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Terms of Reference: Agriculture Influencers Engagement

Background: Since 1944, Heifer International has worked with more than 39 million families around the world to end hunger and poverty in a sustainable way.

Working with rural communities in 21 countries in Africa, Asia, and the Americas, including the United States, Heifer International supports farmers and local food producers to strengthen local economies and build secure livelihoods that provide a living income.

Heifer International Kenya has been operating in Kenya since 1981 with a Mission to work with communities to end hunger and poverty and care for the earth its Vision is “a world of communities living together in peace and equitably sharing the resources of a healthy planet”.

Using a values-based community development approach, Heifer works with communities to strengthen the local economy, diversify diets with better nutrition, and properly manage water and soil systems for future generations.

Heifer implements its projects through

1) Community development and

2) enterprise development approaches.

Each of the projects focuses on three priority directions, namely, strengthening, and diversifying resource base, strengthening country program efficiency, and increasing outreach and impacts through the utilization of innovative value chain systems.

Currently among Heifer Kenya’s portfolio is the Hatching Hope Kenya Project, Dairy Sector Catalytic Growth Project, and TRANSFORM.

About Heifer Agritech Innovations

Heifer International Kenya recently launched three transformative Agri-tech innovations in Kenya.

These innovations have been conceived based on four decades of work as a trusted partner of African farmers—and seeing first-hand the stark difference between local farms that have access to new technologies and those that do not.

The objective of these innovative solutions is to advance agriculture technology and mechanization to address some of the post-pandemic challenges across different agricultural value chains in Kenya.

The Agric-tech Innovations Explained

1. The AYuTe Africa Challenge in Kenya: In 2021, Heifer International created the AYuTe Africa Challenge (AYuTe stands for Agriculture, Youth, and Technology), which awards cash grants annually to the most promising young agri-tech innovators across Africa. It also supports Heifer International’s goal of helping more than six million African farmers earn a sustainable living income by 2030.

Heifer envisions combining the power of African youth with the many possibilities of emerging technologies to support smallholder farmers across Africa to grow their businesses and incomes through this transformative force.

The AYuTe Africa Challenge is one of the most ambitious agriculture competitions on the continent. Each year, Heifer International invests more than US$1.5 million to accelerate digital agriculture  entrepreneurship in Africa.

In 2022, the AYuTe Africa Challenge is expanding its role as an African agritech accelerator by holding national-level competitions in African countries where Heifer is operating among them Kenya, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal, and Uganda.

We are committed to offering young innovators a chance to secure the funding and exposure to scale their ideas and ambitions by awarding up to $20,000 in each country.

2. The Tractors 4 Africa (T4A) Project: Heifer International is partnering with Hello Tractor, one of two 2021 AYuTe Africa Champions in launching the Tractors 4 Africa (T4A) Project to provide interventions that are market-tested, farmer-ready and poised to provide an impact that will cascade across the food systems of multiple countries in.

The AYuTe Africa Challenge USD 1 million awards has so far enabled Hello Tractor to finance 17 tractors for 17 entrepreneurs in three countries – Nigeria, Kenya, and Uganda.

Under the Tractors 4 Africa (T4A), Heifer International will finance an additional 75 tractors across Nigeria, Kenya, and Uganda. This intervention aims to provide affordable access to tractor services to smallholder farmers at an affordable rate, boosting farm productivity, employment, food security, and farmer livelihoods over the next ten years.

The investment will create new jobs as booking agents, tractor operators, technicians, and tractor owners over 10 years.

3. The Digital Agriculture Champions (DACs): The Digital Agriculture Champions (DACs), an initiative that will foster the application of digital technology in Agriculture and deliver solutions that will address challenges faced by smallholder farmers like access to markets and extension services.

Heifer is investing in digital extension systems for training as a post-pandemic response strategy that will create efficient, scalable solutions for farmers and help boost the value chains in which they work.


Influencers have positioned themselves as opinion leaders capable of influencing large social groups, extending their presence to sectors such as agriculture.

The use of social media platforms by agriculture influencers to consolidate their channel in new audiences, influence through interaction with their followers, and create their transmedia production (storytelling through multiple platforms).

Influencers have great power of influence in social networks, with many followers and especially among the youth, donors, policymakers, private sector, and development partners.

It is against this backdrop, that Heifer International Kenya proposes to engage agriculture influencers to create awareness of our agritech innovations and promote the visibility of Heifer’s work in general. Agriculture influencers are becoming new familiar faces and it is important that through their online activities they promote and showcase Heifer Kenya’s work in relevant strategic positions.


We propose to partner with agriculture influencers to propose narratives and practical actions to meet the followings objectives:

  • Popularize different agritech innovations through social media and where necessary mainstream media
  • Significantly increase the number of Heifer Kenya social media followers
  • Significantly increase engagement rates with Heifer Kenya social media posts as well as reach and engage with existing and new target audience
  • Brainstorm and implement new ideas in audience engagement strategies
  • Build trusting and meaningful relationships with the audience
  • Attend Heifer Kenya events and campaigns for the purpose of promoting them
  • Create, craft, and edit engaging and amusing visual content

Key Objective

  • To position Heifer Kenya as a thought leader in the agriculture sector.
  • To explore opportunities and encourage collaboration between Agritech influencers and opinion leaders.
  • To raise awareness and sensitize the public about the three innovations.
  • To discuss some of the barriers to entry among youth in agriculture.
  • To brainstorm on ways that we can attract, engage and retain more youth to participate in agriculture.
  • Raise awareness of the role of agriculture technology and mechanization in providing solutions to challenges faced by smallholder farmers in Kenya and Africa

Skills Required

  • Experience in developing and disseminating creative content and managing campaigns around agriculture using different social media platforms.
  • Proven commitment to implementing campaigns for the public good, including those related to agriculture.
  • Experience working with international organizations and other agriculture value chain actors.
  • Proven work experience within social media

Application Process

Please send your profiles / portfolio and your proposed partnership proposal


with the subject line labelled ‘AGRICULTURE INFLUENCER PROFILE / PORTFOLIO AND ENGAGEMENT PROPOSAL’ by Wednesday 19th August 2022.

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