SOS Children’s Villages Kenya Tree Valuation Consultancy Opportunity

SOS Children’s Villages Kenya

Tree Valuation Consultancy

Terms of Reference

1. Background:

SOS Children’s Villages Kenya (SOS CV KE) is a locally rooted, independent non-governmental social development organization affiliated to SOS Children’s Villages International, working in the spirit of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. SOS CV Kenya is governed by an independent Board of Trustees, working closely with line Ministries in the Government of the Republic of Kenya and the SOS CV International East Africa Regional Office.

SOS Children’s Villages Kenya mission is to build families for children in need, help them shape their future and share in the development of their communities.

The Vision of the organization is that “every child belongs to a family and grows with love, respect and security”.

The SOS facilities comprise of SOS Children’s Villages, Herman Gmeiner Primary Schools, Herman Gmeiner Secondary School, Medical Centers / Family Strengthening Programes and a Technical Training Institute.

2. Objectives of the Assignment

SOS CV Kenya has a eucalyptus tree plantation in its facility in Eldoret, consisting of about 350 mature trees.

The trees were planted over 25 years ago and are located within the SOS CV property.

The ageing trees have become a hazard and risk to our students, staff and visitors and property in the vicinity with their increasing risk of falling off. For this reason and given the trees are already mature and attained their possible full financial value, SOS Kenya CV has decided to cut off and dispose the trees.

We are seeking a consultant with a forestry or environmental science back ground to help us value all the trees in the plantation that will inform the reserve price as we dispose them off by way of sell to interested buyers.

3. Scope of Work and Deliverables

The scope of this assignment comprises the following:

Individual Trees valuation: The consultant will physically check each and every single tree within the plantation and put a financial value to them.

The value should correspond to the average market valuation of trees in the location and should follow applicable industry standards / guidelines.


  • A report indicating the valuation of each tree and its unique identifier and estimate location within the plantation, and a subsequent total valuation of the plantation.
  • An annex to the above report with a brief of the risk assessment of the intended deforestation on site, including regulatory aspects that SOS Kenya needs to take note of, and possible mitigating factors.

Trees marking and unique identification

Upon valuing the trees, the consultant will develop and print cards and affix them to the individual trees, clearly indicating the value of the tree in Kenya Shillings and an identifier to the tree e.g. numerical number. A corresponding excel report should also be produced with this valuation and identification of the trees.


  • Tree value cards and affixed to all the trees. The cards should indicate the tree unique identification and value.

4. Duration of Assignment

The exercise is expected to take a maximum of 5 working days upon signing of consultancy agreement.

5. Evaluation Criteria / Required Qualifications

6. Submission

Please submit your proposals online to not later than 27th May, 2020 1200 noon; with the subject line indicating: “Tree valuation consultancy.”

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