Consultant to Document Médecins du Monde’s Activities of the Kenya Harm Reduction Program




Deadline for submission of proposals: July 3rd, 2020



Médecins du Monde (MdM) is an international solidarity association which has a mission to cure the most vulnerable populations who are living in situations of crisis and exclusion throughout France and the world.


MdM harm reduction programme in Kenya was established in 2013 to combat HIV and viral hepatitis among people who inject drugs (PWID) in Nairobi county, Dagoretti and Westlands sub-counties – in partnership with Ministry of Health under NASCOP Key Populations Program and Nairobi City County Health Management Team.

HIV prevalence among PWID is about 18.7%, which informed the establishment of programs responsive to their unique needs to halt HIV infections. PWID are also disproportionately affected by hepatitis C, mostly due to the sharing of needles and syringes.

In this context, the program objective is to reduce mortality and morbidity related to HIV and viral hepatis (B and C) among PWID.

First, MdM implemented through a static site known as drop-in centre to provide safe space for people who use drugs in addition to other services; as well as through daily outreaches to drug using sites.

Services offered included: information and behaviour change communication, viral hepatitis screening, vaccination and treatment, HIV testing and linkage to care, overdose prevention and management, needles and syringe program, linkage and follow-up to opioid substitution therapy, promotion of human rights, fighting criminalization and preventing violence and socio-economic reintegration.

At the drop-in centre, hygiene and nutritional services were offered in addition to medical services. In January 2020, MdM’s drop-in centre was transferred to the Kenyan organisation SAPTA.

In August 2019, MdM started the first pilot project to integrate harm reduction interventions (HR) into a public health facility in Nairobi. As of June 2020, Westland health centre has been providing HR services to people who use drugs (PWUD) for one year.

MdM started planning the integration of HR services in 2 more health facilities within Nairobi county, but this was delayed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

As per the 2020 strategy, the mission will close on July 30th, operationally and administratively. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic some activities have been delayed, especially some directly related to the integration of Harm Reduction services in the public health facilities.

Therefore, a consultant is needed to finalize MdM pending activities and documents that MdM committed to towards the authorities.


MdM is looking for a consultant to ensure the completion of all pending program activities of the Kenya harm reduction project after the close of the mission in the end of July 2020.

The consultant will be expected to do the following:

1) Conduct and disseminate the end term evaluation of the integration of harm reduction services at Westland health centre (as per the End term evaluation specific ToR)

  • This will include the preparation, field work (data collection and analysis) and writing up of a report as well as the organization of 2 major dissemination sessions to county and subcounty HMT. These meetings will target a total of 40 participants (20 sub-county and 20 county).

2) Finalize and disseminate the integration handbook

  • As part of its tasks, the consultant will finalize the integration handbook that has been started by MdM team before the closure of the mission. Finalization will require organizing 2 review meetings as well as editing, formatting, and printing. The handbook will have to be validated by MdM before dissemination. The dissemination of the handbook will be organized through 2 sessions to key stakeholders: County KP Technical working group and National KP technical working group. The target is to ride on national technical working group to disseminate to all partners and MoH.

3) Reinforce the integration of harm reduction services in public health centres

This will consist in:

  • Maintaining support and follow-up of the integration of harm reduction services at Westland health centre through participation to meetings (MdM can participate but no more funding for follow-up meetings).
  • Technically supporting Starehe sub-county in setting up integration of harm reduction services in 2 public health facilities (Casino and Lagos road).
  • Support CMEs and OJT for health care workers in Lagos road dispensary and Casino Health centre

4) Supervise the development and organize the dissemination of a documentary work on MdM’s Kenya harm reduction project

  • As MdM’s harm reduction project is planned to close by July 2020, a capitalisation video of the project will be done to present this pilots project (focusing on the pilot hepatitis treatment of the program and the integration project). The consultant will be in charge of supervising the development of the work and organize the dissemination through distributing copies to stakeholders (no major dissemination plan). This documentary work will have to be in line with MdM brand identity, existing MdM video work, and will have to be validated by MdM before dissemination.

5) Representation of MdM

  • The consultant will represent MdM in stakeholder forums and meetings that will be agreed with the General Coordinator. Also, the consultant will participate, on behalf of MdM, in the Global Fund grant proposal writing that started on June and that will be finalized by end of August.

6) Monitoring and reporting and other duties

  • The consultant will ensure regular monitoring/surveillance of the harm reduction situation in Kenya and will be in charge of donor reporting on needs basis, including the WHO and AFD final reports.

7) Assist with potential administrative tasks linked to the closure of the mission

  • The consultant will assist the Regional General Coordinator with the administrative tasks linked to the closure of the mission that might be pending post-July 2020. All the activities realized under the scope of this responsibility will be firstly officially approved by the General Coordinator.

This list of task remains subject to change. Any amendment will be discussed with the consultant beforehand and will be set out in a written agreement.


The consultancy should be conducted between 01/08/2020 and 31/12/2020.

Any amendment to the duration of this agreement and to the number of consultancy days must be set out in a written agreement.



  • MdM will provide the consultant with a laptop.


  • The consultant must respect the MdM project rules governing life and security which are in force in Kenya. In addition, the consultant shall respect the cultural environment of the MdM project when carrying out the field project. The consultant must also respect all the security measures put in place by the Kenyan Government and MdM regarding the COVID-19 outbreak.


  • The consultant assesses the planning and management of case files for which he/she is responsible. She/He is not required to report her/his working hours but must arrange her/his meetings with anyone she/he deems useful for the fulfilment of the project entrusted to him, in line with the projects of MdM.
  • The consultant will organize a weekly coordination meeting with MdM to provide needs and updates on the progress made.
    At the end of each month of the consultancy, the consultant will provide MdM with a succinct situation report of the progress made along with the activities planned for the next month, as per the template provided by MdM.



  • 1 end-term evaluation report
  • 1 integration handbook (using the models of Vietnam and Georgia handbooks, following MdM brand identity for the formatting)
  • 1 capitalization video
  • Donor reports
  • 1 end of consultancy report / Final report
  • Global Fund grant proposal
  • Monthly situation and planning reports
  • Monthly fund requests and accounting of funds received


We require the following from the candidate research consultancy firms or individual consultants.

The potential consultant should have an overall understanding of MDM Kenya Harm Reduction program, Kenya health sector policies and systems, and Harm Reduction strategies and policies in Kenya.

He/she should have a demonstrated experience in implementation of a Harm reduction program in Kenya, experience with MDM is a plus.

He/she should have proven expertise in monitoring and evaluation of health projects/programs at Sub-county, county or national levels particularly those focusing on Key population programming and specifically for People Who Use drugs.

The suitable candidate should possess postgraduate training in public health, social sciences or related disciplines.


  • CV of Consultant
  • Technical proposal, indicating the planned actions, such as:
    1. Meetings and workshops planned
    2. Institutions and participants involved in the meetings and workshops
    3. Tentative calendar
  • Financial proposal

All proposals should be sent to the following email addresses: and cc

Deadline for submission of proposals: July 3rd, 2020

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