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RFP: CLEAR/009/2020

Global Communities is implementing the USAID’s E3 Bureau-funded Cooperative Leadership, Engagement, Advocacy & Research (CLEAR)program (2018-2023) that focuses on activities designed to support, enhance and modernize Kenya’s cooperative ecosystem.

CLEAR Program’s strategic objectives include:

a) Promote the adoption and implementation of cooperative legislation and policies that support and strengthen cooperative businesses in 25 counties.

b) Strengthen the business acumen and performance ofcooperative businesseswhile integrating and empowering youth and women withincooperative businesses structures.

c) Improve understanding of the psychosocial behavioural impacts associated with membership incooperative businesses and determine whether those behaviours contribute positively to household and community resilience strategies.

CLEAR Program seeks a video animation service provider capable of producing an animated video incorporating infographics, animated characters and narration.

The service provider will develop a set of 3-4 minute animated and narrated informational video.

The two videos’ design should describethe worker cooperative business model and housing cooperative.

The goal of the first video (Workers Cooperative) is to present the worker cooperative business model as a concrete tool in the hands of young people for improving their employment conditions and access to entrepreneurship.

The second video is to present housing cooperatives as institutions that hold the key to affordable housing dreams. The two videos will be established in a way to inform viewers about the critical role cooperatives play in achieving development goals and to introduce and educate viewers on the concept of workers’ service cooperatives as a means of economic sustainability. The videos will be used as a tool at the disposal of the cooperative movement to promote a better understanding among policy makers of the potential of cooperatives for young people.

Features of the documentary will include how housing cooperatives operate, potential sectors and activities that can attract youth to form worker cooperatives, obstacles that youth can potentially deal with when establishing a cooperative and the reasons behind their “cooperative choice”.

Interested firms / individuals should submit their proposals electronically in accordance with the language of the solicitation to the address specified.

The proposals must be received no later than October 1, 2020.

Responding firms/individuals are advised that this solicitation does not in any way obligate Global Communities to make a contract award or compensate the responding firms for any costs associated with the preparation and submission of their proposals.

Any questions or requests for information should be addressed in writing by no later than September 28, 2020, to

Any information given to one prospective Offeror concerning this solicitation will be furnished to all such offerors as an amendment of the solicitation.

Please e-mail Global Communities at of your intent to propose at the earliest practicable date, so that we may anticipate the number of proposals to be evaluated and so that you are also be included on any subsequent communications regarding this solicitation. In all correspondences kindly cc

Proposals must be received no later than, October 1, 2020. Proposals must remain valid for a minimum of sixty (60) days.

The Offeror may submit its proposal by the following means:

Electronically -Internet email with up to 2 attachments per email compatible with MS WORD, Excel, and Adobe Acrobat in a MS Windows environment to: procurementke@globalcommunities.organd cc

Interested bidders are requested to submit their proposals by Thursday October 1, 2020 as guided the attached documents:

RFP for Development of Animated Video consultancy

Annex A: Budget template.

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