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Data Center Operations Consultant Job in Kenya


Data Center Operations Consultant

Job Description

  • Data center operation management: Be responsible for the stable, secure, and efficient running of the IT data center infrastructure (Facility). Provides onsite management and services for hardware devices, such as cabinets, cabling, networks, and systems deployed in data centers. Specific responsibilities include but are not limited to:
  • Be responsible for the planned maintenance of data center infrastructure, routine troubleshooting, root cause analysis of major issues, and closed-loop management, performance capacity, emergency, and disaster recovery.

Internet of Things (IoT) Consultant Job in Kenya


Internet of Things (IoT) Consultant


  • Collaborate with start-ups, corporates, universities and government agencies to develop projects and platforms and create new IoT data marketplaces and innovation testbeds
  • Develop complex analytical solutions that meet our clients’ needs in innovative ways
  • Develop comprehensive materials for internal training, marketing and sales in relation to the M2M/IoT solution topic, based on in-depth understanding of industry trends and roadmap evolution of the end-to-end solution.
  • Identify potential use cases of M2M. Develop the corresponding business

Smart City Operations Consultant Job in Kenya


Smart City Operations Consultant

Job Description:

  • Responsible for cooperating with other roles such as marketing to promote the implementation, operation and Management of smart city projects.
  • Responsible for developing revenue generating strategies for Konza smart city services/facilities, and draft relevant policies and standards for implementation.
  • Responsible for developing Smart City Guiding Principles, Policies and Strategies.
  • Develop specific strategies and methods for smart city operation & management.
  • Define and implement smart city user journeys
  • Responsible for developing r, regulations, and management

Smart City System Architect Consultant Job in Kenya


Smart City System Architect Consultant

Job Description

  • Overall architecture design, solution design, topic planning, and report writing of the Smart City project;
  • Provide smart city solution support for the organization, campus, and enterprise customers, including customer communication, requirement survey, analysis, planning and design.
  • Architecture design and system integration for subsystems of smart cities from the perspectives of system architecture (SA) and system engineering (SE);
  • Collect data about the development of the international smart city industry, analyze policies.
  • Review and analyze