Nairobi Club Chief Executive Officer Job in Kenya

Nairobi Club

Job Advertisement: Chief Executive Officer

Job Ref: NC/CEO/10/20

Brief Background of the organization

Nairobi Club is a private members’ Club, owned by its Members. It was established in 1901 by Members who realized the need for a home environment in the heart of Nairobi. The Club is the second oldest and most popular establishment of its kind in Kenya.

We are situated at the fast-growing Upper Hill region north of the Central Business District – (CBD). It is an easy 5-minute drive from the City Centre to the heart of Kenya’s premier Club.

Job Summary / Purpose

The Incumbent will assist help drive the vision of the Club to realization and delivery of excellent member experience. The incumbent will report to the Main Committee.

Key Duties / Principal Responsibilities


  • Provide to develop and continually reinforce the vision (strategic Direction)
  • Mission (purpose) and Values (culture) of the club with the Board. Establish financial and non- financial performance targets and drive the club to achieve this targets.
  • Represent the club and its values and goals with members, customers, suppliers, government and other regulatory bodies, other stakeholders and the broader community.
  • Motivate high performing executive team by attracting, retaining and mentoring managers who have credibility throughout the organization.

Strategic planning

  • Through active engagement with key stakeholders, develop and annually review a rolling Strategic plan to maximize value and recommend the plan to the Board for input, review and approval.
  • Implementing the Rolling Strategic Plan and report to the Board on the progress and agreed strategic key performance indicators.
  • Review trends and opportunities in society generally and create delivery models that recognize these opportunities to encourage membership and participation growth.
  • Identify new products, new events and initiatives that will capture new members and create greater participation.

Operational Management

  • Develop an Annual Operations plan linked to the Rolling Strategic Plan and recommend it to the Board for input, review and approval.
  • Implement the Annual operations plan and report to the Board on progress against the plan.
  • Provide supervision and management of day- to-day affairs of the organization within policies established and agreed by the Board.
  • Ensure that appropriate systems are in place to effectively and efficiently manage the business of the organization consistent with the objectives.
  • Ensure organizational commitments are within delegated approval authorities.

Risk Management

  • Establish systems to identify and manage risks within framework of the risk management policy endorsed by the Board.
  • Report to the Board on the management of risk as required by the Risk Management Policy.
  • Ensure the accuracy, completeness, integrity and disclosure of organization’s financial statements through appropriate policies, procedures and internal controls.
  • Ensure organization complies with all regulatory requirements.
  • Provide any required regulatory or government assurances regarding the organization and its activities.
  • Ensure appropriate operational policies and procedures are developed, implemented and maintained.

Organizational Effectiveness

  • Develop and maintain a strong organization with the right people in the right positions to implement the Rolling Strategic Plan and Annual Operations Plan.
  • Recommend to the Board appointments to management positions where the Board has reserved the authority for approving appointments to the position.
  • Implement a performance management system throughout the organization and undertake performance management of senior personnel.
  • Ensure people strategies and compensation systems are appropriate to attract and retain the right people to implement the Rolling Strategic Plan and Annual Operations Plans.


  • Communicate in a timely way with the Board on material matters affecting the organization and particularly on matters reserved for the Board.
  • Communicate regularly with the Chair and other Board members and ensure the Board is being provided with information necessary to fulfil its legal duties and responsibilities and to make good decisions.
  • Ensure the organization has appropriate governance policies in place and that these are regularly reviewed by the Board.
  • Ensure all Board committees have appropriate charters in place and these are regularly reviewed by the Board, as well as assisting these committees to fulfil their charters.
  • Ensure the Board has regular exposure to senior management accepting that the Board only instruct the CEO.
  • With the Board, ensure effective succession plans are in place for the position of CEO and all senior managers.
  • Commercialization, Marketing and Communications
  • Oversee all marketing, PR and communications initiatives that ensure that the organization and its mission, Programmes and services are consistently presented in a strong, positive way to relevant stakeholders.
  • Serve as the primary spokesperson and representative for the club.
  • Reduce reliance on funding from the Entrance Fees, identifying new avenues that will develop the club whilst being attractive to sponsors and other commercial partners.

Stakeholder Management

  • Effectively manage the relationships between all key stakeholders seeking input on key issues as appropriate.
  • Ensure that communication with key stakeholders is both timely and appropriate
  • Regularly engage with representatives of Member Associations to develop and maintain close working relationship.
  • Ensure an appropriate level of transparency amongst key stakeholders impacted by club policies and decisions

CEO Performance

  • Facilitate and participate in annual evaluation of CEO performance conducted by the Board or relevant Board committee.
  • Participate in developing annual longer-term CEO objectives and success measures aligned with the Rolling Strategic Plan, Annual Operations Plan and the organization’s values.

Social, Environmental and Ethical Practices

  • Foster ethical and responsible decision-making by management.
  • Set the ethical tone of the organization.
  • Lead the organization in its corporate social responsibility.
  • Be a community leader and ensure the organization contributes to the well-being of the community in which it functions.
  • Serve as the external spokesperson for the organization and manage effectively relations with external stakeholders
  • Be responsible for communicating the organization’s Vision, Mission and Values, Rolling Strategic Plan and Annual Operations Plans to external stakeholders.


  • Carry out any other appropriate responsibilities assigned by the Board.
  • Ensure the Board reviews this position description annually.


  • Diploma in Hotel Management (Utalii) or equivalent
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Hotel Management / Business Administration or equivalent.
  • An MBA will be an added advantage

Required Skills

  • A strong background in hospitality in a competitive market.
  • A commitment to transfer knowledge.
  • Strong leadership skill in managing a team to drive for results.
  • An ability to manage complex relationships.
  • Maintain confidentiality on relevant matters.


  • Over 5 to 10 years of general management experience in a high-level operations role preferably, in the hospitality industry or related field, with a successful proven track record.
  • Experience in management of a private members club will be an added advantage.

How to Apply

If your qualifications and experience meet the above criteria, please send an application (quoting the Job reference number) and detailed CV indicating day contact telephone number, current remuneration and three referees by 18th October 2020, to:

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