HENNET Strategic Planning (2020-2025) Consultancy in Kenya

Health NGOs Network (HENNET)

Terms of Reference

HENNET Strategic Planning 2020-2025

Overview: This document represents the terms of reference for the engagement of a facilitator in the areas of strategic planning for the Health NGOs Network (HENNET).

HENNET was founded in 2005 to fill a long standing gap in the health sector for coordination and networking among health related CSOs.

HENNET was thus set up as a forum for collaborations, sharing of experiences and advocacy for CSOs dealing with health issues.

HENNET brings together different health oriented CSOs with different interests, but all having a common vision of a “Healthy Kenyan Society”.

HENNET is governed by a board as defined by the networks constitution and governance manual.

The organizational and managerial support needed for the implementation of the networks strategic plan rests with the HENNET secretariat and the Board, with the support of members organization comprising of National and International Non-Governmental Organizations, Faith Based Organizations, NGO Networks and Company Based Networks as well as ex officio members including Government Institutions, Development Partners, Medical
Universities and Research Institutions.

HENNET Vision – A healthy Kenyan Society

HENNET Mission – To stimulate linkages and strategic partnerships among health NGOs, government and private sector in order to enhance their responses towards health needs of Kenyans.

HENNET seeks to contract a facilitator to: Review the last strategic plan and support in the development of a new strategic plan for the next four years 2020 – 2025.


1. To facilitate the review the last strategic plan identifying successes achieved to build on for the next strategic plan and strategic areas which need revision.

2. To facilitate a situation analysis of current programs and activities and identify the cause and effect of any underlying problems and areas which need improvement.

3. To participate in consultation forums with board of directors, secretariat, development partners, Ministry of Health and other key stakeholders to understand the current status and lessons learned from the implementation of the last strategic plan and way forward.

4. To facilitate review of the vision and mission status, the critical success factors, strategic focus areas, goals and objectives for the strategic plan 2020-2025.

5. To develop and document a strategic planning report, which will provide a framework for setting goals, defining key actions and mobilizing resources to fund program activities that will achieve agreed goals.

Rational behind the engagement

There are major changes in the health care systems as a result of the devolution, change from millennium goals to sustainable development goals, new health priorities such as non-communicable diseases and reproductive, maternal, neonatal, child and adolescent health, community health strategy and focus on Universal Health Coverage, domestic resource mobilization for health financing and Vision 2030.

Expected roles of HENNET and criteria for engagement:

  • Interest and commitment from the HENNET secretariat and HENNET Board of Directors
  • Avail the necessary documentation for literature review
  • Committed and allocated Secretariat and Board Members time to participate in Key Informant Interviews and Workshops
  • Support the logistics of workshops and meetings with Board Members, HENNET Members, MoH officials and Development Partners and contacts and appointments for individual interviews.
  • Engagement and feedback during the development of a final strategic planning report
  • Final printing of the strategic planning report


The engagement will start in June, 2020 and will be completed by August of 2020.

Facilitator should consider in the planning the possibility of having the following workshops.

  • 2 days with Board of Directors and secretariat
  • 1 day with HENNET Members
  • 1⁄2 day with Development Partners in Health
  • 1⁄2 day with Ministry of Health Officials

Expected outputs

1. A report of the review of the last strategic plan

2. A final HENNET strategic plan 2020-2025 ready for printing

Expression of Interest:

Interested candidates should submit the following;

  • A capacity statement indicating relevant qualification, skills, experience strategic plan development; particularly for the health and advocacy organizations also povide full details of three referees.
  • Curriculum Vitae of at least two facilitatorfacilitators/ relevant with vast experince in strategic plan development
  • A firm with a minimum of 5 years’ experience in conducting similar tasks
  • Copy of registration certificate and KRA PIN number for the firm.
  • Attach a detailed proposal and work plan on how you plan to undertake the work, duration in terms of quarters, month(s) and dates. The firm must include a broken down cost analysis indicating the professional fee and any other costs that you will need for this work.

Kindly submit your requirements by: June 12th/06/2020 by 5:00 PM.

Responses and queries should be sent by email to director@hennet.or.ke and copy admin@hennet.or.ke

The shortlisted candidates shall be notified.

The successful firm should be prepared to start work immediately

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