ACDI / VOCA Monitoring, Evaluation, Reporting and Learning Manager Job in Nairobi, Kenya

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Based in Washington, D.C., ACDI / VOCA is a nonprofit international development organization that delivers technical and management assistance in agribusiness, financial services, enterprise development, community development and food security in order to promote broad-based economic growth and vibrant civil society.

ACDI / VOCA currently has approximately 49 projects in 30 countries and total revenues of $151 million.

JOB TITLE: Monitoring, Evaluation, Reporting and Learning Manager



LOCATION: Nairobi, Kenya

REPORTS TO: AA1 Chief of Party


JOB SUMMARY: The Monitoring, Evaluation, Reporting and Learning (MERL) Manager will lead all MERL activities the USAID funded Kenya Livestock Market System Activity under Associate Award 1 (AA1) -Expanding and Diversifying Economic Opportunities and reports to the AA1 Chief of Party.

LMS-AA1, led by ACDI/VOCA, facilitates the development of a competitive, inclusive and resilient livestock market system through strategic investments in businesses, while addressing systemic constraints (linkages to markets, intermediary services, finance; extractive business practices, policy constraints) and strengthening institutional capacity of county governments and local organizations.

Within the Livestock Market Systems Activity the AA1 and Strengthening Community Capacities for Resilience and Growth (AA2) Awards work closely together to identify high-potential opportunities for catalyzing market systems change, while enhancing human capita and enabling environments for improved policies, governance and institutions in Turkana, Marsabit, Isiolo, Wajir and Garissa counties.

POSITION SUMMARY: The AA1 MERL Manager will plan and manage the day-to-day operations of AA1 monitoring, evaluation and learning activities. The AA1 MERL manager will be a member of the LMS MEL team under the LMS Leader award and directly report to the Leader/AA1 COP, while receiving support and guidance from the LMS MERL Director.

He/she will contribute to the design and, be responsible for, the implementation of the AA1 AMEL Plan and work in close collaboration with the MERL Director and AA2 MERL Manager.

Key to this position will be

1) management of the AA1 M&E functions that include data collection, analysis, reporting, and knowledge management for learning and promoting accountability in project management and

2) coordination of county-level MERL activities in close coordination with local partners and stakeholders, to ensure/promote collaborating, sharing, reflection and learning on promising practices and approaches for strengthening livestock market systems.

The AA1 MERL Manager will responsible for

1) setting up, managing and ensuring the effective implementation of AA1’s M&E system and

2) championing learning as a critical function of the M&E unit by managing the implementation of learning activities, capturing results, and sharing findings through reports and other avenues (such as organizing review and reflection feedback sessions with broader project stakeholders and market actors).


Project monitoring and evaluation

  • Oversees implementation of AA1 MERL, develop performance monitoring indicators, AMEL Plan, indicators, measures, methods and tools to ensure the collection of reliable, robust and verifiable data on numbers of individuals or households benefiting from AA1 activities – to capture indirect impacts of LMS, and ensure accurate data capture into ACDI/VOCA M&E LEAP system.
  • Establishes and manages, in collaboration with the Senior Market Specialist, A/V HQ and Regional M&E expertise, the AA1 Social Network Analysis tool, incorporating data from LMS beneficiaries, LMS businesses and markets, livestock traders, market actors from 5 LMS counties.
  • Recruits and supervises the work of interns , enumerators, on a need-basis, to assist with Data Quality Assurance (DQA), data collection/analysis, Operational Performance Index measurement for AA1 grantees.
  • Leads data collection efforts in collaboration with key stakeholders to ensure a process of evidence-based learning that improves understanding while strengthening local capacity, institutional development and sustainability of livestock market system activities.
  • Under the direction of the, the Leader/AA1 COP, coordinates with the LMS MERL Director and AA1 program staff to 1) undertake regular, routine monitoring and DQA of program activities, 2) design and oversee assessments/studies/desk review exercises.3) coordinate an end line survey, 4) lead the Annual Results Survey process on behalf of AA1 and 5) conduct collaborative learning and adaption (CLA) activities for AA1, participates in donor led program evaluation (mid -erm) exercises as required by the donor.
  • Ensures data on gender and resource utilization are tracked, monitored, analyzed and reported via the LMS-AA1 M&E system; disaggregate all baseline and monitoring data by sex (and any other level of disaggregation as outlined in the indicator reference sheets) in data collection forms, databases and data collection processes;
  • Works with Leader staff to monitor the impact of AA1 SLI with donor activities, and monitors learning, results, and adaptations using GIS data. Responsible for coordination of PREG layering databases and GIS mapping; coaches and trains PREG partners and LMS on GIS applications and geo-mapping data management.
  • Designs surveys ensuring that appropriate data collection methodologies are used, data quality mechanisms are adhered to, and analyzes data using PowerBI on AA1 LEAP Page. Collaborates with Leader Award and USAID to select LMS-AA1 Performance indicators, document PIRS and to synthesize and analyze M&E data.
  • Manages ongoing data collection process on market actors and end markets in each county, in close consultation with County Teams. Trains LMS staff on survey design, questionnaires and ODK applications to collect, store and analyze data collected.
  • Coordinate with Partners to ensure all project-related data is entered into the AA1 LEAP database on SharePoint with sex and other level of disaggregation to ensure that quarterly and annual reports reflect the same. S/he will ensure that project data are regularly backed up and secured
  • Manages AA1’s annual results survey design and roll-out in all five counties (and NRBI, where necessary); provides strategic advice and support to the drafting and data verification process associated with monthly, quarterly and annual reports for submission to the donor.
  • Develop data quality standards and implement standard operating procedures to mitigate risk. Conduct periodic internal Routine Data Quality Assessments (RDQA) to assess the validity, reliability, integrity and timeliness of reported data and, where necessary, to adjust as per the data audit findings. Ensure accuracy and timely data reporting by working closely with partners and data enumerators by putting in place data collection and management procedures.
  • Manages and designs OPI training/capacity building efforts for LMS grantees in all counties and backstops the AA1 county teams in collecting grantee-specific data (on transactions, volumes, sales, supply networks, full time employment (FTE) creation, training, etc.) for reporting to USAID.
  • Facilitate capacity building of staff, AA1 Partners(BOMA/SRC), grantees and Livestock Market Associations (LMAs) etc. on M&E systems, data collection and understanding of indicators including strengthening the MEL capacity of our partners, particularly of local sub-grantee partners, is important for obtaining high-quality data and facilitating learning. Leads information/coaching sessions at Pause and Reflect events, AA1 meetings, grant review/selection exercises to ensure constant alignment of activities and proposed investments with indicators and targets.
  • Implement routine data quality spot check field visits to check the accuracy of reported data and the correct use of data collection tools. Through these visits, provides informal/refresher training to those involved in data collection. Also, verify all AA1 M&E collected data including provision of dditional documentation for data verification will be added on a case-by-case basis, to assess consistency between the original data and that entered in the database.
  • Recruits and manages Research Assistants and Data Entry clerks in support of surveys and other data collection activities.


  • Directly reports to the Leader/AA1 COP
  • Works in close collaboration with the MERL Director in the preparation and finalization of project performance reports by proving analytical data in line with project performance indicators
  • Reviews AA1 field staff, Nairobi technical team, and implementing partners’ reports and extracts and synthesizes performance data, lessons learned, adaptations for dissemination to AA1/LMS and other audiences, as per Corporate and USAID mandated reports, briefs, updates and plans.


  • Guide the process for identifying key learning questions and parameters for monitoring project performance and comparing with targets and spearhead the overall project learning agenda through quarterly reviews, reflection and planning sessions.
  • In line with AA1’s CLA objectives for CLA, facilitate the project team to document lessons learned through case studies and other methods such as most significant change
  • Provide leadership in sharing lessons learned through workshops, seminars and other forums
  • Promote best practices as well as contribute to regional (Nairobi) and headquarters (Washington) efforts to build effective learning systems as well as contribute to knowledge transfer during communities of practice.

Coordination and compliance

  • Liaise and coordinate with AA1 Partners (SRC/BOMA), AA1 Program staff at ACDI/VOCA, AA2 MEL Manager and ACDI/VOCA’s project management, M&E staff based in the regional office and ACDI/VOCA home office in Washington DC.
  • Coordinate with other stakeholders and organizations working in ACDI/VOCA’s implementation area, to share data management tools, project activity data and lessons learned, as well as to maximize cost effectiveness of data collection, ensure use of existing information and avoid duplication of results tracking.
  • Represent ACDI/VOCA on external M&E-related working groups at USAID, Other PREG partners, task forces, conferences, publications and panels.
  • Ensure compliance with USAID policies and procedures, as well as ACDI/VOCA’s corporate M&E policy and procedures.

The MERL Manager will carry out other roles and responsibilities in accordance with ACDI/VOCA policy and the applicable laws of Kenya.


  • Master’s degree in social sciences, Environmental science, development or any related field, and with relevant training in monitoring and evaluation;
  • Five (5) years’ experience in monitoring and evaluation in complex organizational set-ups, experience working with USAID is strongly preferred.
  • Experience working in arid and semi-arid areas as well as working with pastoral communities
  • Strengths in GIS and design of data collection tools
  • Fluency in English is required

To Apply:

Please submit a resume to no later than March 25, 2020.

In the subject line, please include the position title.

Resume and all associated application documents shall be provided as a single attachment in and list long-term employment history and any relevant short-term consulting work.

Due to the high volume of applications we are not able to respond to inquiries via phone.

Only those candidates considered for an interview will be contacted.

ACDI/VOCA is an equal opportunity employer.

Women, minorities and people from diverse groups are encouraged to apply. EOE

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