Mercy Corps FixChap Tanzania B2B2C Go-to-Market Strategy Consultant

Scope of Work / Terms of Reference

Organization: Mercy Corps Kenya

Project / Program: Youth Impact Labs

Assignment: Development of a B2B2C go-to-market Strategy for FixChap Tanzania

1. Programme Background

About Youth Impact Labs

Catalyzed by funding from, Mercy Corps’ Youth Impact Labs (YIL) identifies and tests creative, technology-enabled solutions to tackle global youth unemployment, accelerating job creation so every young person has the opportunity for dignified, purposeful work.

In East Africa, YIL focuses on digital marketplaces and platforms that offer services to micro and small businesses; agricultural supply chain management; and digital work. The programme supports these enterprises through financial and technical support, issued in the form of milestone-based grants.

Through our post-investment support, on-boarded partners also get access to advisory services to support development of technology solutions and tailored business support service to actualize scale.

About FixChap Ltd

FixChap company ltd is a repair and maintenance company operating in Tanzania providing repair and maintenance services to households through convenient digital channels. FixChap ( a web and mobile App which connects home/office owner’s with vetted handymen around their locations.

The platform leverages on the shared economy model such that handymen are independent contractors and they get engaged at their convenience by switching on the App and be eligible to receive job requests. The matching is automatically done by a unique algorithm which checks for location and rating which drastically reduces our operational costs. It is geared with standard pricing system through which registered handymen use to bill our clients and provide 3 weeks assurance for every service done.

FixChap is looking to extend its offering into the B2B2C line by working with appliance vendors and corporates to handle after sales side of their business be it installation and maintenance to the final consumer.

The right kind of engagement that FixChap looks to establish is with a corporate/vendor selling appliance/devices which need installations and maintenance such as Satellite Tv providers, Air conditioning sellers, Washing Machine etc. The idea is for the corporate/vendor to focus on sales and leverage on FixChap as its after sales partner to handle installations and maintenance services.

2. Purpose of engagement

Youth Impact Labs is looking for a strategy consultant that will review FixChap’s business-to-business (B2B2C) business model and develop a go-to-market strategy.

The engagement seeks to achieve the following objectives:

1. Define the target B2B2C market for FixChap’s offering, including sizing the current and potential market, and identifying high potential growth areas.

2. Define FixChap’s value proposition across its different customer segments per each unique product/service

3. Develop a go-to-market strategy for Savanna Circuit’s existing offering, with a particular focus on B2B2C. The go-to-market strategy that includes a business overview, market overview (defines the target market, size of the addressable market, competitive analysis, and customer segments), marketing approach, sales approach and an implementation plan

4. Develop a set of metrics to be used to measure and track success of the go-to-market strategy

5. Develop a pitchbook/pitch deck for Fix Chap for showcasing to potential clients and investors.

To achieve the above, the following activities are envisioned:

  • Desk review to understand FixChap’s current engagements and operations
  • A field visit/ series of meetings with the FixChap team and relevant stakeholders to better understand the company’s products, services, existing customers and operational processes to have sufficient background information for the exercise.
  • Synthesis of findings from the desk review and interviews, and development of a well-defined and documented go-to-market strategy
  • Handover and documentation of the process, key findings and recommendations.

3. Deliverables:

The key deliverables from the project are:

1. A go-to-market strategy report that details the market problem, addressable market overview, Fix Chap’s offering & value proposition, competitive landscape, business model, marketing & sales strategy and metrics for measuring & tracking success.

2. A ten-page pitch book/pitch deck for Savanna Circuit for pitching to potential clients

4. Application

To apply provide a brief proposal of no more than 10 pages/ slides containing the following:

  • Detailed approach, methodology and work plan
  • Organization structure, team structure and brief bios of team members; for individual consultants, a detailed profile and resume would be sufficient. If applying as a firm, include firm registration documents (certificate of registration)
  • Three work samples of recently completed related assignments e.g. go-to-market strategy report, market research report, pricing strategy report etc.
  • Detailed budget, clearly outlining each cost, the quantity, and the total anticipated project cost

Proposals must be sent digitally by 10:00 A.M. Thursday 19th March 2020 to

Proposals will be evaluated on the criteria as captured in the annex section

5. Reporting Lines

The consultant shall work under the direct supervision of the CEO of FixChap with strong liaison with the post investment and learning advisor, Youth Impact Labs

6. Ownership and control of work/ publication

Ownership and control of all work products related to this scope of work and partner engagement shall belong to FixChap, while learning outputs shall belong to Mercy Corps. Any use of material, learnings or publications derived from the work product will require prior written approval from FixChap and Mercy Corps.

7. Timeframes and Budgets

Kenya Catalytic Jobs Fund anticipates that the assignment will take 25 – 30 working days from the 23rd March 2019.

The total costs of the assignment will be negotiated with the service providers.

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