FSD Africa Portfolio Risk Manager Job in Nairobi, Kenya

FSD Africa

Portfolio Risk Manager

Nairobi, Kenya

About FSD Africa: FSD Africa is a specialist development agency working to reduce poverty by strengthening financial markets across sub-Saharan Africa.

Based in Nairobi, FSD Africa’s team of financial sector experts work alongside governments, business leaders, regulators and policy makers to design and build ambitious programmes that make financial markets work better for everyone.

Established in 2012, FSD Africa is funded by UK aid from the UK government.

Visit www.fsdafrica.org for more information.


The Portfolio Risk Manager (PRM) will conduct the risk analysis on FSD Africa investments pre and post transactions close.

During the investment preparation, the PRM will work with the investment deal team to review the investment opportunities, from a risk perspective. Risk is understood to encompass the risks that FSD Africa investments has zero tolerance for (i.e. promotor, reputation, financial and operational) but also the risk that FSD Africa is designed to take with regards to its investment mandate of financing un-proven and risky models that have a potential to transform financial markets.

These risks might include novelty, technology, regulatory, pre-ebidta, and market/country risks.

Further the PRM will need to review each investments, post deal close, analysing and reporting on the financial, operational, reputational and market related risks, as well as strategic investment risk, and recommending and implementing the mitigating actions.


1. Risk review of Investment proposals

The PRM will be responsible for:

  • Risk analysis of investments at the screening and investment proposal stage.
  • While the transaction team lead by the IM will analyse the merits of the investment and proposed terms of the transaction with the FSD Africa investment mandate lens, the PRM will review the investments applying a risk lens as defined in FSD Africa investment’s enterprise risk framework, as well as the FSD Africa investment’s risk appetite framework.
  • Prepare the risk analysis for investment proposals.

2. Deal Close

  • The PRM will work with the IMs in deal close documentation identifying any risk matters regarding the deal terms and addressing them prior to CIO signing the final documentation.
  • These risks include financial structuring and legal documentation, financial accounting, AML/CFT, and KYC risks.

3. Investment Policies

  • The PRM will be responsible for execution and compliance of FSD Africa investment’s Risk policy and guidelines (contributing to improving these) including ESG and Gender Diversity considerations, as well as Safeguarding.

4. Portfolio risk monitoring

  • The PRM has responsibility for compliance, reporting and actions thereof on the range of investment and financial risks in the portfolio. The PRM will conduct a quarterly review of the investments with a risk lens.
  • While the IAS (reporting to the IM) is responsible for monitoring the financial, business and theory of change performance of investees, and execution of post deal actions on ESG, Gender Diversity and Safeguarding, the PRM will work with the IAS, preparing the overall risk review, as well as defining any actions to address risk, and taking responsibility for execution of these actions.

5. FSD Africa risk reporting

  • The PRM will prepare quarterly risk reports on the portfolio, complimenting the valuation and quarterly portfolio reports.
  • Further, the PRM will engage with the CFO to report to the Finance, Audit and Risk Committee on FSD Africa investments matters.

6. Team engagement

  • Engage and work with IM as well as IAS and IA, ensuring efficient use of staff and financial resources.
  • Show initiative in continuing to improve and build on operational processes and procedures, reporting, and team engagement. Deliver tasks in a timely manner.

Carry out any other duties or special assignments as assigned by the Management.


Qualifications and Education

  • Good quality bachelor’s degree from a recognised university pertinent to the field of finance, risk, accounting, and project risk management.
  • Relevant post graduate qualifications or comparable work experience in finance, company/investment/financial risk, accounting, and project risk management.
  • Excellent skills in written and spoken English

Essential Experience, Knowledge and Skills

  • At least 12 years of specific experience with senior level positions, on financial, investment and project risk management, working in a global environment across multiple countries and institutions, including in Africa.
  • Demonstrated track record of rigorous financial, investment, and project risk management skills and achievement of results
  • Demonstrated leadership and ability to manage risk of a projected portfolio of GBP £100 million.


  • Experience of working in a multi-cultural environment
  • Previous experience of working in DFID-funded projects
  • Languages: French, local African languages

How to Apply

CLICK HERE to apply online.

Application Deadline: 13 April, 2020

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