Child Protection Project Manager Job in Dadaab, Kenya – Terre des hommes (Tdh)

Terre des hommes (Tdh)

Job title: Child Protection Project Manager

Function: Manager

Categories: Management

Reports to

  • (Hierarchically): Dadaab Field Coordinator
  • (Functionally): Head of Programs

Location: Dadaab, Garissa County

Number of positions to be filled: 1 (One)

Number of subordinates: 0

Organizational Background: Terre des hommes (Tdh) launched its activities in Kenya in January 2011.

Tdh provides support to children in Dadaab refugee camp and in Korogocho slums.

In response to the Dadaab Refugee protracted crisis, Tdh projects deliver child protection interventions and support to children in alternative care arrangements, provisions of case management and psychosocial services to vulnerable children, strengthening community-based structures as well as building advocacy efforts on child protection issues.

Key Responsibilities:

The Dadaab Child Protection Project Manager oversees the implementation and supervision of the Child Protection project in Dadaab under the supervision of the Dadaab Field Coordinator.

S/he is expected to deliver the project funded by ECHO with quality, on time, on budget and with compliance.

He/she is supported by the Dadaab Field Coordinator with the aim of reinforcing and building of the child protection team and the community capacities through a progressive delegation of responsibilities.

Supports and supervises the ECHO funded Child Protection project team in charge of the CP activities.

He/she works in line with the Tdh Child Protection Policy and the CP project strategy defined for the Dadaab Refugee Camps intervention.

He/she works closely and in coordination with the governmental and non-governmental agencies, daily to develop and monitor the CP projects.

He/she works with all relevant authorities at district and community level (civil, religious, police and all other services) for a better implementation, acceptance and ownership in improving the conditions to protect children.

He/she will conduct his or her duties in respect of the Charter of Terre des hommes and the Tdh Child Protection Policy.

Terre des hommes expects that its contractors’ professional conduct reflects proper behaviour in accordance with local culture and traditions. The incumbent assures the moral protection of the name of Terre des hommes and
defends in all circumstances the interests of the movement.

Tdh intervenes without any affiliation for politics, religion or financial profit. He/she will direct his or her activities and engagements without preoccupation of political, racial or religious affiliation. He/she commits to observe
discretion on any information related to the organisation functioning and beneficiary related issues.

Specific Responsibilities

Line Management

  • Daily supervision of ECHO funded child protection project team members in Dadaab.
  • Ensures that Tdh staff is working in line with Tdh policies and standards.
  • Participates in Tdh CP team recruitment and revision of job descriptions.
  • Ensures the team has a clear understanding of the Tdh CP mandate, projects and donor requirements.
  • Reports incidents and difficulties encountered with any Tdh CP staff members to the Dadaab Field Coordinator.
  • Takes lead in performance evaluations of the Tdh CP team in collaboration with the Dadaab Field Coordinator.
  • Organises and leads Bi-weekly team meetings and provides weekly program update to Dadaab Field Coordinator.

Project Management

  • Develop and implement the ECHO funded Child Protection project in Dadaab refugee camps in accordance with multiple objectives, activities and targets outlined within current donor proposals and in line with projects’ budgets.
  • Develops project start up prioritizing on activities and procurement. Prepare and launch the purchase plan, M&E plan and detailed implementation plan for each project.
  • Ensure that activities are appropriately monitored and evaluated and proposes when deemed necessary, amendments to the child protection strategy, in consultation with the Field Coordinator.
  • Conduct regular assessment of the Child Protection project and activities’ impact.
  • In collaboration with the Field Coordinator forecast and follows up on expenditures related to the Child Protection project including the preparation of cash advance requests on a monthly basis and the correct use of the administration forms.
  • Lead in budget revision exercises.
  • Prepares timely purchase requests in line with project workplans.
  • Supports required actions by the administration related to protection team management and supervision.
  • Identifies administration support needs related to the CP project in Dadaab and communicates these to the Field Coordinator and relevant administration support person.
  • Participates in the development of a case management system, ensures qualitative implementation in Hagadera refugee camp and identifies needs for improvement.
  • In a participatory manner coordinates the identification, mobilization and training of community members and other actors to encourage their participation in different aspects of the project implementation and development.
  • In coordination with the Field Coordinator, reinforce the referral system and maintain regular liaison with resource agencies in Dadaab (police, medical staff, local and international NGOs, Sub-county Children Officer, education partners, etc.) to promote and maintain a healthy and productive relationship with Tdh.
  • Ensure the CP team involves the community, where appropriate, in the protection processes of children in particular need of help.
  • Develop and coordinate awareness activities in close consultation with local authorities, communities and other stakeholders on Child Rights topics together with the CP team.
  • Coordinates the capacity building support to the CP team, relevant local authorities, and agencies operating in Dadaab and host community as required by the project.
  • Coordinates the capacity building of CORPs, both working for Tdh and other agencies, on Child Rights and Child Protection.
  • Provide technical support to CP team members as needed.
  • Develop capacity building plans for CP team members.

Project Strategy and planning

  • In collaboration with the Field Coordinator participates in designing strategies and objectives for improved support to beneficiaries and contribute actively in its monitoring, evaluation and revision
  • Participates in CP assessments.
  • Participate in the review of the strategy for Tdh in Kenya if requested.
  • Guarantees that the strategy of the CP project is implemented, effectively and timely, with relevant authorities and in support to the Tdh CP team.

Monitoring and evaluation

  • With the support of M&E department and Head of Programs, prepare the PFU for each project and develops the M&E plan.
  • Guide and supervise the devolvement of M&E tools for a correct and accurate measurement of the indicators.
  • Ensure that data needed to inform indicators is available and analysed for reporting purposes.
  • Closely follows the M&E plan in collaboration with M&E department.
  • Ensures that all data bases needed to manage project related information are in place and correctly operating.
  • Organises and supports a base line survey and evaluation of the CP project in collaboration with the Tdh CP team, the Sub-County Children Office, relevant actors and ensures community participation.
  • Works with the Monitoring and Evaluation Officer in the implementation of the database tools and field testing of the tools.
  • Ensures correct data protection procedures and filing.

Human Resources Management

  • Daily supervision of Tdh child protection team members in Dadaab.
  • Participates in the development of accurate job descriptions as necessary for the Child Protection project team, in coordination with the Field Coordinator.
  • Participates in Tdh CP team recruitment and revision of job descriptions and assists in recruitment efforts through planning and interviewing of candidates.
  • Ensures the team has a clear understanding of the Tdh CP mandate and project in Dadaab.
  • Takes lead in performance evaluations of the Tdh CP team in collaboration with the Field Coordinator.
  • Organises and leads weekly team meetings and provides weekly program update and movement plan to Field Coordinator.
  • Lead and manage staff, encouraging effective teamwork and providing supervision and guidance, including regular and constructive feedback.
  • Reports incidents and difficulties encountered with any Tdh CP staff members to the Field Coordinator.
  • Ensure regular performance appraisals of directly supervised staff, encourage personal development plans, and assist in the identification of training needs.
  • In collaboration with the HR, assure the planning of annual leave and any other leaves allowed the Dadaab staff.


  • Works in close collaboration and consultation with the Field Coordinator.
  • Coordinates with other sectors in Dadaab to ensure implementation of standardised activities.
  • Works in close collaboration and consultation with available government structures, non-government actors and community representatives in Dadaab.
  • Participates in Child Protection Working Group Meetings and other CP technical meetings.
  • Coordinate with other departments (programme and support) as necessary.


  • Represents Tdh in all forums and meetings held at community and location level.
  • Represents Tdh during media or donor missions if requested by Field Coordinator.
  • Develops a network to facilitate the project acceptance and stake holder’s contribution and ownership.


  • Provides a compiled weekly meeting minutes report to the Field Coordinator including movement plan.
  • Ensures a monthly data analysis report is submitted to the Field Coordinator and Head of Programs after every month.
  • Provides requested support to Field Coordinator in development of monthly report.
  • Ensures that all donor requirements and deadlines are respected in terms of quality and timeliness.
  • Ensure all the data and information related to indicators is available and accurate.
  • Upon completion of the assignment, submits detailed handover notes.

Abuse Prevention Policy – Operational Risk Management

  • Commit to respect Tdh Risk Management Policies including: Code of Conduct, Child Safeguarding Policy, Safety and Security Policy and Anti-Fraud/Corruption Policy, Whistle Blowing Policy.
  • Comply with Tdh Security Regulations
  • Commit to ensure the best implementation possible of the Tdh Risk Management Policies
  • Commit to inform supervisors and to deal with any cases, allegations, or possibility of transgression, even potential, of the Tdh Risk Management Policies.

Application Modalities:

Interested candidates who meet the criteria above are encouraged to send their applications letter and detailed CVs to

Candidates are required to indicate the position title on the subject line of the email when applying.

Kindly note only applications sent to this email address will be considered.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

Locals and female candidates are encouraged to apply.

Closing date for the application of this position is 29 May, 2020.

Tdh’s recruitment and selection procedures reflect our commitment to protect children’s rights, which includes the prevention of all forms of child abuse.

Tdh is an equal opportunity employer

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Updated: May 18, 2020 — 8:26 am