Warehouse / Stores Manager Job in Kenya

Job Vacancy: Warehouse / Stores Manager

This job vacancy is placed by Fanisi HR Solutions.

Our client in manufacturing is looking for a Stores Manager.

The Stores Manager will be responsible for ordering, receiving, storing, tracking, disbursing, and reconciling all supplies and stock. Liaising closely with Procurement and Production, he/she will place orders and receive supplies.

He/she will supervise a team of Stores Assistants to ensure an efficient and effective system of ordering and tracking stock is maintained.

The right candidate has a track record of quality management, excellent record keeping and stock reconciliation.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Issue raw material to and receive finished products from production
  • Monitor and record stock levels
  • Record products, raw materials, and packaging movement
  • Strictly and efficiently observe the FIFO policy
  • Receive and inspect deliveries to ensure they meet expected specifications
  • Ensure that stock movement is monitored and the stocks balance at all times
  • Manage stocks levels to ensure there are no shortages
  • Keep track of slow-moving items and take proper action
  • Keep an accurate record of stock movement and prepare an analysis
  • Ensure proper storage procedures are followed always
  • Liaise with production department on internal order placement
  • Please orders to suppliers through the procurement department
  • Ensure that raw materials received are properly matched with respective L.P.O, pack list or delivery notes
  • Establish the right stock levels for all the products or raw material to avoid overstocking or under stocking
  • Prevent theft or pilferage by maintaining proper and effective checks
  • Lead a team of stores assistants
  • Prepare reports for management

Person’s Specifications

  • Excellent understanding of inventory management systems
  • Ability to create and implement processes and policies
  • At least 3 years’ experience as a Stores Supervisor or above
  • A degree or higher Diploma is Supplies Management or equivalent
  • Any degree with specific experience in inventory management will be considered
  • Strong management skills
  • Very keen attention to detail
  • Ability to prepare clear reports and maintain records
  • A confident communicator
  • Firm and decisive
  • Neat and orderly
  • Time conscious

How to Apply

If interested and qualified, please send your CV to jobs@fanisi.net by 4pm Friday 22nd May 2020.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

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