Vibrant Village Foundation Pay and Benefits Review Consultancy in Kenya

Vibrant Village Foundation – Kenya

Call for expression of interest in the review of the staff remuneration and benefits structure

Introduction: Vibrant Village Foundation – Kenya is a not for profit organization that is based in Vihiga county in Western Kenya. The organization works on integrated community development through implementation of sustainable programs in agriculture, education and Wash.

VVF-K is a small-scale organization whose portfolio of full-time staff is less than 100. It comprises senior management; middle level management and field teams comprises field management and field-based staff.

Key Objectives: The key objective of this undertaking is to conduct an in-depth review of both the remuneration structure and strategy of Vibrant Village Foundation Kenya and give comprehensive report on suggestions on attendant adjustments

Scope of work

  • VVK-Kenya seeks consultant services for purposes of review of the terms of its staff in the following areas:
  • Comparative analysis of VVF-K salary scales and structure against similar organizations, preferably within the Western Kenya region
  • Review of the salary structure and scales against respective JDs and other employee benefits
  • Recommendation of any revisions to the salary structure in view of the review of the external and internal metrics including budgetary constraints
  • Gives recommendations on the implementation strategy and framework for the revised pay and benefits structure

Timeline: Vibrant Village Foundation – Kenya, expects the tasks outlined in the scope of work above to be accomplished within one month from the date of commencement.

Expected Output

  • Upon completion of the tasks outlined above, the consultant will hand over the following documents to the management of VVF-K:
  • Raw data collected both internally and externally for purposes of accomplishing the outlined tasks
  • Write up of the methodology employed throughout the evaluation process and the production of the final documentation
  • Presentation of the findings and recommendations of the review in an easy to interpret format

Location: The Vibrant Village Foundation offices are located within Esabalu village which is 2 kilometers off Maseno school. For purposes of regular updates and continuous communication with the organization management, the consultant will be expected to operate from the organization offices on a regular basis.


  • Registered entity in Kenya
  • Demonstrated experience undertaking similar scope of work
  • References from two customers whose functional framework is similar to VVF-K


Persons and organizations that meet the stated qualifications should send their applications to

The expected payment should be part of the application.

Applications will be reviewed on an ongoing basis as we expect the successful consultant to commence their work as soon as possible.

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Updated: October 2, 2020 — 9:37 am