similar position.
  • Professional qualification in insurance and any other marketing related field.
  • Previous experience in training and development of insurance agents will be an added advantage.
  • Good presentation and training skills.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in the position and have the required qualifications, skills and experience, kindly CLICK HERE and apply on or before Tuesday, February 11th 2020.

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