SoCha LLC Local Accountability Experts Jobs in Nairobi, Kenya

Scope of Work

STTA for Political Economy Analysis of Kenya Health System

Positions: Local Accountability Expert(s)

Activity: Mission Support for Journey to Self-Reliance Pivot (MSP)

Implementer: SoCha LLC

Background: USAID Kenya and East Africa (USAID/KEA) seeks to advance the journey to self-reliance (J2SR) for Kenya and the broader region. To support J2SR, SoCha LLC implements a two-year activity, the Mission Support for Journey to Self-Reliance Pivot (MSP). MSP supports USAID/KEA to understand context, align programs, collect data, understand complexity, and apply learning to program adaptation.

As part of informing the next Country Development Cooperation Strategy (CDCS), USAID/KEA has embarked on conducting a country-level Context and Systems Analysis (CSA), as well as deeper sectoral studies to complement the country-level CSA.

The country-level and sectoral CSAs aim to integrate Thinking and Working Politically (TWP) through applied Political Economy Analysis (PEA) into USAID/KEA processes and programs to ensure its investments have the necessary and sufficient level of local commitment and capacity to expedite Kenya’s Journey to Self-Reliance.

Objectives: The specific objective of this research is to deepen the USAID/KEA Health Population and Nutrition (HPN) office’s appreciation of the status of accountability mechanisms in place in Kenya’s devolved health services. The findings and recommendations emanating from the PEA study will inform USAID/KEA HPN Office’s strategic programming over the next CDCS cycle.

Methodology: USAID’s Thinking and Working Politically through Applied Political Economy Analysis guidance, process and methodology will be employed to conduct this baseline study. CLICK HERE to apply online.

Key Tasks:

  • Pre Field Research: Conduct a Desk / Literature Review
  • Refine core and supporting questions for the fieldwork
  • Identify and schedule interviews and focus groups
  • Conduct a 2-3 day workshop to confirm methodology,and develop research plan
  • Conduct in-brief with key Mission and Embassy leadership and other stakeholders
  • Field Research: Undertake approximately 30-50 key informant interviews with stakeholders
  • Design, organize and carry out Focus Group with key stakeholders involved in accountability mechanisms
  • Determine methodology for triangulation of data from interviews
  • Post field research: Conduct a 1-4 day synthesis workshop to address initial findings, recommendations and implications.
  • Develop a stakeholder mapping and analysis of the discrete interests of key actors.

Deliverables (to be agreed prior to start of PEA):

  • Prepare a powerpoint presentation and agree on final report structure
  • Outbrief on initial findings and next steps
  • Document findings and recommendations in a report not to exceed 20 pages
  • Determine process to regularly update report findings (via CLA or other methodology)

Local Accountability Expert(s): Contribute the desk research (in particular media analysis on health sector accountability), identify key stakeholders to interview; participate in field research and contribute to post field research findings and recommendations.

Local Accountability Expert(s) preferred qualifications:

  • Experience demonstrating knowledge of local accountability (governance) systems in Kenya.
  • Some experience working with development initiatives or programs.
  • At least five years of experience working in Kenya.
  • A Bachelor’s degree.
  • Research skills and experience.
  • Strong written and oral communication skills.

A team of more than one consultant may be selected.

Consultants with the majority of preferred knowledge, skills, and experience are encouraged to apply.

Place of performance: Nairobi, Kenya with travel to multiple counties within Kenya.

Period of performance: March – May 2020.

Reporting: STTA team will report to the MSP Strategy and Programs Advisor.

How to Apply:

Interested candidates must submit their CV by the end of day, Friday March 13, 2020.

CLICK HERE to apply online.

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