CFAO Senior Service Technicians Jobs in Nairobi and Eldoret

CFAO Kenya Limited

Job Vacancy: Senior Service Technician

2 Positions – Nairobi and Eldoret

Department: Agri-mechanisation

Reports to: Assistant Service Manager

Job Purpose: This role is responsible for the service and repair for Fleet Customers and High Horsepower Tractors to ensure the delivery of quality and timely service to customers, in an effective and efficient manner.


  • Contribute to total customer satisfaction by proper and timely execution of all repair orders
  • Carry out service and repairs with zero comebacks and complete all repair orders within the time allocated
  • Achieve monthly productivity target as set by the Service Manager
  • Routine inspection and diagnostics of tractors owned by fleet clients in the region with weekly reports of the diagnostics and for dealers within the region ensure dealers quality control levels are attained
  • Carry out Pre delivery Inspection of High Horsepower and service high specification machines (greater than 155 hp) tractors and combines in line with CFAO, K guidelines to ensure minimal complaints from customers;
  • Maintain an adequate inventory of technicians hand tools (as per Distributors requirements ) to meet the service and repair requirements
  • Open job orders and monitor the closing to ensure time recorded is accurate for job costing purposes;
  • Approve warranty claims in line with the CNH warranty guidelines to ensure customers are attended to in a timely manner, and that CFAO, K is protected from costs associated with noncompliance with CNH warranty guidelines;
  • Supervise the use of the Electronic Service Tool and associated accessories to ensure utilisation in line with the CFAO, K/ Case IH guidelines, and to ensure the accessories are always in good working condition;
  • Update the Electronic Service Tool to ensure the tool always provides optimum service in the delivery of service;
  • Fulfils the Assistant Service Manager’s role during times of absence (Annual leave , training , sick , etc.)
  • Provide Technical and diagnostic support as required

Knowledge, Skills and Experience

a) Degree in Agriculture Machinery or other relevant field

b) Certified Master Technician

Minimum level of experience required to perform effectively in the role

  • 5 years of relevant working experience with 4 years as a senior technician in an organisation of similar size of operations

Working Relationships

Internal customers

a) Finance department

b) Purchasing Department

c) Sales Department

d) Parts Department

e) Service Department

External Customers

a) Sub-contractors

b) Customers

c) Machinery operators

d) Case IH supplier



a) Automotive Aftermarket

b) Technical Support

c) Quality management

d) Warranty management

e) Parts management

f) Inventory management

g) Warehouse management

h) Customer retention

i) Computer literacy

j) Basic Accounting knowledge

k) Knowledge in Budgeting

l) Knowledge of professional standards

m) Knowledge of relevant legislations

n) Occupational Health and Safety management

o) Compliance management


a) Report writing

b) Presentation skills


a) Business acumen– knows how business works; knowledgeable in current and possible future policies, practices, trends, technology and information affecting the business; knows the competition; is aware of how strategies and tactics work in the market place

b) Strategic agility – Sees ahead clearly; can anticipate future consequences and trends accurately; has broad knowledge and perspective; is future oriented; can create competitive and breakthrough strategies and plans; can articulately paint credible pictures and visions of possibilities and likelihoods

c) Perspective – Looks toward the broadest possible view of an issue/challenge; has broad-ranging personal and business interests and pursuits; can easily pose future scenarios; can discuss multiple aspects and impacts of issues and project them into the future

d) Technical learning – Is good at learning new industry, company, product or technical knowledge

e) Quality decisions – Makes good decisions (without considering how much time it takes) based upon a mixture of analysis, wisdom, experience, and judgment; most of your solutions turn out to be correct and accurate when judged over time

f) Problem solving – Uses rigorous logic and methods to solve difficult problems with effective solutions; is excellent at honest feedback; looks beyond the obvious and doesn’t stop at the first answers; probes all fruitful sources for answers

g) Interpersonal skills – Is self-aware, and has ability to relate with people across all levels of seniority as appropriate, to ensure achievement of personal targets

h) Organisational positioning skills – Understanding of organisation structure both formal and informal, is sensitive to how people and organisations function; anticipates where the landmines are and plans his/her approach accordingly; views politics as a necessary part of organisational life and works to adjust to that reality.

i) Energy and drive – Has speed and agility: taking quick and timely action; seizes more opportunities than others, pursues everything with energy, drive and a need to finish; seldom gives up before finishing especially in the face of resistance or setbacks

j) Integrity and trust – Trusted individuals who can present the unvarnished truth in an appropriate and helpful manner, keeps confidence, admits mistakes, and doesn’t misrepresent themselves for personal gain.

How to Apply

CLICK HERE to apply online.

Applications close on 28th October 2020.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

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